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    This typically how I play atheist. I’ve played characters that have literally met gods and still refused to pray to them.


    Atheists in settings with “gods” are basically just people who decided “those fuckers aren’t gods. We have records of them getting stabbed to death. Bitches are just really powerful magical assholes. If I wanted to worship a powerful magical asshole I’d go to the brothel.”


    The distinction between ‘god’ and ‘final boss’ is purely a matter of politics and strategy.


    “Most witches don’t believe in gods. They know that the gods exist, of course. They even deal with them occasionally. But they don’t believe in them. They know them too well. It would be like believing in the postman.”

    -Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad


    nothing I or anyone else can add can make it funnier that some movie production company announced a movie named ‘They/Them’ on twitter like it’s a mcu movie


    I’m very concerned considering this company makes horror movies (that can be really hit or miss sometimes) so I’m worried about where they’re going with this.......


    Things about this movie that made me progressively more excited as I read about them:

  • The premise is "serial killer at a conversion camp"
  • The camp is run by Kevin Bacon
  • The director and a good portion of the people involved in making this are queer and want to portray queer people positively
  • The title is pronounced "They Slash Them"
  • whatagrump

    Apparently a lot of people get dialogue punctuation wrong despite having an otherwise solid grasp of grammar, possibly because they’re used to writing essays rather than prose. I don’t wanna be the asshole who complains about writing errors and then doesn’t offer to help, so here are the basics summarized as simply as I could manage on my phone (“dialogue tag” just refers to phrases like “he said,” “she whispered,” “they asked”):

  • “For most dialogue, use a comma after the sentence and don’t capitalize the next word after the quotation mark,” she said.
  • “But what if you’re using a question mark rather than a period?” they asked.
  • “When using a dialogue tag, you never capitalize the word after the quotation mark unless it’s a proper noun!” she snapped.
  • “When breaking up a single sentence with a dialogue tag,” she said, “use commas.”
  • “This is a single sentence,” she said. “Now, this is a second stand-alone sentence, so there’s no comma after ‘she said.’”
  • “There’s no dialogue tag after this sentence, so end it with a period rather than a comma.” She frowned, suddenly concerned that the entire post was as unasked for as it was sanctimonious.
  • thewritinggrindstone


  • “If you’re breaking dialogue up with an action tag”—she waves her hands back and forth—”the dashes go outside the quotation marks.”
  • writing-is-a-martial-art

    Reblog to save a writer’s life.


    i cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have gossipy bitchy littl pirvate group chats or discord servers with like 4 people in them whose stated purpose is posting “new kind of guy” or “this reddit post is so fuckin dumb” or “i got into a fight on twitter today look at this idiot’s reply” so your homies can still see it and laugh and back you up but more importantly, so you are not tempted to post these kind of things on main


    # you can also practice just having self control in private in general # for example i do my best to never shit talk actual people ever # i can guarantee you that if you never form the habit of talking about anyone behind their back you will not do that.                                                                                                                                                


    seriously, there really is no reason to gossip, the whole “everyone does it” rings hard like all those “everyone spanks their kids” bullshit. Yeah they do, and you still shouldn’t do that. Pick up a weird hobby like organizing bricks by color in minecraft like the rest of us. 


    Mmmm, gonna back op on this one.

    I kind of wonder what you’re picturing when you hear this, because what I’m picturing is stuff like critiquing the fanfic we read way more frankly than we ever would to an author’s face.

    “Gossip” has a number of important social functions, and like any other social interaction it is a tool that can be used in good or bad ways.

    We discuss positive and negative interactions we’ve had later and in private with our friend groups because this helps us process them. It can be a vibe check (“does it seem like this person was acting out of line towards me?”) or an analysis (“why do you think they did that? what do you think I should have done?”) or data compilation (“is this a pattern? has this happened to anyone else?”) or data sharing (“hey this alarming interaction happened, watch out”) or just venting to channel emotions into a place where they’re safe to have (“friend is processing bad thing and I’m upset on their behalf, so I need do my own processing somewhere else”).

    If you can’t complain about your boss to your friends, how do you even figure out what bad boss behavior looks like?

    And when some stranger’s being a dick on social media it is usually infinitely healthier and more constructive to go chat that argument out with your friends than to let yourself get sucked into fighting with someone very likely more interested in hurting people than listening.

    Figuring out which social circles are the most beneficial places to have which discussions is a huge part of figuring out how to navigate the world and building yourself the support network you need.

    Yeah, sorry, we still don’t actually know 100% what causes SIDS. The enzyme found is a potential (!) biomarker, which can indicate a vulnerability but in no way definitively proves that this is the singular cause for SIDS. There are several limitations to the study, including the samples being approx. 2 years old, and more importantly, that we don’t know how many people who are healthy/don’t die of SIDS have this abnormality. This is a cool finding and definitely one that will be the basis of a lot of important research in the future, but it’s overblown and inaccurate to claim that we have finally found the singular cause of SIDS. More importantly, I see people claiming that now we can stop telling people only to let their babies sleep on their backs, without toys, etc. These are well-established recommendations whose implementation caused a notable decline in SIDS cases worldwide. Please don’t put the cart in front of the horse with this one.

    sometimes i think about how constellations are an entirely man-made construct and don’t actually exhist inherently in nature. i mean, the universe just gave us stars, and we saw art and myths and stories in them. the capacity that humans have for seeing purpose in the incidental makes me realize just how lonely we are on this planet, desperately searching for meaning elsewhere in the universe.

    i want to delete rest mode off my ps4 i have never once in my life wanted to put any device whatsoever into rest mode instead of turning it the fuck off the only “power options” any given device should have is on (i am using the device and it is performing its expected functions) and off (the device is incapable of doing anything other than turning on when I press the power button). the ps4 can rest when it’s fucking turned off. stop building this shit to spy on people while pretending to be off. stop driving up people’s electricity bills with this shit. join me in my quest to kill the ceo of bad electronics practises with the moonlight greatsword.


    Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin (2018) dir. by Arwen Curry


    [ID: a series of gifs of ursula k. le guin walking across a shore. the first few gifs are wide shots showing the whole landscape, and the last two gifs are focused on her walking. the captions read: “well, a lot of kids go through something like that and then they have to kind of struggle on and figure out, okay, actually, i’m not quite who i thought i was. who am i? how do i be a good person? seems like a real simple question but most of us spend our lives working at it because every time you think you’ve found your way, the way changes.” /end ID.]