Don't be ridiculous! Of course I don't dress that way "to give you blue balls". I just enjoy having a good friend over who doesn't judge. Someone that is ok with me dressing casually and having a good time. But sure, if you wanna be a bitch about it and take that from me, you know where's the door. Yes, I'm being serious!

    What?! No, of course you can't have your chastity key back! I've always found it weird that you pushed this "keyholder game" on me, but I played along to make you happy. But now I am really pissed and you will find out what it means to have a cruel bitch controlling your life.

    Wow, you really made it! You just finished 40 days of abstinence. I could have never done it, I am really impressed! You must be dying to cum *giggles*!

    Hey, let's do something crazy! You still wear the chastity cage, right? I dare you to hand me the key! You heard me! We've been friends for years now. I just want to know how it feels to wield such power over another person. Don't you trust me? What could go wrong?

    [Reblog if you would agree to such a dare!]

    No, you know the drill by now. I'll take the key with me to the party. And if no one has picked me up by midnight, I'll come home to you, unlock your dick and you can fuck me raw.

    Otherwise I'll be home for breakfast and you cannot cum for yet another week. I know it has been months, but tonight could be your lucky night! Right? Ah, who am I kidding... Don't wait up for me babe. I love you!

    Of course your cock needs release! It must have been months! Sorry, I totally forgot about it. I told you that I will be a terrible keyholder. You really should have picked someone that you meet more often than me. I'm sooo glad you mentioned it... Your key? Sure, but, uhm... I have it in my other purse at home... Oh man, that's a bummer! And that happens right before I'm leaving for my summer vacation. Gosh, so many coincidences lately when it comes to your release... But I'm sure you'll handle another month. With all that training you have "under your belt" by now...

    Hey roomie! I know we agreed to knock but I heard you wanking and moaning in here and I thought what the heck. Yes, this is your private room and you can do in here what you want, but from now on that excludes stroking your dick.

    You've heard me! And I know that you will obey, because you crave my control. You want me to take your orgasms away from you. You need me to! Now put that dick back in your pants where it belongs. Should you become weak one day and think about touching my dick again, let me know. I have a special little device ready for such cases.