Wish Upon A Star (StepBro!Harry)


    Y/n had lost her mother a few months shy of her third birthday. Being so early on in the young girl’s life, she never got to know her mum. There were no real memories that she could recall of them as a family. All she’d ever known was her dad, and for the longest time, he was all she ever needed.

    It was only when she was four and came home with tears streaming down her face that Eric knew his daughter was missing something. Y/n’s teacher had told the class to draw pictures of their families. Everyone shared their portraits, but it seemed as though her’s was the one that stood out.

    “Daddy,” she sniffles, “Why don’t I have a mummy?” Eric feels a lump form in his throat. He had always dreaded the day when his little girl would realize the pain of their loss. If he could take all that sorrow away, he would.

    “Oh, sweetheart, of course you have a mummy,” he coos, as he wipes away the hot tears from her little cheeks. Y/n looks up at him, another flood threatening to unleash. He holds her closer to his chest, stroking her hair gently. “You remember what I told you about Nana Elsa?”

    Y/n nods at the mention of her grandma. “You said that Nana went to heaven and that she’s always watching us.”

    “That’s right. Well, sweet pea, your mummy is up there with Nana!” he replies softly. He watches intently as Y/n seems to be processing this new information.

    “You mean Mummy and Nana eat cucumber sandwiches together? Nana loves cucumber sandwiches,” the little girl muses. Her father happily nods his head. Y/n thinks deeply for a moment, before sadness is once again is etched in her young features. “But you said that we won’t be able to see Nana again…does that mean I won’t ever see Mummy again?“

    Eric lets out a deep sigh, this time nodding his head regretfully. He notices his daughter’s lip begin to quiver again. "Here, let’s go outside.” Taking Y/n in his arms, he carries her out to the front porch. The sky is decorated with a number of stars. Eric searches and searches, before finally finding what he was looking for. “You see that star right there?” he points out.

    Y/n follows his gaze, her eyes landing to the brightest star in the night sky. “It’s so bright!” she admires. Eric smiles, pushing some stray hair that had fallen onto her face behind her ear.

    “That star is Mummy. Whenever you look up at the sky, she’ll always be there,” he says. The little girl keeps her eyes fixed on the star. “You know, they say that some stars can grant wishes, maybe Mummy can grant you a wish.”

    She remains silent, but Eric can practically see the gears churning in her head. He doesn’t want to push her, she had been through too much today. Suddenly, she speaks up. “Daddy?”


    “Will Mummy be mad if I wish for a new mummy?” his little girl’s eyes are filled with uncertainty.

    It was as though his heart has stopped beating. He looks up at the star he’d designated as his late wife before turning back to face the helpless child in his arms. All he manages is to give her an enthusiastic smile as a response, but that seems to be enough for her. Y/n buries her face in her father’s neck and he can feel her drifting off to sleep. Eric remains silent, not knowing what to say. However, if there is one thing he knows he has to do, it’s give his daughter a proper family.

    When Y/n turned six, she was aware that her dad had been dating (whatever that means) a lovely woman named Anne. Y/n took an instant liking to the older woman, feeling at ease whenever in her presence. She loved it when Anne would braid her hair and they had even baked cupcakes the other day. Eric was pleased with how things were turning out, and soon enough he proposed to Anne. Y/n had been elated when she heard of the engagement. She had heard romantic stories of weddings, most from the storybooks her dad would read her before bed.

    Her friend Carrie had told her that since her father was marrying Anne, Anne would be her mum. So, when Y/n came home from school that day, she confronted Eric about this newest revelation. When he told her it was true, the biggest smile formed, and she hugged her daddy’s leg with sheer happiness. Not only was Anne going to be her mummy, but she was also giving Y/n something she had wanted for so long, a complete family.

    “Y/n, dear, I have someone I want you to meet,” Anne said, excitement evident in her voice. Y/n’s dad, Eric, stood behind his fiancé, hands on her shoulders as they both fondly looked at his daughter.

    The girl tilted her head to the side, childish anticipation etched over her young features. Anne rushed out of the room, only to return with a young curly-headed boy attached to her hip. “This is my son, Harry,” she smiled, then nudged her son forward a bit. “Bub, c'mon, say hi.”

    Harry looked up at his mum with his big green eyes. Anne whispered something to him, which seemed to relax him. “Hi,” he shyly greeted. He had the cutuest dimples. Y/n turned to her dad, who was now kneeling beside her and he gave her an encouraging nod.

    “Hello,” she sweetly replies.

    Now Anne knelt down between the two children, taking both their tiny hand’s in her much bigger ones. “Pretty soon, we’re all going to be a family.”

    "Since my mum is marrying your dad, does that mean you’re my sister now?” Harry asked her. Anne thought it would be a good idea for them to play outside, some ‘quality sibling time’ she described it as. They were playing in the tree house that Eric had built a few years back.

    “I think so. My daddy said that your mum is going to be my new mummy now and kids with the same mummy are brother and sister!” Y/n excitedly answered.

    Harry fidgeted with the pirate’s wheel mounted on the side of the treehouse. “That’s cool, I guess. It’s like I get a new sister and a best friend too.”

    They look happily at each other. It was the start of something great.

    Age 8:

    The family is enjoying a nice day out at the park. Eric and Anne are lounging on the bench, while the kids run around a few feet away. Y/n somehow convinces Harry to play princess with her, imploring him as the prince.

    “All princesses marry princes! It’s like the rules,” Y/n explains. “But before we get married, you need to slay the dragon.” Harry uses a small branch he picked up off the ground and starts waving it around, mimicking a sword.

    “Die, dragon, die! I must save my princess!” he yells out, making a few grunting noises for dramatic effect. When the dragon has been successfully slain, Harry runs over to where Y/n is perched on a bench, before he’staking her hand and kissing the top of it. It was the first time in her life that Y/n blushed from contact.

    “My hero!”

    Age 13:

    They’re both starting their awkward teenage years and starting it together makes it even more awkward. Harry’s voice keeps cracking every couple of sentences. His family teases him a bit about it, to which he refuses to answer, in fear of his voice striking again. Y/n recently got her first period. Only she and Harry were at home when the first trace of blood appeared. She had screamed, and Harry was begging her to tell him what was wrong.

    “What’s going on in there? Are you hurt? Y/n?” he asks frantically, voice cracking in the process.

    “I-I…can you ring up mum?” she pleads. “I don’t know what to do.”

    “What do I tell her?” he’s so utterly confused at this point. He had heard the scream and immediately rushed up to check on his sister, but now she’s refusing to tell him anything.

    She groans through the door. “It’s just that…I think I just got my period.”

    He freezes, and he can feel his cheeks get hot. He mutters a timid ‘oh’. Harry phones his mother at work and she instructs him to fetch the pads from the master’s bathroom.

    It’s another half hour before she’s finally leaving the loo. Her face is scrunched up in what looks like physical pain. 'Cramps’ is all she says. Harry walks her over to the couch and insists he’ll do anything to make her feel better.

    “Cuddle?” is all she asks, to which he more than willingly complies.

    Present Day:

    “Harry you idiot, you’ve been in there for nearly two bloody hours!” Y/n bangs her fist against the bathroom door.

    “For fuck’s sake, just wait another minute, yeah?” he shouts back at her. She rolls her eyes as she leans her back on the wall. It’s nearing 7:30am and school starts at 8:45. She lets out a frustrated groan before the door swings open, revealing a freshly showered Harry, towel hanging low around his hips.

    “It’s all yours,” he smirks, but not before pecking her cheek. She places a hand on his abdomen, and playfully pushes him back. He’s persistent though, wrapping his still wet body around her.

    Y/n gets a whiff of him, instantly recognizing the scent. “Is that my shampoo?” she questions, quirking an eyebrow. He simply gives her a shrug before wandering off into his room. She’s slightly amused by this, but when she remembers the time, she tries her best to ready herself.

    It’s 8:15 when the two 18-year-olds are rushing out the door into Harry’s car. He’s mumbling something about wanting to stop for some coffee. She agrees, and he stops by their local café, leaving her in the car. Y/n mindlessly scrolls through her Instagram feed, liking photo after photo. When she looks up, she notices that Harry is talking to a girl. Ashley? Or was it Amber? The girl is leaning close to him. A little too close in Y/n’s opinion. She shakes her head and looks back down to her phone, an unsettling feeling filling the pits of her stomach. She doesn’t realize that she’s zoned out until Harry is shutting the car door.

    “You alright?” he inquires.

    “Who was that girl you were talking to?” she simply asks.

    “Cynthia, she’s in my economics class. She was asking about our assignment that’s due on Friday.”

    “Looked like more than that to me,” Y/n crosses her arms in front of her chest.

    Harry momentarily turns to look at her, before his focus is directed back on the road. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    She just shrugs and stares ahead, watching the buildings sweep by. In her peripheral vision, she can see his left dimple popping out. “Don’t be jealous. You’ll always be my favorite girl.”

    Y/n’s head snaps to face him, feeling a mixture of confusion and annoyance. “Excuse me? And why on earth would I be jealous?”

    “What can you do? I’m a heartthrob, yeah? Even been told I’m amazing in bed. I’ve got girls lining up at our doorstep. You don’t have to worry though, you’ll always be number one.” Y/n fake gags in response to this.

    “Funny, I don’t recall seeing any of your fans this morning,” she teases. “Must be an off day.” Harry laughs and just shakes his head. In a matter of minutes, they’re pulling into the school lot.

    It’s chilly today, something Y/n hadn’t anticipated when she left home without a second layer. She brings her hands to rub up and down her arms in an attempt to create some sort of heat. Harry places an arm around her, tucking her into his side. “I think I have a spare jumper in my locker.” She hums in appreciation as they enter the building.

    She goes about the day, swimming in Harry’s jumper. It’s a miracle no one has written her up, considering how it’s long enough to cover her skirt. Carrie is talking her ear off in the back of the room while Mrs. Davenport is lecturing the class about World War 2.

    “So, then I told Francis that if he wants to go on a date with me, then he can’t be sleeping with Lorraine. And do you want to know what he said to me?” Carrie is telling her about the latest in the Francis Saga. “He said that he wouldn’t unless I agreed to fill in for her! Can you believe that? That misogynistic pig!” she screeches in a whisper.

    Y/n shakes her head at her best friend. “I don’t see why you keep entertaining him. He’s all trouble.”

    Carrie nods in understanding. “I know, I know. I just feel as though finding a guy is so hard these days. It’s like they’re all underdeveloped and whatnot.”

    “Not all of them.”

    “Okay, Y/n, name one guy that goes to this school that isn’t a complete twat.”

    “…Harry isn’t,” is Y/n’s shy response, and her friend can’t help but agree. Harry was probably the most eligible bachelor to walk the halls of their school. And if what he had told her in the car was true, every girl wanted to be his. Despite being the prat that bugs her endlessly, Harry is one of the most genuinely kind people she’s ever met. Not to mention, he’s extremely attractive. His hair is a mess of short curls that one could only dream about running their hands through. He’s rather fit as well, being on the football team and all.

    The janitor’s closet on the second floor is filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and moaning. It’s a good thing no one ever came down this end of the hall. They’re nipping at each other’s lips, the girl pressed up against the wall while his hand moves under her oversized jumper. She lets out another moan as his lips travel down to suck on her pulse. Her fingers are laced through his curls, slightly tugging on them in response to the stimulation.

    “Baby, I need you,” she whines. Her hands slide down his sturdy chest before attempting to unbuckle his belt. He’s pushing himself off her just long enough for her to pull his pants and boxers down to his knees. His cock is red in anticipation and drips of pre-cum are running from the tip. He hisses when she gives it a soft tug, and almost instantly his lips are back on hers. She’s already discarded her panties and her skirt is already hitched up high enough for him to fuck her senseless.

    He teases her entrance, rubbing his cock with her slickness before suddenly slamming into her. She cries out from the feeling of finally having him inside her again. His eyes are rolling to the back of his head, it’s been a week since they’d been this intimate. “Always so fucking tight for me, pet. You missed having my cock in you? Bet you can feel me in your tummy, yeah?” he rasps in her ear. Her moans are all the response he needs. He lifts one of her legs up and begins driving into her at an even pace.

    “Harry,” she breathes out, while she’s trying her best to match his thrusts. His balls are slapping the skin of her ass and the sound of skin against skin is sending her mind through a whirlwind. By the way her walls tightening around him, he knows that he won’t last much longer. He moves his free hand to frantically rub at her bundle of nerves.

    “Cum for me, c'mon,” he needs to bring her to her release before he dare reaches his own. His movements become harder and sloppier, but it’s just enough to send her over the edge. She crashes her lips to his in an attempt to stifle any sounds of her orgasmic bliss. Teeth are clashing and now he knows he’s about to lose control. With one last thrust, he’s spilling inside her. “Fuck, fuck, I love you so much, baby. I love you, Y/n,” he moans into her mouth.

    She pulls away to look at him, a lazy smile spread across her face. “I love you, Harry.” He connects his forehead to hers, the tips of their noses slightly bumping into each other. With one last kiss, he’s pulling his softening cock out of her heat. She winces at the feeling of being empty, already missing him. He pulls up his pants and she puts her panties back on before they’re both trying to fix each other’s appearance.

    Before they leave the closet, he’s pulling her into another chaste kiss and more genuine 'I love yous’ are exchanged. Harry is the first to pop his head out the door, making sure they can make a clean escape. The coast is clear, and he signals for her to follow him.

    As they make their way back to the parking lot, he can’t help but stare lovingly at his girl. Y/n notices and bumps her hip to his. “Quit looking at me like that,” she blushes.

    “I can’t help it, you look so damn sexy in my clothes,” he says in a low voice.

    The moment they walk through the door of the home, their mother is there to greet them with a welcoming grin. “How was school, my loves?”

    “Great, mum. I passed my bio test with flying colors,” Harry proclaims proudly. Anne praises her son, rubbing his back in congratulations.

    “How about you, my dear?” she asks Y/n, bringing her into a side hug.

    “I learned how to do double integrals,” Y/n says, which has her mum scrunching her nose in mock disgust.

    “Was never a fan of mathematics, but I’m happy you’re doing so well,” she coos. Anne leads them into the kitchen where she’s prepared some snacks. “A bit late today. Did you guys have an after-school activity?”

    Harry is smirking into his sandwich and Y/n takes a long gulp of her water. “You could say that,” he cheekily responds, although it goes unnoticed by Anne. It does, however, earn him a kick to the shin from the girl sitting next to him at the island.

    There’s a soft knock on his door, a refreshing contrast from the harsh ones from this morning. In enters his love, dressed down in a silky tank with matching shorts. She quietly closes the door behind her. It’s just past midnight and their parents have long gone to bed.

    “Just wanted to say goodnight,” she says innocently, but Harry can see right through the charade. He cocks an eyebrow when she moves to stand next to the side of the bed he’s lying on. She’s biting on her lip in a way she knows drives him mad. Harry pulls at her arm so now she’s straddling his waist.

    “How thoughtful of you,” he murmurs before kissing her.

    They both know how wrong this is. Trust them, they know. It was something that gradually happened, and by the time it did, there was no stopping it. Harry thinks he fell in love with her that day on the treehouse. Y/n thinks he stole her heart when they were playing princess in the park. Either way, their absolutely crazy about each other.  

    Age 16:
    Y/n ran from Georgina Rupert’s Sweet 16 party in tears. The sight she just witnessed shattered her heart. Harry, her Harry, was in a lip lock with the birthday girl herself. She still can’t understand these feelings she’s having for her brother of all people. The only thing she can say is that it fucking hurts. She’s walking the nearly deserted streets of Holmes Chapel, not even caring that her coat is still at the party.

    “Stupid Georgina. Stupid Harry,” she chokes out. A fresh batch tears pooling at her eyes.

    “Y/n!” she turns and sees the man of the hour running towards her. “What the hell is the matter with you?” he questions. He’s pissed off, she can tell.

    She shakes her head, not wanting to talk about it. “It doesn’t matter. Go back to the party, Harry. Go back to Georgina.”

    He’s even more angry now. “What’s your bloody problem?” he all but shouts. She turns to walk away from him, but he grabs hold of her elbow. “Just fucking tell me!”

    “You want to know what my problem is?” she screams, “My problem is that I hate seeing you with another girl. I fucking hate it! It literally tears my heart in two, but I can’t do anything about because you’re my brother. I’m not supposed to be in love with you.”

    His head is spinning and for a second, he thinks the drinks he had at the party might regurgitate. Harry can’t believe what he’s hearing, mostly because he had never thought she’d feel the same way. Step.”

    “What?” she looks at him blankly.

    “I’m your stepbrother, we’re not related,” he says curtly. Harry takes a step closer to her, moving with cautious steps in fear she might push him away. She’s frozen in place because his close proximity is making it harder for her to breathe. His eyes are fixed on her lips before tilting up to meet her eyes. “Y/n, I’ve loved you since we were kids.” His hands reach to cup both her cheeks.

    “Really?” is the only word she that’s leaving her mouth.

    “I thought that if I hooked up with other girls, these feelings would go away,” he begins, “but I’m so fucking in love you…and knowing you feel the same way? I don’t want to fight this anymore. I can’t.”

    Harry leans in, their breaths mingling before he finally closes the gap separating them. She feels tingles coursing through her body, and he thinks he might explode from fulfillment. Their mouths move together so naturally, so unlike the kiss he had experienced earlier. This one was raw and full of true passion and love. And in spite of it being so wrong, neither one of them dare questions it.

    A/N: Hi, loves! So, this is my first ever imagine. I wasn’t planning on ever writing one, but this StepBro!Harry idea suddenly popped into my head. I don’t know?! I hope you guys like it, and maybe if there’s enough feedback I can write up a Part 2? AHH please be nice <3