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    issue: the kittens are still trying to learn words. gus knows his name and daisy knows hers, but they don’t seem to quite grasp that when I say “babies!” im referring to both of them.

    hypothesis: “babies” is too similar to “daisy” and they’re getting confused

    test: start saying “gamers” instead

    Outcome: they’re understanding it and it’s hysterically funny


    me, calling down the hall from stirring a can of cat food: LET’S GO, GAMERS

    the kittens:


    nice car simp propaganda meme. design ur roads to accommodate cyclists or basically any road users other than cars and ur not gonna have any problems with em. cyclists arent the issue ur infrastructure is. greetings from the netherlands💗


    We have bike lanes and while most use them it's the few that abuse it that annoys me, I have dashcam videos of cyclists going the wrong way on a one way road and blowing through a stop sign, some jumping to the sidewalk the the light is red to use the walk sign as a freebie and jumping back onto the road when the light is green to avoid the don't walk sign. It's not always the infrastructure, it's sometimes the cyclists.


    Bicycles don't have blind spots like cars do. The reason that cars need to come to a complete stop is to ensure the safety of cyclists and pedestrians they otherwise wouldn't see. They also accelerate much faster once stopped, where as bikes need to maintain forward momentum to cross quickly and safely. Recent studies have shown it's actually much safer for bikes to just yield at stop signs, while traffic lights should give them priority.

    For similar reasons, most one-way streets should have a contraflow bike lane instead of a one-way. It reduces the amount of cycling on side-walks and encourages cyclists to choose those streets over major arterial roads, so drivers and cyclists actually have fewer points of conflict overall.