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2022-05-24 05:42:49

    i think this is my final list. 50+ potential telepaths on the island of krakoa.

  • This is counting one the are visible but lets not talk about recent mergers or unlisted telepaths.  Not to mention omega level telepaths.
  • i also didn’t add mimic users . ( mimic or rogue ). I however did add hope because she fits in so well with the house of grey.
  •  didn’t add astral projector er (like trance) or strict telekinetic (hellion). Or techno-paths (whiz kid) . I did add christian frost because he seems to have low level telepathy immunity from Emma.  Sibling immunity . house of frost needs him.
  • I didn’t draw the unlimited amount of cuckoos clones that could be resurrected as well.  Or unlimited sinister clones.
  • I found that Betsy butterfly is a unique signature. I feel like house of grey and house of frost should have a psychic animal symbol. (phoneix and polar bear…..kidding) white snow owl maybe?
  • I counted only one omnipath.   I wonder if the rest of the island can help him out. poor guy
  • Two or three of members  were world ending threats at least when merged with another beings i noticed. If not more.
  • I personally love the specific telepathic schools like hive mind users, tag user, and group possessions.
  • I count three Asian citizen telepath (one male) at least and three black male telepaths.
  • A  few omega users as well with no limits.
  • Also didn’t add a few who were confusing. g Shepard , and Franklin Richard / miss sinister. Or forgot
  • I also put them in order of appearance and added months of debut. Im an empath :)
  • I don’t think any nation has that many citizens who can read minds and I wonder if they have more telepaths concentrated on a single island than they do on other planets? I mean what if you boosted karma power . you could take over a huge planet and army build.

     Krakoa is working up to be a very powerful nation  with just the psionic powers alone.

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