This is the Britbo Remix - featuring @fionaandell @wonderlively@daddys-denied-bimbo and @callmemollymaybe - the last version was OK, but the levels needed some adjustments.  

    Be sure to plug her in for housework until she’s begging to clean in apron and heels.


    I feel the sudden urge to make someone a sandwich…


    Mandatory education for trophy wife training.  You will listen.  You will be porno housewife.  


    My dream is to become the most amazing pierced, tattoed fuck doll with huge boobs. Please help me by supporting my


    To all my lady followers who want to be the best bimbo, my stud is putting up bimbo challenges. If you want to be a good bimbo and want those fake tits, he wants to buy a nice big fake set for the best bimbo. Message him make his cock hard with how badly you want to be bimbo @transparenthottubcollector-blr trust me you’ll thank me!


    Already trying to win a pair of bolt ons @sazeraclady wants her stud to pay to turn her tits into porn star sized cum targets.  I told her that I would pick the size and she said she just wanted to go bigger and bigger between giggles.  


    Brainwashing is good for you. Brainwashing is pleasure.


    brainwashing is good for me 


    Bimbo Challenge 2: Stare and edge.  Don’t let yourself cum.  When you finally get forced to pop your hormones are going to make you into the most obedient fuck doll ever.  Put your headphones in and listen to your favorite audio file until your clit won’t let you close your legs. 


    Cover for My new Bimbo Brainwashing File… Bimbo 10 to 1 Game … This 60 Minute Bimbo File is MORE Brainwashing for a good Bimbo… you will find yourself naked and edging as your bimbo mind counts down from 10 to 1 over and over until counting becomes too HARD to do… then your mind will begin to accept the conditioning that every good bimbo needs


    All good girls play the bimbo game.  Counting gets harder and harder as your brains goes pop and your clit starts to throb.  Barbie Bimbo On. 


    Tell me… How do you feel with your mind broken and bimbofied~? I’d love to know. (Original by… I don’t exactly remember who. I only really saved the gif link, sadly. If anyone does know, tell me so I may link it here!)


    Bimbo Challenge 1: Stare until you’re drooling on your tits.  Keep your cock socket open until you feel your gag reflex slip away like all those pretty pink thoughts.