I feel the self hatred, I don’t accept it

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    just a head’s up, I’ve been slowly putting prints, zines, stickers etc back in the store! above is some of the stuff added today to greerstothers.storenvy.com

    when I signed the book contract back in January, my friend offered to take over all the shipping/packaging so the store could stay open (in exchange for 20% of the revenue). now my book contract is over and…………we’re both okay with keeping this arrangement lmao. I’m currently in the process of transferring all Assorted Rubbish over to her, so prints that are currently missing from the store will eventually resurface. & unfortunately your stuff will no longer arrive with little Chiefcake hairs all over it!


    been seeing a lot of those awful weight loss ads on here again specifically for losing stomach fat so just a little reminder for myself and everyone else: having fat on your tummy is GOOD, having a flat stomach is not the ideal we should be pushing ourselves toward, its 100% natural to have a tummy that sticks out, your stomach is literally holding all your important internal organs that let u eat & make energy & grow, having fat there means your insides are nice n protected, tummy fat is natural & good & healthy, its also very cute which is less important but still true. theres nothing wrong with your stomach and you dont need to change it

    We should be more pro-active or we’ll see more of such sad fates of honest people.

    And the utterly ironic thing is I’ve seen repeated tumblr posts of that iconic photo absolutely slagging the shit out of Peter Norman as “lol white guy so uncomfortable”   “Why the fuck isn’t he supporting them”, etc etc.

    As an Australian this post surprised me. I knew none of the above.


    People need to learn this shit so they can emulate it - this is what it means to stand in solidarity with people; it tends to be a difficult, quiet thing that costs you, and yet it’s the right thing to do. 



    yes omg

  • when he was like ‘dont let me bore you with this if you already know’ and she was like ‘lol no go ahead’ fbfb
  • when jordan sat on the kitchen counter and declan made her a coffee and he stood between her thighs and she put her hand under his shirt and he was like ‘right ok lets go upstairs?’ 😳 and she TAKES THE LATTE WITH HER
  • literally them Getting each other from the very start, just clicking and recognising each other for who they truly are...
  • jordan noticing declans shoes and being like 👀
  • and declan giving her the purple pigment on their first date and shes like shit! fuck! damn it! i love him! meanwhile the other girls are robbing him 😭🙈
  • anyway YEA they have so many rights i love them so much!!
  • Icarly was fucking terrifying

    Sam knocked out a female heavy weight wrestler in one move, after directly asking her “Hey I’m pissed wanna throw down” and getting consent. She was 100% prepared for combat at that moment.

    Freddy Hacked into a military computer, made a youtube video that could permanently damage your eyes, and also turned a toy gun into a functional laser gun.

    Spencer had the gift of pyrokinesis which went off at random and this was treated as only a medium inconvenience.

    Carly was able to manipulate all 3 of these people, one of them being her legal guardian. Sam and Freddy were said to be able to argue indefinitely, Sam even getting into a fight with her mom for so long the therapist who forced them into conversation nearly went insane.

    Yet Carly could just say “Hey guys shut up” and they would stop talking right away.

    Didn’t they have a rival who was pretty much just a straight up supervillain?

    His name was Neville and he controlled the government

    ⭐ 30 favourites asks


  • 1 - season?
  • 2 - classic film?
  • 3 - nostalgia-inducing possession?
  • 4 - shade of green?
  • 5 - gemstone?
  • 6 - hour of the night?
  • 7 - quote?
  • 8 - type of dream?
  • 9 - happy song?
  • 10 - sad song?
  • 11 - character from a book?
  • 12 - creative medium?
  • 13 - memory?
  • 14 - aspect of a person’s face?
  • 15 - decade before the 2020s?
  • 16 - band?
  • 17 - animated film/tv show?
  • 18 - constellation?
  • 19 - poem?
  • 20 - album?
  • 21 - ending in fictional media?
  • 22 - shade of blue?
  • 23 - part of being alive?
  • 24 - holiday?
  • 25 - kind of candy?
  • 26 - person you know?
  • 27 - musical movie?
  • 28 - superhero?
  • 29 - book longer than 500 pages?
  • 30 - book shorter than 300 pages?
  • 🏮 shades of red asks

  • <>crimson: if you could have only one photo or poster on your wall, what would it be?
  • <>maroon: what role do you play in your group of friends?
  • <>ruby: favourite pre-2000 song?
  • <>brick red: have you ever been in an abandoned building?
  • <>merlot: do you have any unusual fears?
  • <>vermilion: have you ever pulled an all-nighter? if so, tell us about the first time.
  • <>carnelian: at what point did your life change without you realising?
  • <>burgundy: how often do you make your bed? what do your favourite bedsheets look like?
  • <>red ochre: are you inclined to watch a tv series if a lot of people on the internet are talking about it?
  • <>garnet: what’s the most expensive thing you own?
  • <>sangria: to what extent do you enjoy sour candy?
  • <>cardinal: what is the first song that made you cry?
  • <>blood: which of your family members is your favourite?
  • <>rosewood: have you ever had a penpal? would you like one now?
  • <>scarlet: think of your favourite genre. what kind of media in that genre do you prefer - books, films, or tv series?
  • <>carmine: do you prefer having or not having a schedule?
  • <>persian red: answer with a picture of your dream holiday destination.
  • <>strawberry: what album would you love to have on vinyl?
  • <>claret: talk about a memorable experience on public transport.
  • <>mahogany: what is your favourite musical instrument, in terms of sound?
  • <>lipstick red: if you could live one day with no one recognising you, what would you do?
  • <>wine: tell us about your first experience with alcohol.
  • <>cherry: thoughts on mainstream music?
  • <>pomegranate: favourite and least favourite fruits?
  • <>imperial: what film, in your opinion, has the best cinematography and/or special effects?