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    A Prayer for Aine

    (Source: Caroline, Master Member in the eCauldron.net forum)

    Aine of the summer’s warmth
    Be with us, and grant thy aid
    Aine of the bright cloak,
    Be with us, and grant thy blessing
    Aine of the surest step
    Be with us, and guide our footsteps
    Aine of the best heart,
    Be with us, and grant us joy

    We will wash our faces
    In the nine rays of the sun
    ‘Neath the sunwoven cloak of the Lady of Light
    Let us find peace
    In the nine rays of the sun
    We will wash our faces
    In the light of bright bloom
    Let us find joy
    We will wash our faces
    In the nine rays of the sun
    In the bounty of the generous heart
    Let us find grace

    Be we blessed in our rising up
    And in our lying down
    Be we blessed in our waking
    And in our sleeping
    Be we blessed in our coming in
    And in our going out
    Light before us
    Light behind us
    Light above us
    Light below us
    Light within us
    Light without
    Light about us
    Bright about us shall ever be
    the cloak of Aine


    👑 G O D D E S S GUIDE : Áine 👑

    🔅 work with both the sun and moon

    🔅 incorporate faerie magick into your craft

    🔅 keep your space glowing and well lit

    🔅 write songs and poetry

    🔅 always be ready to stand up for yourself

    🔅 work with the elements of air and fire

    🔅 dress in colors of red, gold, green and blue

    🔅 do spellwork at dawn or dusk

    🔅 be hopeful even in dark times

    🔅 light candles or straw

    🔅offerings of grain or wheat

    🔅 do offerings on Midsummer or Lammas

    🔅 focus on the abundance around you

    🔅 use herbs like blackberry, garlic, nettle, mugwort and flax

    🔅 teach your circle about love

    🔅 tend to a garden or grow your own crops


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