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2019-11-11 23:18:56

    I deleted a lot of pix that I didn't need to :(((((

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    I'm gonna be actively on cam from now on!

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    Playing with fake blood ❤️❤️❤️

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    Haha here's a pic I took while super drunk at a partyyyy I'm smiling, but it's a good smile, but y'all are always asking for pics of me smiling. So here is one :3

    Edit: I was drunk when I wrote this caption and it's hilarious and confusing so I'm leaving it

    My birthday is November 4th!!! Who's excited for birthday deals? :3 and who's gonna get me a gift?? :O hahah

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    Wiggle wiggle

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    Wiggle wiggle

    Ask me for my price list ❤️

    I love wearing baggy clothes.. makes my curves extra special cuz I take my clothes off and boys are like "WOAH HOLY SHIT I DIDNT KNOW THAT WAS UNDER THERE" I love it haha

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