Asian Dumplings with Vinegar Dipping Sauce Recipe

    Scallion, Sugar, Shaoxing Wine, Rice Vinegar, Salt, Ginger, Sesame Oil, Cabbage, Ground Black Pepper, Scallions, Ground Pork, Soy Sauce, Soy Sauce, Ginger, Dumpling Wrappers. These Asian Dumplings with Vinegar Dipping Sauce make an excellent appetiser or snack. The dumplings are boiled until cooked through with a filling of ground pork, Napa cabbage, scallions, and ginger. The dipping sauce adds a tangy and flavorful element to the dish and is made with rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, scallions, and ginger.

    Slow Cooker Lo Mein with Shrimp and Beef Recipe

    Carrots, Red Bell Pepper, Cloves Garlic, Onion, Lo Mein Noodles, Soy Sauce, Hoisin Sauce, Chicken, Stalks Celery, Brown Sugar, Shrimp, Sesame Oil, Flank Steak. This Slow Cooker Lo Mein with Shrimp and Beef is a tasty and simple way to recreate your favorite takeout dish at home. Slow cooking allows the flavors to combine for a tasty and satisfying meal.

    Made From Scratch Baba Ghanoush with Sesame Seeds Recipe

    Ground Cumin, Lemon Juice, Eggplants, Cloves Garlic, Ground Black Pepper, Tahini, Smoked Paprika, Sesame Seeds, Olive Oil. This recipe for Made From Scratch Baba Ghanoush with Sesame Seeds is a delicious and healthy appetiser suitable for any occasion. Tahini, lemon juice, garlic, cumin and smoked paprika flavor the creamy and smoky aubergine dip, which is topped with toasted sesame seeds for crunch and flavor. It's simple to make from scratch and will impress your guests.

    Cheese and Crackers Grazing Board with Hummus, Almonds, Strawberries and Salami Recipe

    Charcuterie Recipes, Charcuterie Recipe, Strawberries, Cheddar Cheese, Brie Cheese, Gouda Cheese, Salami, Crackers, Hummus, Almonds. This Grazing Board of Cheese and Crackers with Hummus, Almonds, Strawberries, and Salami is ideal for entertaining guests or as a tasty snack. Everyone will enjoy the combination of flavors and textures.

    Thai Shrimp With Glass Noodles Recipe

    Vegetable Oil, Glass Noodles, Cilantro, Chicken Broth, Garlic, Shrimp, Lime, Red Bell Pepper, Fish Sauce, Brown Sugar, Soy Sauce, Green Onions, Onion, Ginger. This Thai Shrimp With Glass Noodles recipe is a quick and easy stir-fry that's ideal for a weeknight meal. The glass noodles add an interesting twist to this dish, and the shrimp and vegetables are perfectly seasoned with a flavorful sauce. Serve with lime wedges for an extra citrus kick.