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    <>‘He was my everything’: Boy who drowned in Brookings pond remembered for smile, generosity

    The body of<> Molu Zarpeleh, 10, who was reported missing last Thursday night, was recovered from a privately-owned retention pond along 12th Street South around 8:40 a.m. Friday after authorities searched the pond, according to a new release from the City of Brookings.

    A tip that <>Zarpeleh had been pushed into the pond that circulated on social media has been redacted by the tipster, said Chelsea Bakken, public information officer for the City of Brookings. Investigators also reported <>that tips they received Friday related to circumstances surrounding the incident were not true but won’t state why. Police are ignoring it and ruling it an “accidental drowning but his mother says differently. 

    <>“A 10-year-old boy would not just take his sandals off and walk into the water,<>” she sa<>id. “He didn’t know how to <>swim.”

    Brookings police and the Brookings Fire Department searched for Zarpeleh until about 2:30 a.m. Friday before <>the search was stopped due to safety concerns, poor lighting and murky water, the release states. Searchers used pumps from Brookings Municipal Utilities and Brookings County to remove about 300,000 gallons of water from the pond during the resumed search Friday morning

    <>“Molu died, but I can’t say ‘was<> yet,” M<>ole said. “He’s my first child. He’s my only son. I don’t want to use the word ‘was.’ I can’t im<>agine him not living.”

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    <>DONATE HERE<> (The local Lutheran Church in Brookings is giving all donations to the family)

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    Minor critiques: -Hair too nice, lacks the obvious comb-over nature of the real thing -Suit to nice, fits his frame and not rumpled. Not realistic - Skin not orange enough, pale zone around eyes (showing the spray-on nature of the tan) not distinct enough. Key feature of his appearance. - Honestly, looks to dignified. Like he knows what he’s doing. Should look mystified that lighting things on fire causes them to burn

    So being painted like a diabolic supervillain is an improvement for him

    It’s sort of insult to injury, he caused so much suffering, AND he’s a clown. 

    He fired the response team

    Not only was the pandemic response team disbanded in 2018, Trump was warned about a virus (at the time health officials were most fearful that it would be an influenza virus) that had the potential to become a global pandemic right before his inauguration, AND he was briefed multiple times in January about this coronavirus and its potential to spread globally.



    There's this one customer who comes into the store pretty regularly, a very short and muscle-y and dressed very punk, who speaks like the most smooth southern gentleman you ever did see, and I instantly feel better everytime I talk to them.

    They invariably ask me to get something down off a top shelf for them, and it's always like, "Pardon me, but would you kindly get me that box of lasagna there? See, my mama wouldn't let me grow higher than this, so I have to find some good hearted folks to let me borrow their height for a mo'ent. Ah, thank ya, thank ya kindly." I love them.

    I'm glad this beautiful soul is getting the appreciation they deserve.