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2021-10-28 08:38:29

    Speaking as someone who has participated in stunt training with industry professionals, and has seen the aggressive way in which stunt industry performers have to unionize and defend one another or else nobody else will care:

    I think there should be fewer stunts in films. I think extremely dangerous and complex feats of superhuman physical exertion should be reserved for animation. I think there are some things that stunt crews should just...not be made to do anymore.

    Too many stunt performers have died for some of this shit to be worth it.


    Sure, they make a big deal about how "no animals were harmed in the making of this movie," and not being able to have that literal seal of approval in your end credits is a BIG DEAL that always causes a controversy, but they don't have to ever verify that no human workers were injured, do they?

    Imagine a world where "no cast or crew were harmed in the making of this film" was considered a basic standard, and any production that couldn't meet it got investigated and held accountable if it proved necessary.



    obi-wan: i can do this. i can honor qui-gon’s legacy. i got this

    anakin skywalker: [strongest documented connection to the force, fries someone alive with the force at the tender age of twelve, afflicted with highly accurate prophetic visions of the future, brings the anthropomorphic incarnations of the force to their godly knees by embracing cosmic power, preyed on by a sith lord from the tender age of nine onwards and perpetually bound to the swinging pendulum of cosmic destiny, makes inscrutable statements such as I BURN LIKE A SUN ON THE INSIDE to describe emotions, risks his life on the regular just to illegally race weird vessels, also the central figure in at least three cults, dumb bitch disease]

    obi-wan, sweating: i’ve maybe got this


    obi-wan has Just Some Guy disease, in that he’s literally just a dude and everything galaxy-changing that happens near him happens because he’s adjacent to god’s stupidest skywalker. imagine you were a regular man and you were suddenly saddled with an unmanageable creature of cosmic power that’s also a human person with human needs, couldn’t it have been so much worse than your little creature killing you and everyone you know and also most other people? it could have been so much worse. obi-wan listens to space podcasts and folds his socks and has opinions on space jazz, and he has to raise a part-manifestation of arcane life power that’s gifted in nine directions and still somehow exclusively capable of making the worst possible choice. obi-wan has a minivan and his sonbrotherboy sleeps in the back of it receiving prophecies from the semi-sentient ever-present all-powerful ether. i think, all things considered, a guy who probably irons his boxers raising tween human-shaped cthulu could have gone a lot worse. maybe we got off a little easy, all things considered. only a lot of people died.