I Am An Angel Of The Lord

My heart breaks for you. The weight on your shoulders, what you've done, what you still have to do. It is more than anyone could bear. If there was some other way...but there isn't. I will never lie to you. I will never trick you. But you will say yes to me. - Lucifer

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    Anne Boleyn’s Books of Hours Books of Hours were personal prayer books that were popular in the Middle Ages. Most contained a collection of texts, prayers and psalms designed to be read at different hours of the day. They varied from books with minimal decoration to some extremely lavish, heavily illuminated and containing full-page miniatures. Eric Ives describes some illuminated manuscripts as being “more akin to jewels than to books” (Pg. 239). In Tudor times they were used by people at court as part of their private devotions in their own chambers. Three of Anne Boleyn’s Books of Hours still survive today. The oldest of the three is on display at Hever Castle and was made in Bruges in c. 1450. It bears the poignant inscription: “Le tiemps viendra” (The time will come) and Anne’s signature, “Je anne boleyn.” Anne chose to write the inscription below a miniature of the Second Coming and the Resurrection of the Dead. In between the je and anne, she inserted a small picture. Ives states that on close examination the picture is that of an armillary sphere, a device that Anne adopted before switching to the falcon on the roses (Pg. 240). Eric Ives describes the manuscript in, The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn. He states that it is: “Lavishly decorated with thirty three large illuminations plus twenty-two small and one historiated initial, within fine foliage borders enriched with flowers, fruits and grotesques.” (Pg. 239) Ives believes Anne owned it before 1529, although the details behind how she obtained it and when precisely are unclear. The second of Anne’s Book of Hours is also on display at Hever Castle and was made in Paris c. 1528. Ives states that “it qualifies as illuminated only by courtesy” because it was in fact part of an initiative to make devotional books cheaper and therefore more accessible to the emerging middle class by “supplying a printed text and woodcut illustrations which could then be coloured by hand” (Pg. 240). Although affordable, Anne’s copy was a little more upmarket as it was printed on vellum instead of paper. Once again it is unclear as to how and when she obtained it but Ives suggests that she may have acquired it in France as a teenager (Pg.240). Like the older of the Books on display at Hever Castle this one also contains an inscription by Anne. Instead of French, on this occasion she chose English and wrote: “Remember me when you do pray, That hope doth lead from day to day. Anne Boleyn” (Ives, Pg. 240)

    Anne Boleyn’s Book of Hours, Hever Castle She wrote this inscription opposite a depiction of the coronation of the Virgin. One can imagine that this was a reference to her desire to be Queen. The third of Anne’s Book of Hours is on display at the British Library. It was made around the turn of the 15th and 16th century possibly in Bruges. Unlike the printed version, this is a very high quality item and contains nearly 50 illustrations. It is a very unique book because it contains a dialogue between Henry and Anne written during the time that Henry was trying to obtain a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. Henry wrote in French: “If you remember my love in your prayers as strongly as I adore you, I shall hardly be forgotten, for I am yours. Henry R. forever.”

    Anne Boleyn’s Book of Hours, British Library Henry chose to write his inscription under the image of the flayed Christ. This gives us a glimpse into Henry and Anne’s relationship prior to their marriage. Henry portrays himself as a love sick man suffering because he cannot yet marry the woman he loves. Anne chooses to respond in English and writes her inscription under the image of the Annunciation (Virgin Mary being told by the Angel Gabriel that she will have a son). She writes: “By daily proof you shall me find To be to you both loving and kind.” The location of Anne’s message is of great significance because what Henry wanted more than anything was a son and heir and Anne is promising that this is something she will give him. I was lucky enough to see the two Book of Hours on display at Hever Castle on my trip to England in 2009. It truly was amazing to be standing in Anne Boleyn’s home looking upon these beautiful manuscripts that were once warmed by the touch of Anne’s long and slender fingers. I imagined Anne holding the books, turning the pages and praying for those things she desired above all else. The British Library has a podcast about Anne’s Book of Hours. Listen to Rob Ainsley talk to curator Scot Mckendrick here.


    romesh ranganathan is the most passionate drunk history narrator of all time


    “That’s a whole bruvah!”



    <>Romesh Ranganathan, narrating the re-enactment in his English accented voice: Carnarvon’s half-brother, Mervyn Herbert—DEAD! Aubrey Herbert, his other half-brother—DEAD! That’s a whole brother! DEAD!!! Carter’s s<>ecretary, Carter’s secretary, he didn’t have nothin’ to do with it, he just typed th<>e let<>ters—DEAD! DEAD, mate! Murked! Can you believe tha<>t shit? There’s a CURSE!!!<> DO YOU UNDERSTAND? A CURSE, MATE<>! YEAH? YOU DON’T GO FUCKIN’ ARO<>UND WITH SOMEONE’S TOMB! [Romesh pauses before continuing in a calm and casual voice] Are you gettin’ my socks in the shot ‘cause I don’t want you to.


    Hi!! I was wondering if you know of any fics where stiles is a vampire or involve vampires?

    I found a few :) - Jeep

    <>City trees never sleep by Analinea (10,192 | 7/? | NR)

    When Stiles gets turned, the only person he wants to stay with is Derek.

    <>Hunters And Wolves by JusteAmusant (6,077 | 3/3 | T)

    Expecting to hear the usual, “go home, Stiles,” he’s taken aback when Derek asks, “Who the hell are Sam and Dean?”

    “We’re hunters,” a deep voice rumbles behind him.

    Stiles squeaks in surprise and whirls around, blinking rapidly to clear his vision so he can take in the two six-foot-plus hallucinations standing in front of him.

    “Hunters,” Derek growls, and the fact that he has no idea who he’s looking at somehow makes it through the haze of Stiles’ brain.

    “Derek, wait-”

    “Hunters,” a second deep voice, with a little more roughness to it, confirms. He raises his gun and points it straight at Derek’s chest. “And we kill werewolves.”

    <>One Stupid Mistake that Changes Everything<> by Kikileduc (60,447 | 13/13 | NR)

    Shortly after the events of season 3b, everyone is recovering. Stiles feels guilty over the loss of Allison and Aiden. Scott can’t look at his friend. Lydia isn’t talking to him. Isaac, Ethan, Malia, and Kira are all dealing in their own way. Derek took off again.Fast forward to two months later, things are much the same for Stiles, except his father insisted he get checked out again as the nogitsune had tampered with his son’s tests…The results aren’t good.Stiles returns to school to find the pack hovering around a de-aged and cluesless Derek and suddenly finds himself on the outside of the pack’s happenings.To top it all off his new doctor is a little— weird, to say the least.Can Stiles figure out what happened to Derek and help reverse it while dealing with his own personal issues? How will the pack feel when they need the spastic teen, only to find him missing? And, what is really going on in Beacon Hills? Can they come together and solve the mystery in time???

    <>Not Another Twilight Love Story<> by FunkyRacoon (14,614 | 2/8 | E)

    “Stiles!” Lydia screams, she tries to push him off so she can fight back, and he knows that together they could defeat the pack together but he doesn’t want that so instead he holds her tighter in his arms. She screams as the wolves howl only for their victory to be short lived as another set of howls enter the battle, ‘More wolves. Great. Out of the fire and into the frying pan.’ Stiles thinks disdainly to himself as he holds his sister closer.

    <>Find Me<> by smallbeans (29,676 | 4/? | NR)

    When they find Stiles’ jeep burnt to a crisp with an unidentifiable body inside, Stiles Stilinski is deemed dead. Over the years of grief and heartache, the pack grow and heal, forming unbreakable bonds.

    Five years after the accident, Stiles comes back, but he isn’t quite Stiles anymore.