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    Change.org - Petition To Hire 1,000,000 People To Put Their Fingers In The Shoot Hole Of Peoples’ Guns So They Can’t Shoot Them


    It’s still gonna shoot… And they’re gonna lose a finger


    No. The finger blocks the bullet. We can do this


    This is a gun we’re talking about. The projectile is fired using an explosion, not by compressed air of a toy gun or the elastic forces of a sling shot. People would be lucky if they only lost their finger.


    The finger blocks it


    The finger won’t block it - the shaft is only there for keeping the bullet straight, all the propulsion happens behind the bullet. The bullet would rip through the finger, not that many would actually fit without the victim being a child, and beyond.


    The bullet would go forward a little and then hit the finger and stop it’s not that hard to understand


    People are going to lose their hands. Go watch Mythbusters. They did an episode on this, the hand fucking exploded.


    No, the bullet would start to go but stop at the finger. Thats basic physics. Also hands dont explode normally they did something wrong.


    Why the dingleknockers would you even consider sticking your finger in the barrel of a loaded gun?? the amount of force propelling the bullet at that close of range would shatter the finger at the very least; this is a petition for 1,000,000 people to loose the use of their hands. If a bullet explodes the back of a persons skull when they shoot it in their mouth it sure as hell will explode a finger.


    No the finger would stop it


    I’m loving the idiocy of this post.

    Ppl with brains: ummm finger go boom…

    Others: no bullet stop. U no kno fisics >:V


    no the finger would stop it


    You guy who think the bullet would stop at the finger have never shot a gun and can volunteer to it their fingers in the barrel of my 9 mil and I’ll I’ll the trigger and see if it will stop the bullet. Dumdasses


    the finger would stop it


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