The Modern Dance

Transhuman, Neuromancer: And from the Pandora's Box the hopes and monsters of the post- and trans-human emerge presaging the geriatric industry of the future.

Last update
2022-08-04 10:45:22

    Tune in to KMSU tomorrow to their annual They Might Be Playing They Might Be Giants marathon – John F. will dial in around 8am CT and John L. will call in around 1pm CT. 

    Get your most obscure advance requests in NOW at https://www.tmbg.love/#/requests/. Last year requests came in from ALL FIFTY STATES and 7 continents. This year’s goal is to get a request from France – something they haven’t done yet! Minnesotans can tune in at 89.7FM and everybody else can stream it live at www.KMSU.org.

    It all starts at 6am CT