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    FGO event where Mash just tells Lancelot of her earlier adventures and as soon as she relates all the side comments she’s been getting, Lancelot puts on his Zerker helmet and rayshifts to beat up everyone who sexually harassed his daughter



    Fergus‘s head snaps up nervously as he hears the distorted scream. That… thing… was more animal than man. Already it had beaten Angra Mainyu to a pulp, already it had played baseball with Fionn (with poor Fionn playing as the ball), already it had bent the child Gilgamesh over its knee and given him a spanking before pointing fiercely at the corner. Even Fou wasn’t safe, the small creature having escaped by a hair as the Berserker tried to swat him with a broom.

    Nobody was safe.

    And as if to emphasize that line of thought, the door to the mess hall suddenly caves inward. Behind it stands what can only be described as a nightmare. Black armor shrouded in blacker smoke, with the one identifiable feature being the slit on the helmet. No eyes can be seen through that space, only a hellish red light, which glows all the brighter once the fiend spots Fergus. And in its hands…

    “FEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS!!!” the beast roars again, and raises both arms in the air. The one holding a lead pipe. The other holding a large rubber [Merlin]. And both churn with black mana, having become this monster’s Noble Phantasms.

    Fergus considers fighting. His Celtic pride demands it. But there’s such a thing as the threat of death, and then theres this, whatever this is. So Fergus does the smart thing.

    He does his best Scheherazade impression, and runs for it in the opposite direction. The Berserker takes but a second to spring after him, already swinging his weapons.


    Stop yelling my name!” Fergus yells back over his shoulder, narrowly ducking a swing from the metal pipe.



    And in the mess hall, after an appropriately awkward moment of silence, the eating resumes, broken only by a happy sigh from Artoria. This earns an interested look from Archer Emiya.

    “Something happen?”

    “Nothing,” she sighs again, happily, as she takes another mouthful of rice. “It’s just nice to hear him yelling someone else’s name for a change.”


    I’m really loving how bombastic and excited Mash’s lines for this event she has been WAITING for the chance to go all out and declare war on everyone whose crossed her path and rack up a kill count for senpai


    i love my evil wife


    DEATH MURDER KILL VIOLENCE WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mash says blood for the blood god