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2020-07-03 18:41:40

    I know y'all mean well, but it's ineffective to be taking up space when you should be sharing resources, information, bail funds, and donating instead of a black square that literally just takes up space in a hashtag. You're not making a difference with a black square. DONATE and stop doing the absolute LEAST for trendy posting purposes. https://www.instagram.com/p/CA8D_ToDOgNn1shlLOIsS5jsXIaPZ8Cw6rmFA00/?igshid=s2puempjvici

    If you got the time to hit LIKE on my ass you got the time to donate some money to the Jacksonville Bail Fund, i will provide links in the comments. Don't be goofy, get these people outta jail NOW for doin what's right. https://www.instagram.com/p/CA6UKqUjnlH4UWaQSklTIyokFAgsmiPVc7EtMs0/?igshid=10uz0tgzxi2yl