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Hi, I'm Cody. I have blue eyes and sometimes facial hair. I'm stumbling through adulthood and often feel more like a teenager than a twenty-something. The two most important roles I play in life are brother and uncle. I try to be all things to all people, but I'm learning that takes a lot of time and effort, so my goal is to help those who need it most.

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2020-07-11 20:37:28

    I *and I cannot stress this enough* hate celebrities*

    Why is she naked that's so insensitive and tone deaf, both of those pictures were. As if Breonna Taylor wasn't an entire woman on her own.Her name and image should be plastered not someone's selfie.She's not a catchphrase she was woman who lost her life. Just naming her doesnt discloses any information. No her case is losing attention and the last thing we need are stupid ass selfies clogging up her hashtag 🙄

    I just remembered the time I downloaded Grindr and this man wanted to pee on me and when I went to pick up my pizza he was the cashier and I walked through the rain and he was like “it’s really pouring hard out there you’re soaked 😏” and I was like……just speechless

    Wonder what this kings up to these days

    I downloaded Grindr to try to buy meth a few times and there’s always one dude who is like 800ft away who messages me.

    Meth ???

    Yeah people like to fuck on meth and so some people use Grindr as a meth dealer app.

    Fun fact about meth and urine. I forget the exact percentage, but quite a bit of meth os passed through the body and expelled via urine. So if you drink meth piss you’ll get high yourself.

    How is that a fun fact?

    Nothing about this post was fun.