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    daily reminder that when minho had to rap to hellevator for the first time, jisung held his hand the whole time and was squeezing it at the right moments so minho could get the timing right. he did it without any questions asked because he knew how stressful it must be for minho. and minho never forgot about it, he probably thanked him right after and he did it again in his message to the members after being eliminated. he probably remembers it to this day. he probably had never been more grateful to anyone in his life than he was to jisung in that one moment. it seems like something small, but for minho it made a huge difference. i love how soft that is.

    a love so beautiful || 致我们单纯的小美好 → behind the scenes (2/?)

    Interviewer: “Just now, Teacher Jiang Chen had a very strenuous time piggybacking you, did he?”

    Shen Yue: “No, he piggybacked me with great ease, it wasn’t strenuous at all.

    Fine, it’s like this. After I came onto set, I put on 10 pounds. But of course it’s not totally my fault.”