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    I think it's cool if a cis woman goes on testosterone, or gets top surgery for aesthetic/affirmation reasons, or even gets phalloplasty.

    I also think it's cool if a cis man goes on estrogen, or gets breast augmentation for aesthetic/affirmation reasons, or even gets a vaginoplasty.

    It is my belief that bodily autonomy doesn't depend on identity. You have the fundamental right to alter your body as the want or need arises, because when you don't own your body absolutely, you own nothing.


    i think something often missing in these discussions is medical reasons. testosterone is proving to be an effective treatment for things like pcos and endometriosis, but medical guidelines firmly state treatment should be stopped immediately when the masculinizing ‘side effects’ start. by normalizing looking androgynous/gnc we will allow disabled people more options for treatment, or really, any treatment. because for now the widely available options for endometriosis are progesterone, which makes many people horribly depressed, a hysterectomy which is obviously a pretty drastic thing, or testosterone.

    and i think the number of cis women who want to take testosterone for purely aesthetic reasons is minuscule compared to how many have endometriosis (between 2 and 10% depending on the study) or pcos, and by normalizing things like women having body/facial hair, deep voices etc we’ll be offering them a chance to treat their illness without being seen as freaks


    So I happen to have hypermobility that’s slowly fucking up just about every joint in my body. At one point the pain was so bad it significantly contributed to my getting fired from multiple jobs.

    I saw a reference on the internet to even low doses of testosterone helping with joint stability- and therefor preventing or slowing joint damage. I brought it up to my doctor tentatively, wondering if it was anything more than gossip. She agreed readily that this was well known and there were studies to back it up.

    I asked her WHY, in the years she’d been treating me, she NEVER brought this up. She confided that there were Side Effects. I listed the effects I’d seen on my friends who’d been on testosterone for years, and she nodded along. I waited for her to add something more dangerous that might apply to me.

    She had nothing.

    She really believed it was such a sure thing that I would rather have chronic pain and potentially reduced mobility than having a lower voice and some extra hair.

    As it happens I’m agender and don’t give a shit. But even if I wasn’t- I was loosing jobs and in daily pain!!!!

    Binary gender expectations, lack of respect for bodily autonomy and misogyny can fuck you up in ways you didn’t even realize were possible.

    Almost exactly 1 year in on low dose testosterone gel and not only do I have GLORIOUS muscles. Seriously my arms are fantastic. But my pain hasn’t been lower in probably 15 years and I’ve stopped worrying about mobility loss. Every part of my health is improved.

    There is no good medical reason that this had to wait for years to happen, except that our society is real fucked up about bodily autonomy, gender, and health.



    Fucking HELL!!!!!


    Iroh: so Toph, what are your goals in life?

    Toph: I’ve been banned from every major city’s transportation system except Omashu

    Toph: I don’t know what their limit is but I will fucking find it 


    King Boomie, having exactly zero limits:


    Unstoppable object meets immovable force


    [Toph eventually slips up and is captured by the city guard force. Instead of being imprisoned or exiled, Toph finds herself being given audience with the King of Omashu.]

    Bumi: Well, well, well. It seems I have finally met the troublemaker who has been causing such chaos with my rail systems.


    Bumi: I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with your earthbending abilities. You remind me of myself when I was a lad.

    Toph: Get to the point.

    Bumi: I see great potential in you, Toph Beifong. I want you inherit my title once I am no longer fit to rule.

    Toph: Wait what the fuck


    Why wasn’t this Toph’s future instead of becoming a freaking cop. This would have made so much more sense. 


    My favorite part of this is “when I am no longer fit to rule” because

    1. Implying Bumi was fit to rule at any point

    1.1 except maybe in the sense that he was completely shredded

    2. That he has no plans to die, (nor would death necessarily make him unfit to rule), but that he apparently intends to like. Tuck his arms and legs into himself and just roll off into the sunset.

    3. Given that the Earth Kingdom has an actual ruling family that causes some drama in LoK, Toph continuing to cause monarchy confusion is both 100% in character and fucking hilarious.


    Toph takes over as King Bumi the second and everyone is like “no that’s not how inheriting works” and Bumi is like “No no she’s right, I did say “inherit my title!”


    When toph is no longer fit to rule, she instills bumi (Aang’s son) as her heir and he is known as bumi 3.


    Her first act as ruler is to ban herself from Omashu’s transportation system, thus fulfilling one of her life goals.

    Translated the alphabet used in STRAY



    NOTE: Mild Spoilers for STRAY. This album contains the chapter headings, so while it’s not super-spoilery, it’s still going to reveal some details if you haven’t played it to that point yet!

    My kid and I have been enjoying Stray thoroughly since it came out, and one of the things we both found fascinating is the language of the society in the game- you see it everywhere, in neon signs, in graffiti, and it really adds to the depth and mystery of this universe.

    Both my kid and I are language geeks, me being a narrator and them just enjoying languages in general, so after I casually mentioned that I thought the in-game alphabet for the robots was probably an Aurabesh (Star Wars)-like letter-for-letter replacement of a Latin alphabet, we went to town on trying to figure it out. They mentioned they realized it was a replacement cipher when they saw the opening screen for the “Dead City” chapter.

    Turns out that we were… mostly right. But not 100%. There IS an alphabet that’s consistent. It’s in the first image you see in this album. However, while we did find a lot of signs that were simply English, there were some that were Latin, and we think there might be a few in French (which would make sense, given that the developers are French).

    But it gets a bit weirder. There’s a bunch of symbols we simply don’t understand because we don’t have a good key for them. We started off with this one by taking screenshots of the chapter headings, which were subtitled in English, using those to get a few characters, then figuring out other characters from context. We’ve got nearly the entire alphabet solved now, but there’s some signs with words using characters that don’t have any correspondence at all to the ones we’ve deciphered.

    However, nearly all of these are in the “dead” parts of the city, where there’s signs in English, which could mean these are in Chinese or some language we don’t understand, or maybe they’re intended to be an earlier version of the language the robots in the city now use.

    There’s also some “cursive”-like versions of many letters which are more difficult to understand, so some of the signs are much harder to translate. There’s even some where they mash ideograms together to combine them, which is also interesting.

    So here’s the alphabet key, along with a few images we’ve provided some captions for. Our working theory is that many of the posters are written in Latin (including some Lorem Ipsum!), then translated to the robot alphabet, but it’s possible they’re in other languages also. Because many of the textures have “damage” on them, it’s frequently difficult to parse all the words, and it’s also often hard to tell where spaces go.

    But we figure if we put this out there, others can come along and improve on and add to it!

    NB: The alphabet key is not totally complete; the letters X and Z are missing, as we still aren’t certain of those ones. (Updated: Z and X are found, and image key updated!) Also, there’s some variations on some letters, and it’s possible we made some mistakes. But it works for translating many of the signs and posters. For the translations we used Google Translate, which is probably awful, but better than nothing.

    NB Also: The chapter headings sometimes differed from the subtitle in yellow. Where it does, the deciphered text is in white. Where it does not, there’s no white text.

    If anyone can offer more accurate translations of the Latin passages, please do!