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    Welcome to the Land of Hungry Asses needing to be eaten! 🤤 It’s great to see so many top guys rimming, tonguing and eating all that bottom ass (aka beefcake). Wonder if that’s what Marie Antoinette meant by, “Let them eat cake”?!? 😉 😈😈 🍑👅🍑😝🍑🤤🍑👅🍑😋

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    I would eat John Magnum’s. A couple of the guys are hot as fuck and present so well… But John’s got the thickness and the teasing instinct. I’d get eaten… Ugh it’s hard to pick. Spiky blonde big muscle is my type… But Daniel is such a voracious little alpha fuck. I think I’d have to go with Daniel, he’ll wear you out every time.