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    Out of all the times i’ve seen this I never paid this any attention until now. WHERE IN THE WORLD DID THE THE GUY WITH TWO DIFFERENT SOCKS ON GO?? HE JUMPED IN THE AIR AND DISSAPEARED????????


    The guy in the black socks knees bend right as the guy with two different socks jumps and disappears... I think he picked him up and ran out of the room 😭


    Just like in scooby doo


    A quick tip for writers out there, who use Microsoft Words:

    Change the background colour of the pages to a mint green shade.


    It is said that green is a calming colour, however, the main reason why I like this, is because I can write for a much longer period of time now, as a white background I used before made my eyes dry and exhausted after just a few hours of working.

    It is basically much more soft and careful to the eyes. I can’t precisely explain why that is. I think it’s that by making a pinch softer contrast of the text and the background, your eyes does not get exposed to as much light.

    Just make sure to not make the background too dark, or else your eyes will get exhausted do to over-fixating the lack of contrast between text and background.

    And maybe you find a nice pastel/light background shade that fits you; give it a try.

    Different things work out and fits for different people. And I just felt like sharing this.

    Here’s the shade numbers I used to get my preferred colour:


    Thanks for reading.



    You just solved a very real problem for me! Thanks!


    For those who might not know where to find this: It’s in the Page Layout tab.

    I had no idea this was possible before today!


    If you want to use a darker color for the background, Word will switch the default font color to white at a certain point. I’ve been writing in an artificial dark mode by changing my page color to a dark blue or green and letting the font switch to white for over a year now, and it’s an absolute lifesaver.


    What is happening


    [description: tiktoker skweezy4real talking to the camera with his mask on]

    "So what's the worst job you ever had? For me, it was when I was selling stolen computer chips, and (unintelligible, possibly 'In Compton') and-- What the f- [camera turns to a group of people and two alpacas, one man holding out bowl of carrots] what is this?"

    "Oh hey! You wanna feed an alpaca?"

    "Say- Yes! Do I just like hold it up to him?"

    "Yeah just put them in your mouth and they'll take 'em from you"

    "In my MOUTH?"

    "In your mouth, in your mouth"

    [takes off mask, puts a carrot in each corner like tusks] "Like this?

    "Yeah almost like a walrus"

    "And I just... I give it to..?"

    "Yeah just let them see it, walk up to them and they'll take it from you"

    [does it, people cheer]

    ".......thank you?"


    He can't even tell wild stories from his past without getting interrupted by new wild stories. lol


    no but like it's actually very fucked up how "sunday night blues" and midweek burnout are a thing.

    The fact that most people spend significant parts of their weekends or mornings actively dreading going into, do we realize how staggeringly unhealthy that is? how many people have been living under this giant weight of anxiety for most of their lives and just don't realize it? how many people have woken up and thought "I can't do this today", knowing that their only real choice is to figure out a way to do it so they have enough money to keep going? How many people are actively ignoring the demands of their bodies for a break?

    and the worst part is that this is up to us. we let bosses and corporations do this to us. today's work weeks and wages and benefits and time off (or lack thereof) aren't designed out of necessity. they exist to increase your bosses' profit.

    we don't need work weeks that are designed around maximum production with the bare minimum of time off businesses can get away with giving you. we don't need back-breakingly long hours, or artificially early school mornings, or wage slavery.

    sometimes it seems like we've just, universally decided as a population that overworking oneself, ignoring your own needs for rest, and pushing through conditions that are detrimental to our mental and physical health to make money for someone else is...okay.

    It doesn't have to be this way.


    This blog is aggressively pro union, and if you have any questions about unionization in your workplace or workers rights people like @onebiguniondaily are a great start!


    how you make love without dick tho?

    • You use water color to paint on her skin
    • You wash her hair/ help her with her hair 
    • Cuddle up naked in the dark talking about your goals 
    • When she’s crying you hold her until she stops 
    • if you think she needs something you get it (ex. if her period is coming up soon you go to the store and buy ice cream/chocolate) 
    • Wake up before her and make her breakfast
    • sliding your finger from her forehead to the back of her ear to fix her hair to get a better look 
    • Walking her home when it’s really late to make sure she gets home safe
    • Surprising her with concert tickets to her favorite artist 

    All of this is making love. I’m sorry society has failed you and you think the only way to make love is shoving your dick inside of her. 


    So much fucking yesssss!!!!!! Your dick should not be at the top of that list 🙏🏽


    Might I add:

    - Taking her out for a drive just to enjoy each other’s presence

    - Rub her shoulders, back, and/or feet after she had a long day

    - Allow her to rant to you about something she’s passionate about

    - Helping out with the chores (if you’re living together)

    - Have specific times of the week where you can sit down and have a meal together; date nights

    - Ask for consent rather than just jumping into something. Does not only apply to sex, but is to let her know that you care and are considerate about how she’s feeling