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    umm.... different kinds of sharts 😳

    • a long fart that ends in a wet plrt - not a lot of shit at the end, but definitely wet between the cheeks
    • a long fart with constant splutters of shit throughout, like the person doesn't care that they're half shitting themselves just to let this fart out.
    • a short loud fart that expels a lot of waste with a sqelch
    • a short fart, a wet splurt of shit, then a longer, more relieving fart
    • an airy fart that shoots a chunk of shit out like a cork popping
    • a fart trapped behind a barrier of waste, they keep pushing till that one fart can come out
    • a fart so watery it sprays a mist of shit instead of anything solid
    • a fart that isn't a fart at all, just someone feeling the need, bearing down and accidentally shitting themselves
    • a 'follow through', a fart that fully becomes a shit and they just keep pushing

    can't believe that I can actually get away with my accidents during school😅.

    I just squat to open my locker or pick up my books and let myself go... no one even notices my face turning red as I push my poop out and into my panties😳.

    and no one hears me squish and squirm in my mess while I sit in class😖.

    I'm just waiting for someone to catch me in the act and expose me to the class/school😖.

    My boyfriend humiliated me in front of his friends😖

    (story is fictional!)

    After weeks of me begging my boyfriend finally let me sit in on "boys night". "Boys night" is when he and his guy friends get together to drink, play games, watch, TV, etc.

    I was so excited to be apart of it even though I knew I had been annoying him by begging to tag along so much.

    Once we got to his friend's house he introduced me to his 3 friends; Trevor, Kyle, and Jim. They were polite to me and cracked jokes with me as we began drinking.

    I slowly started to get tipsy and even a little drunk. The boys seemed mostly fine though, I think maybe my drinks were made a little stronger.

    Kyle started joking around and actually decided to show us all something hilarious he bought for a prank someday. He came into the room holding a giant baby bib and a folded up diaper.

    We all laughed at it until the boys all turned and looked at me. I asked what they were staring at and my boyfriend suggested I try the baby stuff on as a joke, just to make the group get a good laugh.

    It felt embarrassing but after begging to be here and intruding on their "boys night" I decided to go for it. I excused myself to the restroom with the babyish costume.

    I returned into the room wearing nothing but the diaper and bib. The boys stared at me with shocked expressions before bursting into laughter and pulling their phones out to snap pics. I felt humiliated but I laughed along with them.

    "Can I change now?" I asked my boyfriend, but everyone just kept laughing and agreed I should keep it on for a bit longer. I was annoyed but went along with it.

    Trevor brought me a drink and told me it was "made extra special for the diaper girl". I was embarrassed but the drink was nice so I took it. I drank it quickly and began feeling like I had to use the bathroom soon.

    I was starting to feel desperate so I announced to the group that I was going to change and use the bathroom. They all booed and my boyfriend told me to keep the outfit on because everyone was having fun.

    "Come let me rub your tummy to help" my boyfriend offered. I nodded and layed on the floor next to him.

    He began rubbing my tummy in small circles as his guy friends watched. But then he started to slowly push into my tummy, harder and harder until I felt like I might burst.

    "I need to go!" I shrieked and tried to sit up but my boyfriend pushed me back and held my legs down. His friends started laughing as Jim announced that he was filming it all.

    All eyes were on me as my boyfriend held me down. I was struggling and squirming in my diaper, trying my best to hold it all in. Then the embarrassing comments started to come...

    "uh oh!! looks like diaper girl is gonna need a change!"

    "gonna make a mess??"

    "she's gonna fill her pampers!"

    My face turned red as I finally lost control. A loud "pppsssssssshhh~" was heard as they watched my diaper expand and become slightly tinted yellow as I pissed in it like a toddler. The warm soggy diaper pressed up against my ass as I felt my tummy shift.

    "she actually pissed in it!"

    "holy shit, your girlfriend just wet herself!"

    I couldn't bear to bring attention to the fact that I was going to do much more than just pee in my diaper. "Nghh.." I quietly grunted before the mess erupted.

    "is she...?" Kyle started to ask before the first wave of diarrhea hit my diaper.

    A sudden gush of sloppy, hot shit exploded out of me and began filling my diaper. I could feel the stream of warm poop squirting out and expanding my already soaked diaper. Everyone gasped as it was very obvious what had just happened in my diaper.

    "bro she just shit herself!"

    "poopy pants!"

    "you actually pooped yourself?!"

    "that diaper is ruined!"

    I began crying as the next wave hit me. I was laying there in front of all these boys as they watched me let loose a second time. A loud fart filled the air followed by their laughter as another gush of hot, burning, lumpy poop filled my diaper from front to back. The mess had bubbled it's way all around the diaper, filling it completely.

    "oh my god! it can't even hold any more!"

    they teased me before the worst happened. The last sloppy stream of shit squirted into my diaper. My poop started to spill out, the warm mess began oozing outside of my diaper and flowing down my cheeks and thighs.

    I layed there crying in my full diaper as they teased me and took pictures of my mess.

    (would you humiliate me like that?? DM me or send me an ask of how you'd humiliate me!)

    Woo! Finally got SOMETHING edited! It’s a short one and I don’t have my new mic so again. having to deal with fucked up lines is a pain but here we go!


    Premise: You arrive at a beautiful mansion for a full time job taking care of the owner’s daughter. You hadn’t been given that many details, other than a map of the establishment, and that you should go see the daughter for further instructions. You unlock the door and, adhering to the instructions, make your way to the young lady’s room.  

    What you didn’t expect was who you would have to look after….

    A girl with a belly of a beast, sat on a very large chair to accommodate her stomach. The chair itself seemed to have a very large compartment area underneath, which you will find out quickly what it’s for - that is, if the pungent smell of sewage didn’t give you a hint… She looked at you with boredom, probably because you were not the first who has grabbed at the chance of such a high paying job. The ones before you did the same, only to run at the sight of what that job entails.  


    BASICALLY: You gotta look after an entitled, bloated young woman who can’t even be bothered to move to take a dump.