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    hey all, here's a petition to the Honolulu City Council, the Kailua Neighborhood Board, and Kailua and Oahu residents, urging them to support the Kawainui Street Apartments project in Kailua:

    <>this petition only has 310 signatures.

    and here's another petition (with 5 signatures at the time of posting this) by a group of volunteers working with the Faith Action for Community Equity group that made the other petition:

    <>if reading the above post bothered you, do something about it!

    <>sign the petitions before August 2nd and share this post.

    want to do more?

    <>write an email to a member of the council urging them to support affordable housing for Kailua residents.

    here's the contact information for the council members!

    do some good today!

    posts about BLM no longer being on peoples dashes is so frustrating cause I feel like if you’re following the right people, especially black artists, creatives, activists, etc. then you wouldn’t be having that issue, I’m certainly not. There’s still so much left to be done and the fight is no where near over. So please consider following more black content creators and activists cause trust me when I say, your dash and your world view will be much better for it.

    @puciboi and the other folks asking for some recommendations! Here’s a list of just a few of the wonderful content creators I follow here on tumblr! And as always I can’t reccomend the drawingwhileblack tag on twitter enough, it’s a great resource full of amazing artists in the entertainment/game/publishing/illustration/etc. industry!

    <>List of Black Content Creators on Tumblr (and more!) <>

    Women in Bradley County Jail are being kept in horrible, unsanitary, and unsafe conditions. Literally signs for help in the window.

    The best way to help is to bail them out!!

    Please if you have a couple of dollars to spare we are doing our best to get as many women out. Women who can’t, will get money in their commissary for sanitary products.



    As white people, we can’t begin to eradicate our internalized biases without knowing how to identify them. Let’s educate ourselves. And don’t forget that these are biases you need to call out when you see them in others as well.

    Understanding Implicit Bias (article)

    Stereotypes of African Americans (wikipedia): do the work to understand the links between old incredibly harmful stereotypes and modern white expectation that Black people be caretakers, for example.

    Black people are not here to teach you: What so many white Americans just can’t grasp (article)

    The White Internet’s Love Affair with Digital Blackface (video)

    Dismantling Whiteness as the Beauty Standard (article)

    I don’t care if you’re ‘fascinated’ by my afro, stop touching it (article)

    Racial empathy gap: people don’t perceive pain in other races. (article)

    Read about how scientific racism was used to institutionalize racism and justify slavery and white supremacy in the United States by claiming that enslaved people could withstand more pain. 

    Connect this to Black people today being denied the same medical treatment as whites:Some medical students still think black patients feel less pain than whites (article)

    Let’s End The ‘Strong Black Woman’ Stereotype. Can’t We Be Vulnerable And Emotional Too? (article)

    On calling Black people articulate/well-spoken/educated: The Racial Politics of Speaking Well (article)

    The Dangerous Delusion of the Big, Scary, Black Man (article) 

    Consider why perceptions of Black people as dangerous/aggressive make white folks so reactive to Black anger: to perceive civility as incivility and to perceive anger as a violent threat. 

    Perceptions and stereotypes of Black men being bigger, stronger and scarier can also be fetishizing.Fetishizing people of color isn’t a compliment, so don’t act like it is (article)

    Hyper-Sexualization of Black Women in the Media (pdf)

    Is This How Discrimination Ends? (article)

    I encourage anyone to add, with links or by writing out your own thoughts.

    As white people, what should be guiding us is compassion: breaking down the way white supremacy has reduced our compassion for Black lives.