Indian Incest!
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    My mother and I discussed everything prior to meeting at the hotel and getting a room together.

    I remember her hands trembling at the kitchen table as she reached across to grab mine.

    “I know about your struggle honey…”

    “What struggle?” I said surprised. My heart began racing.

    “Well, some of your reoccurring google searches. I noticed some peculiar ones..”

    At this point I was beginning to feel sick. She knew. She had to know. It was obvious we were both uncomfortable but mom did her best to keep it together to comfort my anxiety.

    “Honey, it’s ok,” she said, “ let’s talk about it. How long have you been struggling with…well with being…in love….I mean in sexually attracted to…me…”

    “What did you find on google?” I was trying to make this harder than it needed to be.

    “Well, mostly forums asking for help with your….well your attraction to your mother,” she said “me.”

    I finally had to come clean, “I’m sorry mom, have you told-”

    “-no I thought it was best not to tell your father about this.”

    There was an awkward silence. Mom felt like she needed to lead us out of it.

    “So what did you find out…from others about this?”

    “Some said it would pass. Others told me to act on it if you were…well you were up for it. They said it might get it out of my system. It’s been years now mom. I’ve tried everything.”

    “Ok, we can fix this. There’s nothing we can’t get through together honey. I love you and we will figure this out.”

    She got up and went to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine…it was her defense mechanism. She always drank wine when she was nervous.

    “So just for the sake of argument and so we go through all of our options…has there been any cases where acting on this fantasy actually helped the younger…man…get over it…”

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My mother was actually considering allowing me to act on my desire for her. I knew from most of the cases it didn’t really help and only strengthened the desire between both the son and the mother…but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that. I knew this might be my only chance to feel my mother the way I wanted to…so I lied…

    “Most of the time the guy was able to move on…they got it out of their system.”

    She looked back at me, “are you sure?”

    “I think so,” I said while getting up and moving towards her. I felt my penis starting to push against my pants.“

    “Wait,” she said putting her hand up, “we aren’t doing this here. If what you say is right then we’re going to do this somewhere that…we’ll it’s not our home. If this really is only a fantasy then that’s where it has to stay. It can’t ever move into the real world. Do you understand son?”

    “Yes m'am.” I thought I was dreaming.

    “Ok, well the sooner the better. Your father won’t be back till Friday. You don’t have any tests or anything tomorrow do you?”

    “It’s my senior year of High School, mom. I’m only taking shop classes at this point.”

    She shook her head. “Ok, meet me at the Hilton in the city tonight at 7pm. Wear a coat. Get a room. Just text me the number. I don’t want to see you from now till then. We’re going in separate cars too. Now mommy’s going to go get ready,” she shook her head and started talking to herself, “who am my now Mrs. Robinson? No, not even Mrs. Robinson would probably consider sleeping with her son.”

    “What? Who is Mrs. Robinson?”

    “Never mind.”

    I called the hotel and did exactly as she said.

    I waited in the room for an hour. I kept kept texting her but she didn’t answer. I finally went down to the lobby, thinking maybe her phone died. I found her sitting at the bar drinking wine with a see through blouse. My penis and my heart jumped.


    She looked over quickly. Tossed some money on the bar and walked over to me quickly grabbing my hand.

    “Call me Jeanie if you have to say my name,” she said annoyed and dragging me by hand through the lobby.

    We finally made it to the elevator, we were still holding hands. We were both shaking.

    “Honey, be smart about this ok. We are about to do something that is…well it’s wrong.”

    “I’m sorry mom..I mean Jeanie.”

    The elevator was slowly making its way to the 28th floor. Mom turned to face me. She put her hand on my face.

    “I love you, honey. Tonight, we just need to stop thinking about it. Tonight…I…I just hope this works baby.”

    I could feel my face becoming flush. I felt embarrassed. “Thank you, mom.”

    “I’d do anything for you. You are my only son and I was lucky to have even you.”

    The elevator door opened on floor 28. Mom took the key from me and lead us to room 2810. She opened the door and lead me inside.

    “Go sit on the bed sweety.”

    I did as I was told. She dimmed the lights a little. She then faced me.

    “Are you ready honey?” You could hear the tremble in her voice.

    “I think so,” I said.

    She then removed her blouse exposing her voluptuous breasts.

    “Seems like only yesterday I was feeding you with these,” she said rubbing her hands downward on her chest, “and bringing you into this world with this.”

    She proceeded to take off her bottoms.

    My mother, the woman of my dreams, was standing naked in front of me. She moved forward and sat down next to me on the bed. She ran her fingers through my hair then slowly pulled her lips to mine. I felt her soft tongue slide into my mouth as she guided my hand to her breast and then to her vagina.

    “Good boy,” she said, “mom likes that.”

    At this point my pants were ripping at the seams. I kept having to adjust myself while I played with my mother’s slippery private parts.

    She moved back, “you are a pretty good kisser honey.”

    Mom then unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and in one fell swoop removed my pants and my boxers exposing my hard penis staring her right in the face.

    “Are you going to-”

    “-stop talking honey. You can ruin these things with too much talking. Lesson one. It’s sexy when a woman talks…it’s annoying when a man does.”

    I shut up.

    “Only a little,” she said, “if I put my mouth on my baby’s big boy penis he’d come a little too fast. We got the room for the whole night.”

    She put her soft tongue on my shaft and teased the head a little. I could feel my scrotum tighten…I was about to lose it.

    “Mom. I’m…”

    She stopped immediately.

    “Ok, honey. Come here.”

    She moved back towards the pillows on her back and opened her legs.

    “Come kiss mommy right here,” she pointed to her lady.

    I bent over and tasted her wet spot. It was a fishy smell but I didn’t care. She bent her back up and moved my mouth deeper into her whole.

    “Yes, baby, mommy likes that. Kiss daddy’s hole.”

    I stopped and looked up. She could tell I was upset.

    “Oh sorry honey. I won’t talk about him while we’re here. Now keep kissing mommy.”

    I did as I was told. She then grabbed my face and pulled me up towards her. We were both shaking. She drew me in for a kiss, reached down and grabbed my penis and guided me into her silky hole. My eyes widened. I’d never felt anything this good before. We continued to kiss and I started to slowly pump my manhood inside of my mother.

    “Oh honey, I love you so much.”

    After she said that I couldn’t control it anymore. I felt my shaft stiffen, my testicles moving and I released every drop of semen I had into my mom’s soft lady parts. After I was finished I laid my head on her chest, breathing heavily.

    “Was it everything you’d hoped it be, son?”

    “Better than I could have ever imagined.”

    “You must have been a virgin.”

    “I was,” I said still comprehending what happened. I felt my penis getting hard again.

    “That’s my boy,” she said, “looks like mommy is in for an unforgettable night with her now experienced son.”

    We made love many more times that night. The time my mom guided me to manhood is a night I’ll never forget.