A list of requests.

    Been looking though old messages to find forgotten requests and recent ones.

    • Peyton Meyer
    • Matthew Daddario X
    • Justin Bieber topping Rocky Lynch X
    • Harry Styles fucking Zac Efron
    • Thomas Sanders getting fucked by Shayne Topp
    • joe sugg X
    • Chandler Riggs being fucked by Andrew Lincoln X
    • Nick Jonas topping Taylor Lautner X
    • Lucas Till X
    • Nicolas Prattes X
    • sam golbach fucking Colby Brock
    • Benjamin Ingrosso
    • Patrick Girts X
    • James Franco fuck Zac Efron X
    • Chance Perez
    • Jacob Elordi

    I’ll add more if I find any. Sorry I het alot of messages its hard to go though them all.


    What are some of your favorite blogs

    Oh geez there are a ton lmao

    (I’m not gonna tag them lol) In no particular order;

    Zackmxeno Ultrastarfakes Exclusivefakes Paxpaxart Phaustokingdom Joshler11 Legitgayfakes Stylishfakes Topishfakes

    And there are a fuck ton more lmfao, those are just all I can think of off the top of my head


    Oh shit I’m first


    Thanks for the shoot out. Your fakes are pretty good as well. My favorite would have to be your rhett, link, matt pat fake.


    Thank You :)

    Really thrilled with my activity log this morning so just wanted to thank everyone who liked, reblogged and/or replied to my fakes in the last 9 hours.
    Special shout out to @ultrastarfan who commented on nearly all 12 fakes, I always love reading people’s thoughts and insights on my work so it was a nice surprise to see that many comments.

    I wish I could say I got this many notes from 1 or 2 fakes (and not 12) but hey, maybe in a few years we’ll see :P


    Thanks for the shout out @combiningpowers he made 12 fakes today! This is not an April fool's joke he literally made 12 amazing fakes today and he also some Markiplier fakes based off of Markiplier's tasteful nudes calendar. Check him out.