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    💋sissy Deep throat guide💋

    Most Daddies never get to experience deep throat during oral sex.😞 If you can be the sissy who allows your man to experience it, then you are giving him something that most girls can’t.👍😍

    By the end of this article, you will be armed with the knowledge of how to give deep throat to your man — without gagging.🏅

    Before I give you the tips, I just want to tell you that learning how to deep throat your guy takes effort and practice. Just reading these tips and not doing anything will mean that you will make very little progress. But if you put into practice what I’m going to teach you here, then you are going to get good at deep throating your Daddy very quickly.

    🆗 gurls, let’s learn some oral sex techniques…

    The Dry Run

    Taking him balls deep has one major problem: Taking it into the back of your throat means you will be stimulating your gag reflex. The sensitivity of your gag reflex could be incredibly high … or low. It varies greatly from sissy to sissy. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, then you are going to gag really easily at the slightest touch and sometimes even throw up when you gag! (Eww👎) This is definitely not something that you want to do in front of your man, so it’s best to first test out your gag reflex to 👀 how sensitive it is before you do it while giving your Daddy a BJ. To do this all you need to do is use a penis shaped object like a 🍌 or dildo 🍌and slowly slide it into your 👄 until it touches the back of your throat and stimulates your gag reflex (just make sure that whatever it is, you can take it out of your 👄 again!). Also while doing this, make sure to note that certain positions make it easier to avoid the gag reflex than others.

    Stop The Gag Reflex

    Now that you know how sensitive your gag reflex is, it’s time to take steps to get rid of it.You are going to do this by slowly building up a tolerance to having it stimulated. If it’s very sensitive, then this part is going to take longer, while if it’s not sensitive at all, then you don’t need to do this part and should skip to the next section.

    To get rid of your gag reflex while deep throating, you are going to slowly practice on something penis shaped like a dildo, 🍌 or vibrator. You are going to slowly insert it into the back of your 👄 so that it sets off your gag reflex. While doing this, you need to concentrate hard on relaxing it, so that you suppress your gagging. At first this is near impossible. But, if you practice it regularly for about five minutes at a time, you will quickly discover that you can gain more control over it. Eventually you will notice that you can repeatedly touch the back of your throat without gagging at all. Just remember that completely eliminating your gag reflex takes time. For some sissies it only takes a day or two, while for others, it can take weeks.

    The Techniques

    Now that you’ve spent some time learning how to deep throat properly and you can comfortably do it with something resembling your Daddy’s penis, it’s time to try the real thing! There’s no need to tell your Daddy though, it works way better as a surprise.

    The next time you are giving your Daddy oral sex, start to take him deeper and deeper into your throat until you doing exactly what you’ve just been practicing. You may be eager to do this straight away at the start, but if you can wait until about a minute before he reaches orgasm, the effect will be much more powerful.

    You’ll find that doing it for long periods of time is quite difficult, so make sure to take breaks and go back to giving him a regular blow job if you find that your throat is getting tired or your gag reflex is starting to return.

    Simply taking him into and out of your 👄 is all you need to do when giving him deep throat. Most guys will be perfectly happy and content with that. But if you want, you can add an extra layer of pleasure for your man by turning your 👄 from side to side while moving your 👄 up and down him.

    Positioning For Taking It Deep

    The position that you use potentially makes it 10 times easier for you. The easiest way to do it is when your 👄 and throat are aligned in a straight line as it makes it harder for your man to hit your gag reflex.

    A good position to take so that your 👄 and throat are aligned in a straight line is lying on your back and hanging your head slightly over the edge of the 🛏️.

    Another great position is when you are on your knees and looking towards the ceiling with your face.

    Conversely, you’ll find it more uncomfortable when your kneeling and facing forwards as your throat and 👄 aren’t aligned.


    One problem that sissies constantly face is that they produce a lot of saliva. While you may want to prevent this from happening, there is unfortunately nothing that you can do about it. Thankfully though, it will make your everything feel a lot more luscious and sensual for your Daddy, so don’t worry about it.😊

    Good luck cock suckers and remember to swallow that juicy load 💋

    Jessie 💋



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