favorite. song. ever. i’ve got it just playing in a loop.


    This is a super cute song! We need more of those in the mainstream media! I am not talking about those hypno files with all the strange noises, no I want modern songs, catchy songs. Songs that make us sing out loud in public and everyone chimes in :) Kind of like one of my favorite Hey Mama

    Yes I do the cooking
    Yes I do the cleaning
    Yes I keep the nana real sweet for your eating
    Yes you be the boss yes I be respecting
    Whatever that you tell me ‘cause it’s game you be spit


    I really do miss FRB.


    I do too. She was such an inspiration!


    Lisent sis @pochitap


    She was my friend but she is very jealous because I started dating white men. she has a Mexican boyfriend so she says spics are better should put her in his place. Her kik is caroli_nna 😡


    Solo me queda aceptar que tenías razón…

    Soy una spic 🐒