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    To the writer low on hope,

    i. There is a reason for the lows. For the highs. You want to write what writes well. Revisit, reevaluate, revise. The thorn blinding your muse may be a thing of your own doing.

    ii. Remember why you are writing. It is not for yourself alone. There are worlds that will not exist without you, people never born, nations never founded. There are fragile boys and girls who will find solace in the words your pen creates. Trust in this certainty.

    iii. Believe, above all else, that there is nothing worse than a first draft. You can love your first draft, or hate it. But it is the rock upon which you will build, nothing more and nothing less. There are days where this will frighten you, and days where this will be your greatest solace. Both are true perceptions.

    iv. Your characters are as new to you as you are to them. They will not trust you at first, and be stubborn when you call them to the page. Be patient with them. Like any perfect stranger, there is nothing to do but get to know them. Icebreakers come in the form of blurbs and drabbles and prompts and bursts of inspiration. Take the opportunities when you can.

    v. Criticism is but the balm to the cracks in your page. Apply at your own discretion. 

    vi. The world around you will always be more real than the one in your book. Prioritize. Pick and choose your friends for their positivity may be the only thing keeping you afloat during the dark times. Understand that a novel will wait forever, encased in the perfect preservative that is the six billion lines of code that print the words onto your document, but life waits for no one. Time is a cruel mistress. Be grateful for every moment she allows you to spend with words. 

    vii. Failure is an illusion. Success a mirage. Both are toxic paradoxes; quantitative things measured by no unit. Set your own standards. Meet them. Fall short. Revel in both for both are creation, you have put things into this world that did not exist before. How good it is to be a creator in a world full of destruction.

    viii. Bundle yourself in words and feel the comfort of what is your relief. Scrape yourself raw and turn the shavings into story. The purpose of writing is fluid. Interchangeable. Suffer at your own hands if you will, but allow the familiar prose to welcome you with warm hands breathed into monospace type. The content cares for nothing but you. It is yours.

    ix. There is no greater gift to yourself than joy. Spread it like butter. Read and have your work read, gush like it’s your only job in the world. Enjoy your passion. Enjoy your distractions. Enjoy for there is nothing this world hates more than that. Happiness is a crime that one should revel in with their most delicious, most spiteful self-indulgence.

    x. To the writer low on hope, I ask one thing: forgive yourself. It is the first step forward.


    “For 500,000 KRW (443 USD), an Uncle Service will send a rough-looking, hulking man to your bullied kid’s school to warn the bullies to stop picking on them – or else. This is called the “Uncle Package.”

    If you’re feeling spendier, the 400,000 KRW (354 USD) “Evidence Package” involves the “uncle” making a video-recording of the bullies in action, then showing it to the school administrators and demanding action on pain of having the video released to the school board.

    The top tier is the 2 million KRW (1,772 USD) “Chaperone Package”: the “uncle” will picket in front of the bullies’ parents’ place of work, bellowing “A parent of a bully works here.”



    how do i score this job