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2021-05-18 07:00:47

    @Tumblr Support

    Hi everyone! 

    We have a bit of a crisis on our hands. Our lead contributor TURECEPCJA has had her blog improperly deleted due to DMCA takedowns. This would be acceptable if the takedowns were not addressed, but each time a DMCA takedown was received, it has been dealt with quickly and to the artist’s immense satisfaction. Each time a DMCA takedown notice was filed, it was successfully countered.

    DMCA takedown notices can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • An artist decides they’d like all previous instances of a work deleted off the internet. Because of the way Tumblr is designed, the only way to have all traces of a post removed is through DMCA takedown. If Tumblr allowed curators to have all instances of a post deleted whenever the root post was deleted, this would solve this.
  • An artist signs a future exclusive deal with a gallery or collector. As per the agreement, featured works included in the deal are now exclusive to the owner. For curated blogs such as Cross Connect Mag, this can spell trouble for any of the 11,282 posts we’ve previously made.
  • We want TURECEPCJA back on Tumblr!!!

    A curator should never be punished for something they can not control. We have exhausted all options to get this resolved. We followed the steps provided by Tumblr to take down all associated posts. The artist has written Tumblr directly to rescind the takedown notice. Their response: no

    Tumblr has essentially turned their backs on us. Please help us by reblogging this post for maximum visibility!