A little tight...nah!

    The waistband of your jeans are too tight now aren't they fatboy? Lol...Your fatass found the biggest size and still have your stomach spilled over and takening over your lap. Your stomach and ass are so tightly stuffed in those jeans that you have to dig for the zipper when trying get them off. 🐷🙊

    This is embarrassing...isn't it? No worries because you solidify yourself with more brownies, cookies, and pizza. That's right bitch forget about it! Waste away. You're a worthless piece of shit anyway. Eat. Gorge yourself. Push that belly further. You are mine now, give in and just let me feed you...Fuck you! 😈

    Yesterday was my second gainerversary! It’s been two years since I started intentionally putting on weight as an adult. In this past year, I also started trying to build muscle in my arms and thighs to complement my big belly, and I’m loving my body! I’m still playing on and off with putting on more fat and muscle, but hopefully once covid dies down I can find someone to gain with!

    I have been skinny my entire life. However, over the last few years some fluff has started to layer over my abs. I’m torn because I want to be lean but at the same time, my recent growth turns me on. Lately I have been actively trying not to gain weight but that layer of fluff just keeps getting thicker. I get intensely hungry after I workout and frequently overdo it. One second I am very intentional about eating healthy and the next second I’m super turned on by the thought of eating an entire cake.

    This is my first post so reblogs and comments are appreciated. I’m still lean despite the sweets, right?

    I’m getting so soft! How is this happening so quickly?

    It’s like your comments are hypnosis or something. I fully intend to eat healthy and be lean, but when I read your comments I lose control. I literally cannot resist. Please take it easy. You are going to make me fat. 😰

    (those of you responsible know who you are)

    Just got a caliper to measure the thickness of my skin and PROVE that it was just a bloat and that I’m NOT fat. My stomach is mostly empty and the skin on my abdomen should be about 7 mm thick. Will verify then update this draft.

    ... Am I using this wrong? According to this, my belly skin is.. 16 mm thick! That’s more than TWICE what it was last time I had it checked. I am freaking out! I’ve been pumped full of fat. 😰