A very pregnant Michael Conforto


    Michael, or Scooter as he’s more well-known as, was surprised by this new shake that his sister kept offering him. He gave it a go, and became quickly obsessed with it. It was only until a couple of months later he realised the real reason she was offering it to him.

    Scooter mentioned in passing his interest in having kids in the future once he finds the right girl. For some reason, his sister took it into her own hands and found some ancient concoction that has the ability to make the consumer more likely to fall pregnant, without knowing that it can also make men pregnant. Sure enough, at the annual family summer gathering, Scooter rocked up with a belly that looked too large to be just fat. He didn’t think much of it, given that it was off-season and therefore assumed it was just boredom turning into excessive urges to eat.

    Two months later, Scooter was screaming with his sister by his side while trying to push a girl out of him. The baby went up for adoption, but he at least now knows what to do if he feels the urge to have a child in the future!


    Guys who didn't know they are getting knocked up are the hottest!