My fraternity brother David invited me to his parent’s house out in the country for the weekend. His family was the quintessential big fish in a small pond. Their large house was on acres of land that nobody in his family had anything to do with — they had a full staff that worked the property. David had gone away for high school but had made friends with a lot of the people close to his age that worked on the property. They were having a party the night I got there out on some of his parent’s land, so David was excited to introduce me to everyone. It was hot that day, so we each wore some khaki shorts and t-shirts that showed off all of the working out we’ve been doing at school. We hopped in one of the Gators near the house and drove out to where the party was. There was a good group of people when we pulled up — maybe around 15-20, but David said that not all of them worked on the property. He shook hands and gave hugs as he introduced me to his friends. Everyone was really nice with All-American good looks and good manners. We were all drinking and having fun as a couple of guys started grilling some food. David stopped in the middle of a story he was telling a few of us when a truck pulled up close to where we were. He ran over and jumped on the driver of the truck as he shut his door. David and the shirtless muscle guy wearing a cowboy hat hugged on and off for a minute as a guy next to me leaned over to fill me in, “that’s David’s best friend, Tristin,” he told me as I watched their love fest. “Some of us have a bet on if they’ll end up together,” the friend laughed as I chuckled along. David caught my attention a few minutes later and waved me over to them. “Alex, this is my buddy, Tristin,” David gushed as he introduced me to the ripped cowboy. “Hey, I’m Alex,” I said shaking Hands with Tristin. “Hey, man,” he smiled. “Nice to finally meet you.” Tristin and I held eye contact a little longer than normal as the ripped god tilted his head and ran his fingers along his neck. My cock tingled in my khakis before David broke us out of our haze. “Let’s funnel a beer, boys,” David said in a giddy tone. “So happy to have both my boys together.” We drank a lot but I was holding my own as David got pretty shitfaced. He didnt usually get like this, but I figured he was having fun and happy to be home, so I sat back and talked with his friends. I was by myself about an hour later with my arm against the bed of the truck holding an empty beer can when Tristin walked up and handed me a fresh beer. “I think your boy is happy to be home,” Tristan said with a smile that melted my heart. “I’d say he is,” I laughed before we both got quiet. “So you must workout a lot,” I said looking at Tristan’s muscles. “David and I hit the gym all the time, but you’re on another level.” Tristan cracked a smile and thanked me before saying, “it’s all the work I do around here. It keeps me in shape.” I watched a bead of sweat run down his big, hairless chest, down his stomach and into the top of his jeans. He caught me looking and asked, “so do you have a girlfriend back at school?” I shook my head no and told Tristan that I liked to keep my options open. “I hear ya,” he said putting his sweaty hand on my shoulder but higher up where he touched the skin of my neck. It sent shivers down my spine and a bolt of electricity through my cock. “I can see why my boy David likes you so much,” he said as we looked in each other’s eyes. “There’s something about you that makes me like you.” I reached my hand to his waist and placed it on the top of his jeans. “Same with you, bud,” I said as we each took a swig of beer. “You two going to fuck or what?” David laughed as he made his way up to us. Tristin and I let go of each other and he pulled David in for a hug. “So glad you’re back,” he said before they gave each other a quick kiss on the lips. I quickly looked around to see if anyone else saw but nobody was paying attention. David and Tristin acted like it was no big deal and just like that David was gone talking to other people. Tristin and I stood in

    silence again for a minute before I asked, “So y’all just kiss sometimes?” Tristin hadn’t even realized that they’d kissed in front of me and stood up straight and looked at me with big eyes. “Oh, yeah, it’s not a big deal or anything.” We both shuffled around uncomfortably before I decided to play it off. “Yeah, it’s cool, man,” I said. “It’s just a kiss.” Tristin looked relieved before putting his hand back on the curve of my neck and back. “Yeah, man,” he reassured himself, “I just like kissing. Nothing wrong with that.” I smiled and admitted, “I love kissing, too.” We looked at each other as Tristan pulled my neck toward him into a deep kiss. I felt his tongue connect with mine and my cock was immediately hard as a rock. Our tongues kissed as I put my hand back On his jeans but a little more on his butt this time. Tristin finally pulled away and looked around. He turned back toward me and said, “how about we take a little ride in my truck and I show you some of the property.” I looked around for David and asked Tristin if we should tell him. “No, man,” he smiled. “Let me steal you for a bit.” We smiled at each other and we both jumped in the truck. Nobody seemed to really notice or care as we pulled out and got on the gravel road. “Why don’t you come closer,” Tristin said patting the middle bench seat next to him. I slid over as he put his arm around me and pulled me close. His smell was beyond hot as I settled in close to my new friend. “Where are we going?” I asked. “I want to show you my little place on the property,” he said looking at me. “That OK?” I said yes and put my hand on his big thigh as we drove in silence. We pulled up to a trailer off by itself close to the horse stables. “This is it,” he said opening the door and jumping out before turning to me and grabbing my hand to help me down. He put his big arm around me as we walked to the front door. It wasn’t locked as he let us in and closed and locked the door behind us. He turned to me and held my waist as he looked deep in my eyes. “I like you, Alex,” he said in almost a whisper. “I just met you, but I like you a lot.” I smiled and replied, “I know, me too.” He kissed me again but this time was more intense as our hard cocks pressed against each other. The passion between us was something neither of us had ever felt but it controlled us as we touched each other’s bodies. Tristin took off my shirt and smiled before kissing my big pecs and nipples. We both went for each other’s buttons as he pulled down my shorts and began to kick off his boots. He kissed me again before I began working his jeans down his muscular legs. I finally got them off and looked at his briefs wet with sweat and precum. We both smiled again before he pulled down my boxer briefs and got on his knees to suck my cock. He masterfully swallowed my 8.5 inch dick like it was nothing. It was the best blow job I’d ever had as he played with my balls and ran a finger across my hole. I shivered and he looked up with my cock in his throat and smiled at me with his eyes. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and wiped all the spit from his mouth before telling me he wanted to eat my ass. “Have you had your ass eaten before?” He gently questioned as he held the sides of my legs and looked up at me. “Yes, a few times,” I admitted. He didn’t say anything as he turned me around and started rimming my hole as I held on to anything in front of me. It felt so good as his tongue worked my hole and I could tell Tristin was enjoying this as much as me. I was moaning the whole time he was working my hole with his mouth — probably about 20 minutes. “I need to fuck that hot ass, babe,” he said as he stood and rubbed his cock against my crack and the top grazed my hole. “Fuck me, baby,” I whispered just as he slid his big cock up my now wet hole. “Fuck!” I said loudly as his cock swiftly went up my chute and tickled my prostate. “That feels so good, Tristin,” I said as he wrapped his arms around my stomach and held me close as he fucked me for at least half an hour. We were both getting close as our cocks

    needed to shoot our loads. His big, veiny cock felt so good in my ass and I felt secure in his arms, but I was overwhelmed by the need to cum. I exploded all over the chair I was braced against as Tristin hosed my ass full of his cowboy seed. The pleasure was next level as we both had the most intense orgasms of our lives. His cock sat in my ass as he pulled me up and sweetly kissed my neck and ears before turning my head to make out with him. We kissed for a few minutes before he slowly pulled his big cock from my ass. I was overcome with emotion as this happened and he sensed it and pulled me into a deep hug. “I‘m not letting you leave on Sunday,” he whispered as I held on to him tighter. We eventually got dressed and decided we’d better head back to the party. “Will we get to be together again?” I asked. “I just told you I’m not letting you go,” he said with a smile before opening the drivers side truck door for me to slide in. “What about David?” I asked. “You sure there’s nothing there?” Tristan shook his head no. “We’ve fucked around in the past, but we’re more like brothers now,” he said before breaking into a smile. “I had no clue tonight would change my life”


    They never pair up seniors with freshman but they didn’t have room for me in the freshman dorms. He was one of the jocks on the football team and I quickly learned he loved sex and needed a lot of it. It started with him fucking random girls while I was trying to sleep and then just jerking off whenever he felt like it. Then he borrowed my laptop and figured out I was gay by going through my history.

    First he asked me one morning, ‘hey, want to blow me?’ then he just stopped asking. It was our morning routine, he’d get up sit at his desk and then call me over to him.

    “Fuck yes, you’re so good at this dude. Work my cock, get it nice and wet.”

    I felt used because he never invited me out or wanted to hang but I couldn’t stop myself. I became addicted to making sure he was satisfied. I was there for his needs, it wasn’t anything to do with what I needed.

    “Have you ever been fucked?” He asked me.

    “Yeah, a few times.”

    “Hmmm,” he smirked and didn’t provide a reason for his question but I knew what he was thinking.

    He pulled his dick way from me, “Turn around and lay on my bed.”

    “Travis, I don’t know about…"

    “Yes you do, we’ve set some pretty clear expectations with each other. You do what I want and I expect you to say yes to me. I’m not trying to be a dick to you but don’t act like that’s not what our relationship is. So I’m going to ask you again, lay down on the bed.”

    Fuck, he was right. I don’t know why I even questioned him. Cause I wanted him to take me out? Hang with his friends? Kiss me and tell me he loved me? Naw, I knew this was just sex and I was lying to myself that it was anything more. Did I want him to fuck me? Absolutely. Did I honestly think this was anything more then for his pleasure, not at all.

    He got up and opened his drawer, rolled a condom on and put some lube on my ass. He rubbed it in, all over, which surprised me that he felt okay with putting his fingers on me like that.

    “Okay man, I’m going to go easy on you. You look pretty tight so I’m guessing your ‘a few times’ weren’t recent.”

    This guy was reading my like a book. He wasn’t even what I’d call a friend where we talked about our lives but he seemed to know more then he’d let on.

    “Okay, here I go.”

    I felt his dick push in my pink entrance asking to be let in. I took a breath and pushed out, just like I remembered to do. I felt the head of his cock make its way inside and then a few inches.

    “jesus christ you’re tight,” he said a little too loud as he waited for me to adapt to him.

    He began again, slowly pushing himself into my ass. I could feel his weight on me as he slowly laid on top of me. Just like that he was completely inside and his body was resting on me like no big deal. He laid his head on my shoulder giving me more time.

    “How’s it going?” He asked, almost like he cared for my feelings but I reminded myself it was because he needed to make sure it didn’t hurt so I wouldn’t stop him.

    “Fine, give me a few more seconds to get used to it.”

    “Okay, let me know.”

    He began to move his hips, very slowly. Not pulling out and not fucking me yet. Just feeling his cock in my hole I think, enjoying my tight ass.

    “You know I could call a girl right now?” He said as he kept moving around.

    “Yeah, and?” I was irritated, pissed even. What the fuck was he telling me that for as I had let him put his dick in me.

    “Don’t be pissy, I was just saying I could have. But honestly want to know why I’m doing this?”

    “Why?” I didn’t really care at this point but I humored him.

    “Cause, your ass looked hot. First one in a long time that I’ve seen on a guy. You like that I want your ass?”

    It wasn’t great to hear but yes I did, I liked that he wanted it. He opened his mouth and put his teeth on me, didn’t bite just tried to get a reaction out of me.

    “Look dude, I know you like that. Don’t be mad at me for saying I could have been with a girl, I was trying to say I wanted to do this instead. I’m not an asshole.”

    “It’s cool, don’t worry about it.”

    He sighed not happy with my reaction, I felt stupid and didn’t know how to recover.

    “Okay look,” he said propping himself up in a push-up stance above me, “You’ve done a lot for me, I’m not a idiot, I know I lucked out getting you put in my room. Lets make a deal okay? I’ll let you choose something.”

    “What do you mean?” I asked, moving my ass up a little feeling his waist against me.

    “I’ll take you out with my friends, even though you won’t like them. We’ll try to be friends, something, anything. But don’t push your luck, I’m not kissing you, sucking you off or telling anyone what we’ve been doing. So what do you think?”

    He pulled out of me slowly, he knew it was time to go. Then pushed back in with all of his weight.

    “Fuck yes, that’s a ass,” he moaned, “so?”

    “Won’t kiss?”

    “Nope, well not your lips.“

    He leaned down and began to kiss my neck tenderly, he was seducing me and we both knew it.

    “Look, if you aren’t enjoying this then I won’t. Don’t make me not enjoy this, I really want to.”

    “Okay okay, the neck thing is good but that’s what you need to do to help me enjoy this.”

    “Okay, deal. But what’s the request then?”

    “How about, once a week I sleep in your bed and you hold me as we sleep.”

    “Fuck that’s gay,” he laughed then realized he shouldn’t make that kind of joke, “Okay! Yeah that’s perfect. Once a week.”

    He pulled out again and pushed back in, “You should have asked for twice a week, an ass like yours could have gotten more.”

    “Stop talking Travis,” I barked as I put my head down into his pillow.

    He pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back in and then again. Fuck did it feel good to have his cock inside me. He even kissed my neck and held me tight in his big arms as he laid into me with the energy of the athletic college guy that he was.

    “Fuck dude, you feel so good. I’m not just saying this but top ten I’ve been in. Want to get in top?”


    His confessions were not expected but I liked this side of him, he was being more open then I was used too.

    He pulled out and laid down next to where I was and slapped my ass, “come on, get up on it,” he chuckled thinking he was funny.

    I stood on the bed, one leg on either side of him and lowered down. He lined it up for me and grabbed my hip and pushed me down. He clearly knew how to get his dick in places he wanted.

    “Oh yeah, ride it,” he grunted, again too loud.

    I braced myself on his chest, holding on to him as I bounced up and down his cock. He grabbed my ass and used his strength to speed me up and control my smaller frame.

    “Yes dude, that’s it. You love it don’t you, tell me you love it.”

    “Damn Trav, really?”

    “Yes, I want you to tell me.”

    “Fuck, I um,” I sucked at this, “it’s so good, so big.”

    “Don’t be shy, tell me how it feels?”

    “It feels great, amazing deep in me.”

    “Yeah? Fuck it feels so good being deep in your tight hole. What else?”

    “I love it, your dick is making me want to cum hard.”

    “Hah, I bet. Man you’re cute, don’t worry you’ll get better at telling me. I’ll expect hearing it from you.”

    I slammed hard down on his cock my dick kept slapping his stomach and I grabbed it to hold it back from doing that.

    “Don’t worry about it,” he smiled and pulled me down on top of him into a hug.

    My dick was pushed against him, hard and leaking. He kissed my neck and began working his cock in and out of me nice and slowly as he held onto me.

    “I have class soon so we need to wrap this up okay? How do you want to get off? Jerk it while I put your knees to your chest and lay into you?”

    “Fuck, okay,” I didn’t care, everything sounded good that he said.

    He flipped me over to my back and never pulled out. He pushed me legs up and put them over his shoulders and began to slowly fuck me again. Allowing me to get used to the new position he put us in.

    I went for my cock but he beat me to it. He grabbed it and began to pump it as he matched it’s timing with his cock in my ass.

    “Fuck I thought…”

    “I said I wouldn’t suck it. I’ve had plenty of friends growing up and gave hand jobs just like any other guy. Not a big deal.”

    Feeling his big hand on my cock as he fucked me nice and hard was more then I could take, I lost it. I began cumming all over myself and his hand.

    “That’s it, tense up that ass for me. Fuck oh shit yes,” he moaned and I felt his cock began to pulse and his breathing got heavier.

    “Cum for me Travis, give me that load,” I felt brave in the moment.

    “Yeah baby? Oh fuck, I’m cumming so much in you.”

    He began to kiss my neck again as he finished. I grabbed onto his ass and pulled him into me as he did.

    “This is going to be perfect,” he smiled and jumped up still hard, condom full, “See you tonight snuggle buddy,” he laughed at another one of his jokes.


    My Writing


    One of my buddies from the team had asked me to stay over all weekend. His parents were gone and I don’t think he liked being by himself so he asked if I wanted to hangout with him. I was sitting on the couch and I was pretty horny, like most mornings, and my dick just wouldn’t go down. Danny was eating breakfast at the counter and he had no clue I couldn’t stop staring at him.

    I sat there palming my hard cock through my boxers as I looked at his fit tight back, his beautiful tan skin and a sexiness that I didn’t quite understand. I guess I just needed a good jerk off session or something but I couldn’t stop imagining touching him, being with him. What the fuck was wrong with me.

    Danny was a cool guy and all, and I did enjoy hanging out with him but I wasn’t like that I tried to tell myself. But there he was, I was drawn to him. I wanted to smell him, put my hand on him, hold him close. Fuck, my dick was pulsing at the idea.

    I don’t think he noticed that I was rubbing my morning wood while I laid out on his couch. As we talked I was slowly jerking myself at the idea of being with my friend.

    “You want to go for a run?” He asked.

    “Yeah that sounds good, then maybe lay out after or something?” I had stood up and was still stroking myself.

    I couldn’t shake this feeling, after talking about sex and girls all night with him I was so horny I felt like I wasn’t in control anymore.

    He glanced over his shoulder and noticed I was standing awkwardly close. I could smell him, he smelled great, like body spray and morning sweat.

    Danny wasn’t into dudes, well not that I knew of and I wasn’t even sure what exactly I liked either at this point. But his body was turning me on so much, I wondered what it would be like putting my dick in another him. Feeling the head of my cock push in his tight warm hole as it squeezed me tight.

    I knew Danny had a nice round ass from seeing him at swim practice, out of all the guys I had checked out his was my favorite. The way he looked in that speedo, I could even picture it now as I was standing there. I was right behind him, my dick practically sticking straight out and by now he had to have known something was up that neither one of us was acknowledging.

    I took on last step and let my cock push up against him, there was no doubt now. I put my hand on his back and began rubbing into his muscle as I moved my hard cock from side to side, pressing it tight between the both of us. Running my hands up and down his body, feeling him under my grip.

    “You’re really hard Jason,” he broke the silence.

    “Yeah, I am.” I whispered, “is it bothering you?”

    “No,” my friend answered.

    I guess we both were curious about things, I wrapped my arms around him and put my head in his neck and took a deep breath in. I let my body take over and stopped thinking so much. I kissed him, and began sucking and licking his skin.

    His body felt nice in my arms as I held him and continued pressing myself into him, kissing him, tasting his skin. It was like I was drunk and I had lost my mind. I reached down with my right hand and cupped him, grabbing his ass, giving him a squeeze. It made me so horny thinking about being inside of him.

    I pulled him backward off the stool so I could feel his firm ass in both of my hands as I laid down on top of him, my head resting on him. Sticking my middle finger in my mouth, sucking on it getting it wet. I pulled his underwear down just enough to give my finger access to his hole.

    “What are you going to do?” He asked nervous but not asking me to stop.

    “I just want to feel you. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” I assured him.

    I felt his smooth firm ass as I moved towards his hole, and then there it was, the part where I desperately wanted to put my cock. My heart was racing as I fingered the outside for a moment, feeling the texture and warmth of his skin. I finally pushed in, feeling the warm silky insides of my buddy.

    “Fuck,” Danny said as I slowly worked his into his tight hole.

    “Has anyone ever been,” I started to ask.

    “No, never,” he was breathing heavy as he enjoyed me moving it around inside of him, I worked a second finger in.

    I pulled down my boxers and let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them, I was standing there in nothing but my socks.

    “Lift,” I ordered him.

    He did what I told him to do and picked his ass up and I pulled his flannel bottoms and underwear down out of the way. I kept playing with his ass, it was so sexy to me and I liked making him moan as I pushed my fingers around looking for the spots that he liked the best.

    I spit in my hand and rubbed it on myself, trying to get my dick as wet as I could for him. I wish I could give him advice but I’d never done this with a guy so he was on his own.

    “I’ll go slow, but just let it happen,” were my only words of comfort.

    “Okay,” he turned and looked at what was behind him.

    A six foot guy with a swimmers body and a leaking hard cock ready to fuck him, that’s what he saw. He leaned forward as if he knew it would help give me better access to him. I went to my knees for a moment to see what I was getting, fuck it was a beautiful ring and I couldn’t help but stick my tongue out and lick it a few times. I felt like an animal, giving into things I always kept from myself. I began to lick all around his ass, enjoying the taste and feeling of him on my tongue. Hearing him moan in enjoyment made me go deeper, lick him even more.

    I stood up and wrapped my arms around him, I grabbed my cock and found the spot and started to push in him. He winced in pain but it didn’t stop me, I kissed his neck to comfort him as I took his virginity from him.

    “It’s okay, it’s okay,” I whispered as I pushed more of me into him.

    Fuck it was better then I thought it would be, just as good as any girl I had ever been in, if not better. I held him close as I pushed deeper, going in him until I felt his ass on my stomach. I just paused like that letting Danny get used to my dick. Letting him stretch out around my cock.

    “I’m all the way in you, are you okay?” I was concerned but the truth came out in my next statement, “I want to start fucking you now.”

    “Yeah, I’m fine. Just go slow please.”

    “Sure thing, but not the whole time, just at first,” I didn’t feel bad for being forceful, I knew he’d be fine and we’d both enjoy it.

    I pulled out and I felt the tip of my dick almost come completely out and I slowly pushed it back in. He was moaning as he felt me leave and re-enter him over and over again. It was so sexy hearing a guy react to my cock. After a few minutes, to me felt like forever, I started to let loose. My body began to slap against his and the sound of sex was filling his house.

    Fuck he felt good wrapped around my cock taking it like that. He was starting to fall of the stool and I wrapped my arm around his stomach to keep him where he was as I used his ass for my pleasure. Both of us lost in a sexual act together. Our two body’s linked and intertwined as I pumped in and out of him.

    I moved my hands all over him, I felt his pecks and nipples, his body was warm and soft against my skin. His abs were tight and flexing as I fucked him, his legs were hairy and firm as he tried to keep steady on the stool. I moved my hand to his dick, I wanted to know if he was hard. He was, and was leaking all over, I got it on my hand and smeared it into his skin. I’d never felt another guy before, I was enjoying exploring his body. It was so different than a girls, he was stronger and bigger.

    “You love it don’t you?” I knew the answer, his moaning and grunting told me everything I needed.

    “Fuck yes Jason, use my ass, god damnit.”

    “You like me using you. Damn dude, you have a cock, my cock, in your ass and are loving it,” I had to point out.

    “Yes, fuck yes I do,” he reached around and grabbed my ass and felt my body pounding into him.

    I grabbed the bottom of his jaw, my other arm was still around his stomach keeping him put, I made him face me so I could see what I was doing to him, what my cock was making him feel. His eyes were so beautiful, his face had desire all over it. I had to kiss him, I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue in his. My tongue was practically down his throat as I rammed my cock harder, deeper inside of him. He didn’t resist, he kissed me back. He was almost desperate, lost in what we were doing.

    I made out with my buddy as his ass made my cock get closer and closer to releasing it’s load.

    “I’m going to cum,” I started to say, he interrupted me.

    “Do it in me,” he told me.

    “Fuck, you sure?” I was excited at the idea.

    “Yes please, do it inside of me.”

    That was all I needed to hear, I knew he was going to be mine, and maybe not only just for that morning. Here we were, two guys exploring and letting lose, nothing but each other on our minds.

    I grabbed hold of his cock and started to jerk him off as I felt my load building past the point of me not being able to hold back anymore. He felt nice in my hand, his balls bouncing up and down hitting me as I fucked my cock deep inside of him. I heard him cry out and his dick pulsed as he came all over my hand, the stool and floor.

    His ass clamped down hard with every shot and I couldn’t hold it in anymore, “I’m going cum in you dude, Fuck!”

    I felt me balls raise and my cock swell as the first shot flew from my dick deep in him, then another and another. It was the best I had felt since the first time I ever had sex. I was fucking into him hard, pulling out and shoved back in, depositing my load.

    He turned and began to kiss me again, half way through my orgasm we were making out again. I knew I had to be putting one of the biggest loads I had ever had in his ass.

    I finally just held his hips down, my cock as far as it could go in. I stayed like that, my forehead resting on his shoulder. I just rubbed his stomach, knowing my load was inside of him, that ass that I had wanted so bad was mine, at this very moment. I didn’t want to pull out, I wanted to stay like this.

    “Damn Danny, I needed that.”

    “Yeah, I did too I think.”

    “I think you did too,” I sighed, giving him light kisses on his neck and shoulder.

    I was exhausted, I wasn’t up for a run anymore. I rather get tired doing other things with him, “Let’s stay in, how about we get to know each other a little better for the rest of the day?” He knew what I meant by that.

    “Sounds good, I’d like that.”

    I looked down and watched as my cock slipped out of his hole, it was still pretty hard and some cum fell out with it. I moved the stool and helped him take off his clothes and clean up our mess off the floor with them.

    “Come on, let’s take a shower.” I smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips like that was normal.

    “Sure,” he said grabbing my dick in his hand for the first time.


    My Writing

    Hope a lot of you got off on this one!


    My Writing

    (for people looking for me again)

    Had a lot of fun writing this one. Wish I could share some backstory.


    My Writing.

    (If anyone is looking for me)


    It was good to have Joshua over. I forgot how good it felt messing around with him. We grew up together and were inseparable so it was only natural to explore with each other. He was my first and I'm okay with that.

    "Fuck, Josh," I moaned as he pushed against me, sliding his body down my dick.

    "I've missed this," he said as he pressed his ass against my stomach.

    "Me too, shit!" I replied.

    Every time I'm back in town I make sure to hang out. I guess I should feel guilty that my girlfriend's at home and has no clue what I'm doing but I think his boyfriend is doing the same. This was deeper than that, more than just a fuck. He was my best friend and will always be.


    My roommate didn't mind me slipping my hand in his underwear and feeling him up whenever I wanted. We had an understanding that this was just some fun.

    "You want me to jack you off?" I asked him as I rolled my fingers over his dick and balls.

    "Yeah, go for it," he said as he messed with his phone.

    He had a perfect dick and I loved the feeling of it in my hand. Something so hot about making another dude hard and cum.

    "I kinda wanna blow you tonight," I said casually.

    "Sure, man. Sounds nice," he said as he set down his phone and got ready for the attention.

    I pulled him out of his shorts and leaned over. Alec was fucking awesome. Even if there was nothing more than moments like this then it was good enough for me.

    "Suck on my balls like that one time, I love that shit," he said as I licked him.

    "Sure, whatever you'd like," I replied.

    He liked watching as I did my thing on him. He really got into it and it made the whole thing better. And wrapped my lips around him and got to work. When I would go down to his balls I looked up at him and tried not to get to intense with him.

    "Fuck, how are you so good at this?" He asked."

    "Because I have a dick too and know what feels good," I told him. "Also helps having a good one to work with," I complemented him.

    "Thanks, glad you enjoy it," he replied.

    "Very much," I said and sucked him back down.

    I moved up and down, using every trick on him. He wasn't hard to please and I had gotten used to what parts of his dick he liked focused on. I slurped and sucked and made him moan. Every second getting him closer.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna nut," he warned.

    I didn't stop, I kept going. He knew my mouth was his when we did this, that the best place to put it was down my throat. I grabbed his balls and massaged them and sucked on the tip of his cock.

    "Jesus!" He cried out and shot in my mouth.

    I gulped and kept going. I needed this more than he did. I had been stuck in the house for months and time with him had become the highlight of my days. His tasty load made my cock throb as I sucked him dry.

    "You can jack off, you deserve it," he sighed and I pulled my cock out as I kept sucking him.

    It didn't take much to bust my load, some of it hitting him on the leg. His dick was half hard as I enjoyed my own orgasm right after his.

    "Thanks," I said pulling off and coming down.

    "Any time, my dick is all yours," he replied.


    “Nice Mike,” I said to my uncle, I always just called him by his first name. “You are really toning up.”

    “Yeah? Can you tell?”

    “For sure!”

    He flexed for me and turned in all different ways so I could take a look. I kept taking glances at the outline of his dick. I couldn’t help it, I was a horny 19 year old and my uncle was hot. He stepped forward, still showing off for me.

    “Feel how firm my legs are,” he said.

    I reached out and gave them a light squeeze and let go. “Yeah, they are.” It was too much for my young mind to take. I was getting way to hard sitting there looking at him, now touching him.

    “Feel my abs too! I’ve always had a flat stomach but now I have some definition.” He grabbed my hand and put them on himself. His skin was so soft and his muscles were firm.

    He slowly moved his hand all around his body, moving lower and lower. He had me feel his V, I could feel the hair leading down to his dick, god damn I was losing control. I felt the waist band of his underwear and I knew I was so close to it, just inches from my Uncle Mike’s cock.

    “Your chest is looking bigger too,” I stammered, so incredibly uncomfortable with how to act.

    “Yeah, lots of bench time,” he smiled at me as he took my hand up to his hairy pecs and let me squeeze his chest. “and my arms and shoulders.” He let go and I moved my hand to his shoulder and then his thick arm. His moved a little closer and his crotch was eye level with me face. I could see his dick looked bigger now, thicker then when he first stripped to show me.

    “Keep going bud, feel anything you want. I like showing it off,” he smiled down at me.

    I moved my hands to what I thought was a safe place, his back and then down to his lower back. He just stood there like this was normal that I had my hands all over him. I could feel the waistband on his underwear and I moved my hands to his ass.

    “Damn Uncle Mike, even your ass is pretty firm.”

    “Uncle Mike is it?” He chuckled. “Okay I better put some clothes on,” he finally said as my hands were still cupping his ass.

    “One last feel,” I put my hand in the middle of his chest and ran my hand down his stomach and then let it brush his dick as I finally put my hand down.

    “Whoa buddy, got a bonus there didn’t you,” he smiled.

    His dick moved in his white trunks, he was clearly partially hard now.

    “Sorry, it was an accident.” I turned red.

    “It’s okay, I don’t mind you touching. Go ahead if you want.”

    I looked up at him and he was smiling. I knew he wasn’t messing with me and that he was really letting me feel if I wanted. I put my hand out and touched his dick with the tips of my fingers. It jumped back at me as I made contact. I grabbed it, wrapped my fingers around his clearly hard dick and gave it a few nice hard squeezes.

    “You’re really hard,” I said looking up.

    “I am, you can get it out if you want a better look.”

    I grabbed the top of his underwear and pulled down, his dick sprang out at me, it pointed down towards the left and bounced a few times. He had a nice big pair of balls too, hairy, and they hung down perfectly.

    I cupped them in my hand and held onto him. Just holding on to his junk as his dick moved slowly back and forth. He was so warm down there and I could smell him. It was making my heart beat fast. I’d done some stuff with a friend but that felt like forever ago. This was a man, and I felt so inadequate to sexually take care of him.

    “You like it?” He broke the silence.

    “Yeah, it’s really nice.” I let go of his balls and grabbed the underside of his dick and began to play with it.

    “What you’re doing feels really good,” he always made me feel good, encouraged me, even now. “Do whatever you feel comfortable with doing. I won’t stop you.”

    I looked up at him, he was giving me the go to put his dick in my mouth right? He had to be. I opened up and stuck my tongue out and licked the tip of his cock. He had some pre on it, I liked the way mine tasted so I figured his would be good too, it was.

    “Oh fuck,” he grunted as I closed my lips around the end of his dick and sucked down. Letting my lips move and wrap around his head as I pulled it out and in a bunch of times. “That’s great kid.”

    I had watched tons of porn and I did my best to mimic what I had seen. I grabbed his shaft and began to hold it tight as I moved my mouth deeper and deeper down on him. I could feel it pushing on the back of my throat and wondered how people ever got it in farther.

    He was leaking a bunch and I kept licking him and doing my best to get him to cum. I must have not been doing a good job because no matter how hard I worked he just moaned and watched and nothing was happening. I finally decided he needed to try something else.

    “Do you want to…” I paused.

    “Want to what, bud?” He looked down at me.

    “Put it inside of me?” I was red again, embarrassed that I offered. Maybe he didn’t even like anal and now I just set myself up for rejection.

    “Fuck, really? You ever do that before?” He asked.

    “Not with a person, but I’ve tried some stuff,” I was so stupid now that I had admitted that too.

    “I’d love that, if you want to. But you know that you’ll be giving your virginity away to me. I’m not sure if I should be your first.”

    “I don’t care, don’t they say you should do it with someone you trust and even love? I want to do it, if that’s okay.”

    “I don’t think that’s exactly what they mean by that but if you want I will.”

    He stepped back and took off his underwear. He was so fucking sexy, I can’t believe I was finally going to have sex and it was with someone like him.

    “Okay, some ground rules,” he said as he stood over me naked. “First, you tell me if something hurts so we can help you get used to it.” I nodded my head yes. “Second, trust me. I’ve done this a lot with guys and girls, I’ll help you.” I responded with an ‘okay’. “Lastly, have fun and enjoy it. It’s going to feel strange and good and all those things. Don’t think too much, just connect with me and we’ll have a great time.”

    “Deal,” I smiled.

    He helped my out of my jeans and then pulled my shirt off. He pushed me onto his bed and got on top of me and began to kiss my neck. He ran his hands up and down my body as he was pushing himself down on me. I felt his dick against my leg, he was still leaking and it was wet.

    I wrapped my arms around his strong body and gave him a hug. We’d always been close and this made us even closer I thought. I was going to have sex with my Uncle, let him have me before anyone else.

    He worked his way down my body and kissed my bellybutton and smiled up at me. “You’re so cute kid,” he said with a grin.

    He pulled off my underwear and my dick hit my stomach with a loud slap. I was so hard. He grabbed it and put it in his mouth and began to suck me. It had been a long time but I didn’t remember it feeling this good. My whole body was tingling as he worked it in his mouth.

    He moved down to my balls licking them and running his hands up and down my body. He pulled my legs up to my chest and held them with his left arm and put his mouth on my hole.

    “Holy shit!” I yelled as he licked my hole.

    He chuckled as he gave me a rimjob, working magic with his tongue. I was always nervous about how things would actually feel but now I was so eager to have him in me.

    He stood up and pulled me to the end of his bed, my legs to my chest.

    “Let me go get a condom, I’ll be right..”

    “No, go bare. We’re family, let’s not wear one.”

    “You sure?” He seemed concerned of my lack of safety.

    “It’s you, I’ll wear one with other people but not now. Not for my first time.”

    “Fuck, okay.”

    He leaned against the bed, his cock just inches from my hole. I watched as he spit on his dick for lube. Shit, I hope this didn’t hurt.

    “Okay buddy, your first cock,” he said looking right at me to gage how I was doing.

    I felt it on my ass, trying to find it’s way in me. He pushed down and I wasn’t sure if it was going to work. “Push like you don’t want it in, it will open for me.”

    I did what I was told and I felt it pop inside. Fuck it felt weird, not good at all. He saw it on my face, “It’s okay buddy, I promise it will get better.”

    I shook my head yes and he kept pushing in. I grabbed his hips to try to get some control but I just held him, I let him do what he needed to do. I felt my Uncle’s cock stretching me out, more then what was comfortable. He felt massive inside me. It felt so good when he licked my hole but this wasn’t good, I didn’t want him to stop though. I had come too far, if anything he needed to get off and at least I could do that for him.

    I felt his entire body pushing against me. “I’m all the way in. You feel so good, my dick is throbbing in you.” He was so happy, I faked a smile.

    He rested his head in the crook of my neck, I could feel him breathing as we just sat there. My dick wasn’t even hard anymore but I was determined to keep going.

    He moved his head and looked me right in the eyes, he was so beautiful, and the look on his face was nothing I’d ever seen from him. What a handsome guy he was and I was melting as I looked at him.

    “Let me kiss you,” he said, not asking not telling me.

    “Okay,” I was lost in this moment with him.

    He slowly brought his lips to mine and gave me a quick peck and then another. “You’re a good kid,” he said and gave me another kiss. He pushed his lips against mind and then opened his mouth and we began to make out on his bed. His cock was so hard inside of me, I could feel it pulsing as we kissed.

    I felt his tongue slide into my mouth and begin to explore. Finding mine he pushed against it and the sounds of a very loud make out session filled the room. He kept pulling away and looking down at me, right in my eyes and then kissing me again. I had never been kissed like that and my dick was hard again. All the feelings were back, I couldn’t wait to feel his cock sliding in and out of me.

    He looked down at me and pulled out, nice and slow. It felt empty as he did. Giving me little kisses he pushed back in, it felt big still, way to big.

    “You’re okay, I got you,” he whispered as he pushed all the way in, “it’s going to feel good, trust me.”

    Fuck, I did trust him. I knew he wouldn’t lie to me and that whatever he said was going to happen. He pulled and then pushed in a few more times. It wasn’t hurting, it was so strange. Like something was in me that my body knew shouldn’t be.

    I felt him working his cock in and out of my hole and then it happened. It was starting to feel okay. As he was pushing his cock in I felt him in a spot that felt pretty good, shit, like really good.

    He kissed me again. Oh fuck. right there I thought. He smiled as he saw my face change to pleasure and he began to pick up speed. I grabbed hold of his ass and felt it get tense with every trust inside of me. Wow, this was good. This older beefy guy was pounding his cock into me and I was loving it. Loving my uncle fucking into me like this.

    “Oh man, your ass is so tight. It feels so good wrapped around my cock!” He was grunting, going full force into me.

    “Fuck me Mike, oh god!” I moaned, he kissed me again.

    “I’m going to cum buddy, you ready?” He asked as he grabbed my cock and began to jack me off.

    “Fuck!” I yelled, I began to cum after just a few strokes.

    “Oh yeah, clamp down on my cock with your ass!” He grunted loud as I was cumming all over myself and his hand.

    He pushed inside all the way and held me down on his cock. “Oh fuck!” He yelled, I knew he was cumming inside of my virgin ass. My very first load in me.

    He kept pushing deeper like he needed it to be as far inside we he could get it. He started to kiss me, it was like he was thanking me for the sex we just had. He wouldn’t stop, his dick was still hard inside of me as we kissed for a long time.

    “If you were a girl I’d just have made a baby with you,” he laughed, totally joking.

    But for me that was one of the hottest things he could have said. Make a baby with him. I had his seed in me, and that was amazing.


    My Writing

    Love catching some of my old stuff floating around.


    I walked out and found my two buddies drunk as fuck and kissing on the couch. I got my phone out and started recording them thinking it would be funny. But the more I watched the harder I got and I realized something was strange and hot. Here are my two best friends locking lips and my dick was throbbing in my sweats.

    "The fuck you guys doing?" I snapped out of it.

    Jer looked over at me and grinned, totally fucked up. "Just seeing if it was similar to a girl," he said with a chuckle.

    "And?" I asked and tried to cover my hard on.

    "Come find out," Rob replied.

    I wasn't nearly as drunk as they were but it was now or never if I wanted to see. I sat down next to Jeremy and he nearly attacked me. His mouth connected with mine and it was over, I gave in and started making out with him. Fuck this was good, just as good.

    Rob leaned over and broke us up and we started kissing too. It was so fucking strange but hot. I didn't understand why I liked it so much but I did. It didn't take long before we all had our dicks out and we're jacking off as we took turns kissing each other. We all blew our loads and laughed it off as being horny dudes with no girls around.

    We didn't talk about it the next day, everything was cool between us. The only thing was Jer asked if we wanted to drink again tonight, I think it was implied.

    "I'm down," Rob said.

    "Yeah, sounds good," I agreed.


    I walked out and found my two buddies drunk as fuck and kissing on the couch. I got my phone out and started recording them thinking it would be funny. But the more I watched the harder I got and I realized something was strange and hot. Here are my two best friends locking lips and my dick was throbbing in my sweats.

    "The fuck you guys doing?" I snapped out of it.

    Jer looked over at me and grinned, totally fucked up. "Just seeing if it was similar to a girl," he said with a chuckle.

    "And?" I asked and tried to cover my hard on.

    "Come find out," Rob replied.

    I wasn't nearly as drunk as they were but it was now or never if I wanted to see. I sat down next to Jeremy and he nearly attacked me. His mouth connected with mine and it was over, I gave in and started making out with him. Fuck this was good, just as good.

    Rob leaned over and broke us up and we started kissing too. It was so fucking strange but hot. I didn't understand why I liked it so much but I did. It didn't take long before we all had our dicks out and we're jacking off as we took turns kissing each other. We all blew our loads and laughed it off as being horny dudes with no girls around.

    We didn't talk about it the next day, everything was cool between us. The only thing was Jer asked if we wanted to drink again tonight, I think it was implied.

    "I'm down," Rob said.

    "Yeah, sounds good," I agreed.


    “Go on, touch it,” my brother’s friend said.

    He stood over the top of me and let me pleasure him. It was no secret I was gay and I guess he was okay for a little fun.

    “I want you to fuck me,” I said as I stroked his cock.

    “I’m not a fag,” he laughed.

    I guess me rubbing it was one thing, but fucking it was too far.

    “You don’t have to be, it’s just a hole,” I said.

    He thought about it for a moment before answering.

    “Fine, but you don’t say a word to your brother,” He agreed to it.

    “Never,” I said and pulled out his hard cock.


    Five kids, that’s how many my buddy has and here I was tasting that beautiful load that made every one of them. I didn’t blame him for marrying his wife, she’s gorgeous. I’m just glad he still makes time for me in all of it. Hell, I have two of my own and a wife.

    “Fuck, Keith! Swallow that!” He moaned and blew in my mouth. “Don’t waste it.”

    Ever since high school we have had our guy time. It’s exactly what we need to destress and keep things interesting. I’ll suck Mike anywhere and anytime.


    I walked in and saw the guy that had been working out with his girl jacking off in the showers. I wondered why he was doing that when he probably could fuck her as soon as he got home.

    “Hey,” I said, just warning him he wasn’t alone anymore.

    “Oh! Hey,” he said and turned to look who was there, a bit embarrassed but he didn’t stop either.

    “You good?” I asked.

    “I’m sorry, I gotta get off, she won’t let me do it while I’m home. It’s with her or not at all. I can’t take it, I need it more than that,” he said.

    “Totally get it, that sucks, dude,” I commiserated.

    He had turned and was facing me and going to town. I kept taking glances trying not to be a creep but he was nice to look at and even better like this.

    “You’re hard, you can do it too if you want. That way it’s not so awkward,” he said like he made sense.

    I looked down, my dick always betrayed me at the most random times but why not, I thought. He looked me up and down and stroked and I returned the eye contact and staring. For having a girl he definitely enjoyed looking at me too. I matched his speed, going fast when he did and slowing down when he did that too.

    “Fuck, nothing like a nice hand to relieve some dress,” he said.

    “Yeah, or a mouth,” I replied being bold.

    “Shit…” He said and paused. “You want to?” He asked and let go of his dick and stood there.

    “Sure,” I said and went over and got down in front of him.

    “Fuck, yeah. That’s what I’m talking about,” he said as I started sucking on his cock for him. “Guys understand, we can’t help it,” he talked to himself.

    I took him down and let his cock hit the back of my throat before coming up for air and doing it again. I felt it slip down and I pushed my face into his body as he grunted and put his hand on my head.

    “Oh god!” He moaned. “I need this so bad.”

    I kept up the work and wound him up until he was letting me know he was close. I kept sucking and he kept moaning until I felt his dick throb and he started cumming in my mouth. I swallowed down his tangy load as he grunted far too loud for the public place we were doing this is. I used my hand and came all over the floor in front of him as he finished in my mouth.

    “Shit, dude. Thank you! Fucking, thank you!” He said gratefully.

    “No problem, anytime,” I said standing up.

    He reached out and grabbed at my dick. I let him have a feel as I did the same to his.

    “Let me give you my number, just in case you need some help,” I told him as we turned off the water and walked out of the shower area.

    “Amazing! I’d love that,” he said reaching into his locker and handing me his phone.

    A picture of him and his girl was his background. It made me chuckle as I pulled up a text message and sent a ‘hey, it’s Ryan from the gym’ to myself.

    “Anytime, let me know,” I told him and went back to my stuff.

    “For sure,” he said, smiling ear to ear.

    I saw them getting in their car when I was leaving and he waved. I thought it was a bit awkward but waved back.

    “Who’s that?” She asked him.

    “Just a cool guy I met,” he dismissed her like it was nothing.


    I laid on the bed and watched as my uncle stroked his cock getting it ready to put inside of me. I'm so happy I found him on an app. Never in a million years did I think my dad's older brother would be down to fucking me like he has been for the past week.

    "You ready, bud?" He asked.

    "Yeah, Uncle Mike!" I said lifting my legs up to my chest.

    He pushed his cock in and sank in me in seconds. I had really gotten used to taking him.

    "Fuck that ass is nice," he grunted as he pushed his weight into me. "Even better than your dad's was," he said and smirked.

    "What?" I asked surprised.

    "I used to fuck your dad all the time. Honestly, I was surprised he got married to your mom. He was so obsessed with me and my dick. What? He didn't tell you?"

    "No," I said shocked and turned on thinking about it.

    "Well now you have something in common with him, you both take my cock like champs," he said proudly as he began to fuck me.


    My sister’s boyfriend comes in to borrow my laptop while she’s at work. He started just jacking off right in front of me when I called him out for leaving browsers opened.

    “You want a blowjob?” I asked him, feeling brave after thee days straight up him being naked in my room.

    “Took you long enough to ask,” he said looking over at me. “Come here, get down in front of me,” he instructed.

    I did what he told me and got between his legs, putting my hands on each one.

    “Couple rules. No telling your sister, and you do it the way I want. You’re lucky I’m letting you do this,” he said.

    “Okay,” I agreed.

    “Good, boy,” he said. “Now kiss it and show how much you want it.”


    “Hey Dad. Are you busy?” I asked as I came in his room naked.

    “No, come in and shut the door,” he said as he lay down on his bed.

    I loved alone time with him. When no one else was in the house and we enjoyed each other and each other’s bodies. It felt natural with him, no strings, no baggage, just good sex. It was freeing.

    I jumped on the bed and started massaging the front of his underwear, getting him hard. He smiled and watched as I turned him on.

    “I’m going to ride this shit out of this,” I said deviantly.

    “Oh, are you?” Dad smirked. “Then get to it,” he responded.

    I pulled his underwear off and got on top. He helped line himself up and I sat right down. I had put some lube in before I came in, I knew he wouldn’t say no, he never does.

    As I sat down on his lap I rubbed his chest. His cock was completely in me and ready to go. Days like this made living at home worth it.

    “Fuck me, Dad! Show me how you made me,” I said like the little shit I was.

    “You’re on top, pull it out of me,” he said and grabbed my waist and began bouncing me on him.