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    It had been about 4 days after I started staying with Ethan at his house while my floors were getting done in my own house. Each night, Ethan has used my mouth as his own personal masturbation toy at least twice a day. Which I certainly did not mind, but I think I’ve eaten more of his cum than I have real food. We did not sleep together in the same bed… He would make me sleep on the couch. Honestly I kind of loved this friendship the way we had it going. What shocked me though, is that he hasn’t made me smell his feet or do anything foot related for a few days. Just yesterday I checked his laundry bin and couldn’t see any used socks, which brought me to the conclusion that after the last time he did laundry, and must have been wearing the same socks since… and he was probably waiting for the perfect stink to “torture” me with… and he had to be on at least day 4 or 5 by now. The dirtiest I’ve ever smelled his socks was my very first foot encounter with him. He had worn them for 4 days back then and basically made me put them in my mouth. That was about 7 months ago.

    Ethan came into the living room while I was playing on my phone sitting on his couch.

    “Hey man- I’m going to have a couple of the guys come over tonight for some beer pong. You down?” Ethan asked.

    “Yeah, sounds good to me… anyone I know?” I asked.

    “Joe from my college that you met before and my brother, Riley.” Ethan said. Joe was a quiet, skinnier guy, but really cute, and Riley I had not met.

    Later that night, after Ethan came back with beer and snacks, I helped him put up the pong table, which we placed next to his dining room table. We set up all the snacks and cups.

    Joe was the first to show up. He wore a white button up shirt, jeans, and white adidas shoes. We talked for a little while before Riley showed up. I was shocked to see how much he looked like Ethan. He wasn’t as built, but they definitely could almost be twins. Riley was wearing a black t shirt, black shorts, black crew socks, and a very similar pair of converse as Ethan was wearing. He looked about the same age as Ethan as well. Maybe a little younger, mid 20’s possibly.

    We made some drinks, talked about our jobs, and got a little buzz before we started on the pong. Ethan and Riley were on one side and me and Joe were on the other. I was pretty terrible at beer pong so I hoped Joe was a little better than me.

    We started the game.

    “Hold up… we should make this more interesting. Make some bets and shit.” Riley said. Oh God, here we go, I thought.

    “What like money? I don’t have any cash on me.” Joe said. I saw Ethan’s eyes light up. I knew what was coming.

    “Losing team has to sniff the winning team’s feet for 2 minutes.” Ethan said proudly.

    Joe made a grossed out face. Riley kind of laughed.

    “Bitch- I grew up with you, I know how rank your feet are… do you still wear the same socks for multiple days.” Riley asked.

    “Depends…. I think these bad boys are on day 4.” Ethan said. I wasn’t going to bring up that I’m pretty sure they were day 5.

    “Dude, I’ll throw up.” Joe said.

    “Then… don’t lose…” Ethan laughed.

    “Whatever… man- I went running today so I might be pretty ripe myself.” Riley said. We all continued to play. I may have purposely missed the cup a few times and Joe was not very good. So things we looking pretty grim for us.

    “My feet feel really hot and sweaty, how about you bro?” Riley said to Ethan jokingly as Joe missed another shot.

    “Fuck man, I can smell both of our feet through the shoes.” Ethan said back.

    “Oh God…” Joe said.

    We only had one cup left. Riley was taking the shot.

    “You think I’ll make it?” Riley asked

    “No way…” I said

    “If he makes it, yall gotta add some tongue to our feet…” Ethan added.

    “And if he doesn’t, we skip all the foot crap.” Joe said nervously.

    “Deal.” Riley said.

    It seemed like time went in slow motion for that shot. And sure enough… he made it in the cup.

    Riley and Ethan high fived each other. Me and Joe looked at each other and he kind of shook his head.

    Ethan walked over to the dining room table and kicked his feet up.

    “Joey, get over here and take my shoes off.” Ethan said. Joe sighed and walked over and sat across from Ethan.

    “Just two minutes right? Someone time it please.” Joe said sadly.

    Riley nodded and we both just watched what was unfolding. I’m sure it was my turn next.

    Joe pulled off Ethan’s shoes one by one. The smell hit the air so fast. Ethan was wearing black socks with white heel and toe. I actually felt bad for Joe… He had no tolerance to Ethan’s feet.

    “Oh man… it’s so bad.” Joe said as his eyes began to water. Riley was laughing pretty hard.

    “Come on, nose in the foot.” Ethan said.

    “Dude why… I could smell this even if I was standing across the house!” Joe said.

    “Joe don’t be a bitch!” Riley yelled to him. Joe shook his head again before burying his face in Ethan’s socked foot.

    Ethan used his toes to pull off his sock on one foot, and then the other.

    “Tongue…” Ethan said as he wiggled his pudgy toes. Joe hesitantly stuck his tongue out. Ethan slid his toes across Joe’s tongue. Joe gagged.

    “How’s that taste Joe!” Ethan yelled.

    “Ok… that’s enough.” Joe said as he stood up.

    “Yeah that’s good… you were sniffing for about 4 minutes.” Riley laughed.

    “Are you fucking kidding me man.” Joe said. He ran to the bathroom and we could hear him spitting and rinsing his mouth out.

    “Alright buddy- your turn” Riley said as a looked to me. He went and sat in the corner and pulled off his converse. I followed him over there.

    “Lay on your stomach.” Riley said. I did what he asked trying not to come off so willing. His black socks were kind of shiny and almost looked greasy. He stuck his feet side by side on my nose. His stink was definitely not as strong as Ethan’s where it would fill the room, but I could 100% tell he went running that day, his odor was almost cheesier than Ethan’s. He kind of cupped them around my nose. I was getting an erection, taking in Riley’s stink, I’m glad I was laying on my stomach so no one could tell. Ethan was watching from across the room, smiling. Riley took his sock off.

    “This is what happens to bitches that lose. How’s that fuckin smell man?” Riley said, only turning me on even more.

    “It smells like a greasy cheese…” I said muffled by his foot.

    “Cheese? Good, maybe you’d like a taste then… tongue out.” Riley demanded. I slid my tongue across the bottom of his toes. They taste just like they smelled.

    “How’s my foot taste? Ethan I think he likes this…” Riley said laughing. Ethan walked over and placed his rank foot on top of my head, pressing my nose and mouth even harder into Rileys foot.

    “He’s just used to it, I make him worship my feet sometimes.” Ethan said. Riley laughed. I was slightly embarrassed but I felt almost hypnotized at the scent of Riley and Ethan’s feet mixed together.

    A few more moments passed and Riley stood up and Ethan took his foot off my head. Joe finally came back in the room.

    “Alright guys, I gotta work early… Thanks for a gross night.” Joe said, still looking a bit ill from licking Ethan’s foot.

    We said goodbye and Joe left. Shortly after Riley took off as well. It was just me and Ethan on the couch.

    “What a night…” I said. I could still smell Ethan and Riley’s foot stink on my face.

    “Yeah it was…” Ethan said. He reached his hand down and started feeling his bulge in his pants.

    “Hey, take your pants off. I wanna try something.” Ethan said. I stood up and took my shoes off and my pants.

    “Now face the other direction.” Ethan said. I turned around. I could feel Ethan start to touch my butt. We had never done any butt stuff before, so this was new. He pulled my underwear down and put his finger in his mouth. Then into my shaved hole. It hurt a little at first and I was a little tense. It slowly started to feel very nice. He then switched to two fingers and I moaned.

    “Fuck boy, you are so tight.” Ethan said as he thrust his fingers in and out.

    Suddenly to both of our surprises, Riley popped out of the corner.

    “Guys, I don’t think I can drive yet… that beer…” Riley started before he noticed what was going on. He kind of stood there in awe for a few moments. Ethan and I didn’t say anything. We just looked at him, his fingers half way up my hole.

    “Uhhh. Some kind of bet I didn’t know about?” Riley said, confused. I noticed he was starting to get hard as the crotch of his shorts started to rise.

    “Just a condition of him staying with me… I get to use him as my cum rag…” Ethan said with confidence.

    “Huh…” Riley said, still taking in what he was seeing. Riley started to inch closer and ended up sitting next to Ethan. I was shocked to feel that Ethan continued to finger me. I could see Riley out of the corner of my eye on the couch. He had pulled out his cock and was stroking it while watching Ethan finger me!

    “I aint gay. But hey, a hole is a hole right? And this boys got a whole other one not in use.” Riley said. He stood up and came around to me. He pulled my head down so his dick was right in my face. He was cut unlike Ethan. He was a bit hairier too.

    “Lick my balls.” He said. What was it with this family and always wanted their balls licked first? Not that I minded. I started licking his smelly musty hairy balls. The texture of the hair on his nuts was something I wasn’t used to but I totally got into it. I could feel Ethan push me forward a little and bend me down a bit more. I heard him spit into his hand. It was finally happening. I felt Ethan’s cock start to go into me. It was easier since he used his fingers first. After he got the head in, I felt him slam the rest in behind it. I moaned in pleasure. He felt so good. Meanwhile, I started sucking Riley.

    “Yeah suck my fat sweaty fucking dick, bitch.” Riley said, incredibly drunk. He was a lot bigger and thicker than Ethan in that department. Every time Riley tried to push in down my throat I would choke. I could see Riley and Ethan fistbump each other as they destroyed me. Ethan was banging me so hard that I could feel his huge nuts slapping my ass.

    “Yeah boy, take my cock.” Ethan demanded. Riley grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat all the way to his nuts. My eyes watered .

    “I’m gonna paint your fucking face…” Riley said. He abruptly pulled his dick out and jerked it aggressively and blew his load all over my face. I could feel it all dripping down my lips and chin.

    "Fuck bitch. You like my hot nut dripping off your face don't ya" he said as he reached down and used his thumb to move a big blob of his cum into my mouth. I cleaned his thumb off. Riley backed up a little bit. Ethan suddenly pushed me down to the ground face first and planted his stinky foot on my face so that his toes were right over my nose. Im not sure how he had it readily available but he shoved one of his disgusting black and white socks from earlier into my mouth. Riley took his shoe and sock off and put his foot on my head next to Ethans. Ethan was still inside of me and banging me while they had me pinned with their feet. He started to go harder and harder. My hole was so sore. But it felt so good.

    “Fuck boy… You like that dick wrecking your tight fuckin pussy.” Ethan said as he just kept going harder and faster.

    “You gonna take my load while you taste that nasty sock and smell our feet? ” Ethan said.

    “Fuck yeah…” I said.

    “He loves the cock, taking both our loads…” Riley said.

    I suddenly felt Ethan empty himself inside of me. He was out of breath and covered in sweat. He took his foot, now covered with his brothers cum from my face, off my head.

    “Now clean my foot off.” Ethan said. I began to lick the cum off his foot, making sure to get it all.

    “Damn Ethan, I need a house slut like that.” Riley laughed.

    As Ethan’s hot load leaked out of my hole, and I continued cleaning his brothers cum off of his stinky foot, I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do.

    “Yeah… I think he should move in permanently.” Ethan said.


    Wish this happened to me



    It had been a good month since my last encounter with Ethan and he took things to a new level by cumming in his dirty sock while he teabagged me and then essentially made me eat the load out of his sock. After that it felt like nothing was off limits. Maybe someday I would be able to taste his actual cock. We hung out a couple times after but he shockingly did not try anything at all with me besides some joke flirting. It was kind of disappointing. I'm not one to ever bring up anything we had done, I wouldn't want to make it awkward. I was on vacation and it was a hot July day. I was driving over to Ethan's house which he just recently bought. My house was having new flooring put in all week, so I was trying to get out of the house as much as possible. I pulled up to his house and he was standing outside. He was wearing black shorts, black and yellow vans, a white tank top and his signature black ball cap. I could see the sweat glistening off his body. He walked up to the window of my car.

    “Hey man, do you want to go to the liquor store and grab some beer or something for later?” He asked. I could smell the sweat on him… he must’ve been skating all day.

    “Yeah sure, I’m down for whatever, hop in!” I said. Ethan got in the car.

    “They still doing your floors?” He asked me.

    “Yeah, probably all week…” I said.

    “If you want, you can stay at my house this week. I know you are on vacation…” Ethan said glancing over at me.

    “Um… sure. That’s really cool of you. Thanks.” I said. I can just imagine… a whole week with Ethan. So many possibilities.

    I started to drive. Ethan took his shoe off next to me… the smell instantly filled my car. He was not wearing any socks which is why the smell was probably stronger than usual, more intoxicating. He had some black lint around his toes probably from previous socks he wore in the shoes.

    “Fuckin’ pebble or something has been in my shoe all day.” Ethan said as he pulled it out and threw it out the window.

    “Dude why aren’t you wearing any socks…” I asked, while secretly thoroughly enjoying the smell.

    “All my socks are mad dirty right now… “He said. We got to the store and Ethan slid his shoe back on. I was kind of disappointed. If I wasn’t driving he probably would have tortured me with them. But it was fine… I had a whole week of Ethan now. Ethan went in and came back with a couple 12 packs. I heard the back door open of my car. Ethan had gotten in the back seat behind me. I was quite confused.

    “What are you doing?” I asked.

    “Just drive… don’t worry about it.” Ethan said.

    I started to drive. Soon enough, the potent smell of his sockless feet filled the air again and I knew what his plan was. I suddenly felt one of his feet come up next to my head.

    “How would you compare this smell to when I have socks…” Ethan asked.

    “This is why you sat back there?” I asked as his foot inched closer to my nose.

    “You have no escape while you are driving. Not that I would let you get away anyways.” Ethan said . His other foot came up next to the other side of my head. The smell was incredible.

    “They are definitely stronger…” I said as he starting to wipe his sweaty feet on my face.

    “Damn right… I could smell them through my shoes all day; I can just imagine what they are like right on your fucking nose…” Ethan laughed. I saw a car start to pass me in the other lane and look over. The guy started to laugh as he saw Ethan’s feet wrapped around my head.

    “Dude- someone saw! That’s so embarrassing.” I said as I pushed his feet away.

    “Hey I’m giving you a place to stay this week… If I want to make it known that you are my foot bitch, then I will.” Ethan said as he wrapped his toes back around my nose. I was so embarrassed but at the same time, so turned on.

    “If I want you to clean my balls off, my feet, my socks… I want you to just do it… no hesitation or resistance. Plus, I know you like it….” Ethan said. I started to blush a bit. Ethan took his stinky sweaty feet off of me and pulled his shoes back on. We arrived at his house. Ethan popped open a beer as did I. We sat on his couch. Ethan once again, pulled his shoes off.

    “Hey can you rub them.” Ethan asked. I wasn’t going to bother pretending I didn’t love it anymore.

    “Sure.” I said.

    “Nah. I want you to say ‘Please Master Ethan, Let me rub your sweaty feet’” Ethan smiled. I gave him a look. And sighed.

    “Please Master Ethan- let me rub your sweaty feet” I asked.

    “Ok but only because you want to so badly.” He said. He stuck his feet in my lap right on my balls. I started to rub them. They were very wet with sweat. Ethan reached down and grabbed one of his shoes. He put it up to my nose while I rubbed his feet.

    “ Do you think it’s time for new shoes yet? “ he asked. I inhaled deeply. They stunk so bad. I nodded my head.

    “Hmmm.” Maybe you should check a little longer. Ethan got up and went to the bathroom. He came back shortly holding crusty black sock and duck tape. He put the sock in my mouth and taped it in. He then taped his shoe to my face. Ethan’s crusty sock had a different taste then his fresh ones had. Kind of stale and stiff.

    “There… enjoy that for a bit while I get a buzz.” Ethan said. I had no way out. I couldn’t breathe through my mouth and my nose was just filled with the stink from his shoe. I must’ve sat like that for a good 40 minutes. I felt Ethan’s remove the shoe from my face. The fresh air felt cool and refreshing. He pulled the tape off my mouth and I spit out his disgusting sock.

    “How can you enjoy that?” Ethan asked looking down at my crotch. I had a huge boner. I couldn’t even hide it.

    "Come to the bedroom." Ethan asked. I got up. No clue what he was gonna make me do. Lay down with you head at the foot. And take your pants off" I obliged.

    Ethan took his shirt and shirts off to reveal his boxer briefs and his huge bulge. I thought about how amazing his sweaty balls tasted the last time we hung out. Ethan propped up his pillows and sat up in his bed and stuck his feet right in my face again.

    "Touch yourself while you sniff and lick my feet." He demanded.

    I took a few deep whiffs and started swirling my tongue around and in between his toes. I reached in my underwear and started stroking my cock.

    "By the time I'm done with you, you'll never be able to nut again without my stink in your face." Ethan laughed.

    A good 10 minutes went by and I felt like I was going to cum. I started to moan a bit. I felt Ethan grab my hand away.

    "Nah. You aren't cumming yet." He said.

    "Listen. I know you are gay. I don't know what I am but I have all week with you to help me figure it out. All I know is I love you being my bitch and that turns me on." He said.

    "I... " I started to speak. But stopped as I saw Ethan pull his cock out of his briefs. It was so beautiful. It was a perfect size. It was uncut. The head glistened with precum. His balls as big as ever.

    "I haven't jerked off in about a week. These balls are full. You are gonna help me drain them. " he said. I didn't even wait to be told what to do. I dove my head right in between his legs and took a long whiff of his sweaty huge balls. I could feel his hot cock sliding around my face and his precum going everywhere.

    "I have never been sucked by a dude. You think you can take it balls deep down your throat? " Ethan asked. I nodded my head eagerly, nose deep in his sack. Ethan stood up next to the bed.

    "Lay down and hang your head off the edge." He said. I did what he told me to. He reached down and opened up my mouth with his fingers. I could see his cock right in front of my face. Before I knew it, the head of his cock was in my mouth. His precum tasted so sweet. I twirled my tongue around the head.

    "Yeah. I feel you lapping up that precum. Wait for the main course. It's gonna be a big one. " he said. He thrust his cock in my throat balls deep. His sweaty balls slapping against my nose. They smelled so good. I was glad I hadn't licked them clean yet and miss out on this amazing experience of ball sweat smell. I reached down and started playing with my own dick now. I could literally explode at any moment. I could feel Ethan start to go faster and faster in my throat. Ethan started to go so fast that his balls were just slapping my nose vigorously. I could feel his cock pulsating. He was close.

    "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Ohhhh. Fuckin chug it dude." Ethan said as he exploded into my mouth and down my throat. It was a LOT of cum. It was so sweet and salty and I swallowed every last drop. He pulled out of my mouth. A little bit more cum leaked down on his balls.

    "Come on. Don't just watch. Finish cleaning your mess." He said. He lifted his cock and put his balls on my lips. I started licking them clean. And that was it. I couldn't hold it anymore. I started shooting my load all over the place. It was pure ecstacy.

    Ethan watched smiling as i sprayed all over my stomach and chest. Ethan layed next to me.

    "So I guess you aren't just a foot bitch anymore. But a cum dump too" he laughed.

    It was going to be an amazing week.



    So it had been a few months after my last encounter with Ethan where he basically made me his foot bitch. I had moven on and taken It for what it was. A one night fantasy come true because he was drunk. I still jerk off frequently thinking about that night. The whole thing still feels like a dream.

    I hadn't really seen him much since then and I hoped It wasn't because he would feel awkward after what had happened. Honestly I question if he had even remembered with his intoxication.

    But that day, he texted me out of nowhere:

    ETHAN: Hey man. Wassup.

    ME: not much hbu?

    ETHAN: It's been a while... what are you up to?

    ME: just playing PS5... I was able to snag the last one at target.

    ETHAN: The fuck dude... and you weren't going to ask me to come play? I wanna try it out to see if it worth it before I get one.

    ME: I mean, you are welcome to join me. Sleepover video game party? Haha

    ETHAN: Fuck ya! I'll be over in about an hour.

    I got butterflies in my stomach. Video game sleepover???? Was he gonna make me his bitch again? I was getting hard just thinking about it. I quickly picked up my apartment a bit. I was tempted to pick up some booze to hopefully recreate the last time but decided against it. It would look too desperate.

    Some time past and Ethan arrived. He looked as hot as ever. I noticed myself acting a little nervous around him. I looked down at his shoes and they were a pretty beat up pair of Globes. Different from the converse he wore last time. He typically always wore skate shoes.

    "Hey man how you been? I brought some snacks. " Ethan said as he brought them over to the counter.

    "Cool thanks! Yeah I don't think we've seen each other since um... new years ?" I said awkwardly.

    "Ha. New years that was a fun night... so show me this ps 5 you lucky bastard." Ethan said.

    Fun night. Ugh. I just want to talk about it. And make it happen again.

    We went to the couch and I handed him a controller. We played for a good hour.

    "This is pretty sweet. I think i might have to get one." Ethan said.

    "Yeah ... so what did you do all day?" I asked

    "A lot of running around. Went and worked out a bit at the gym. Got pretty sweaty. And then came here" Ethan said.

    "Not even a shower first? Is that what that smell is " I asked.

    "Bitch you know you love it." Ethan said as he shoved my head into his armpit which was definaly strong. I resisted and pulled away.

    We went back to playing games for a bit and somehow I ended up sitting on the floor leaning against the front of the couch while Ethan was still on the couch. At some point we switched from video games to watching a movie and I feel asleep on the floor.

    I woke up to Ethan whispering my name.

    "Guess he's sleeping. Fair game." I heard him say under his breath. His big shoes were hovering inches above my face. His feet had to be size 11 at least. He then removed both of his shoes and looked down at me. I shut my eyes quick to pretend I was still sleeping. The smell hit me like a ton of bricks. When I heard Ethan lean back I opened my eyes again. His big smelly feet right above my face. Not only that but this time the red, white, and black socks he was wearing had a bunch of holes in them like they were years old. The smell seemed almost stronger than the last time I had an experience with him. It was so overpowering. He lowered his feet a little more so my nose was right in his toes. His big toe poked out of one of the holes which I honestly found pretty hot. I couldn't belive this was happening again. How long should i pretend to be sleeping? I didn't want to move. I continued sniffing them trying not to inhale too deeply so he'd know I was awake. He suddenly took his big exposed toe and pried it in between my lips. I could feel it rubbing my teeth. And while he did this, his other foot remained hugging my nose. I heard him unzip his pants. I had no idea what he was planning.

    "You awake yet?" Ethan asked. I didnt know what to do. But I guess it was time. I pretended to wake up.

    "Huh wha..." I pulled his toe out of my mouth

    "What are you doing! Ew not again" I yelled pretending I hated it.

    "Excuse me! Did I say you could do that?" Ethan said sternly. He slapped my face with his stinky foot and I layed back down.

    "Remember when we were young? At sleepovers, anyone that falls asleep first would get hazed." Ethan said. He was determined to make me his bitch again. Who was I to stand in his way? He reached down and pulled his socks off and leaned back again. His big rank feet centimeters from my face.

    "After my work out, and wearing these socks for a couple days, I could use a good cleaning. Stick your tongue out" Ethan demanded. I obliged. What immediately followed was Ethans big foot sliding across my tongue. I could taste the workout and the days old socks with every lick. Ethan kept doing this and then started on the toes, sliding my tongue between each one. I could feel the sock lint on my tongue. After what seemed like forever, Ethan switched to the other foot and it was the whole process all over again. My tongue was so dry and so smelly.

    After about 20 minutes of vigorous torture to my tongue Ethan took his feet off of me.

    "Good boy. Now re-lubricate that tongue." He said. I pulled my tongue back in my mouth and all I could taste was Ethans feet. Once I gained enough saliva, I swallowed and could feel the dirt and grime go all the way down. It took me a minute to catch my breath. I started to get back up.

    "Nope." Ethan said as he pushed me forcefully back to the ground.

    I was confused... his feet were clean, what was coming next?

    Suddenly I could see Ethan's huge balls coming down from above me. He layed them over my nose and they smelled phenomenal. Like they had been excessively sweating all day long.

    "Tongue out" he said. Once again I obliged.

    His huge nuts started to slide across my tongue. I could feel the stubble on his balls, but they were mostly smooth. He was stroking his large uncut cock while he did this. This was way further than we got the last time we hung out. Ethan suddenly used his hands and stuffed his huge nuts into my mouth. I had to open very wide for them. I could barely breathe. His balls were gagging me and his sweaty taint was over my nose. As he would jerk off I could feel his precum dripping down my chin. I was so turned on.

    "Yeah clean off those balls good like you did my feet." Ethan said.

    I could feel Ethan reaching climax as I swirled my tongue around his balls. I watched him reach over and grab one of his stinky holey socks, and put it over his cock. I watched him cum in ecstacy while my mouth was stuffed with nuts. He pulled his cum filled sock off his dick and pulled his balls out of my mouth and sat back up on the couch.

    "Whew. So yeah. You can expect that when you fall asleep first. " Ethan said laughing. He went back to playing video games and I didn't even know what to do. I started to get up and I was about to grab the other controller to play with him and he grabbed my hand.

    "Nah you aren't done yet." He said. He took his cum filled stinky cock and stuffed it in my mouth.

    "Chew on that for a while and tell me when it's clean." Ethan said.

    So i watched Ethan play video games over the next half hour while sucking on this cum filled filthy sock. This was probably the best night of my life, even better than the first time. I couldnt wait to see what would happen next time we hung out.


    I was having a New Years Eve party. I only invited a few friends as I like to keep my parties pretty personal. My friend, Ethan, was sometimes pretty cocky and would kind of bully me a bit but I didn't mind. I always thought it was kind of hot but never acted on anything with him. But boy did I get my chance that night after the party. Everyone else had gone home but I asked him if he wanted to stay a little longer. He was a little drunk and I wanted him to be safe. I was also hoping that if he slept over I would get to see him barefoot. He had only ever taken his shoes off in front of me but never his socks. I remember how strong his feet would smell and how much it turned me on.

    We walked into my bedroom and sat on the floor.

    "Man what a night.." he said. I was out skating all day and then came right to your party."

    "Damn. You must be tired." I said.

    "My feet are i can tell you that." He said.

    I could already smell them through his beat up converse but just fantasized about how amazing they smell up close.

    As I stared at his feet, I noticed his bulge in his pants. He would always brag about how big his balls were and this is the first time I really noticed.

    "You can take off your shoes if you want" I said as non chalantly as possible, hoping that he didn't hear the eagerness in my voice. He almost looked excited at first but then toned it back a little.

    "Well... I wouldn't want to stink up the room" Ethan laughed and looked to me for my next response.

    "Trust me ethan. I have a high tolerance for bad smells." I said.

    Ethans eyes lit up. He started to reach for his shoe. And pulled it off. Then the other one. The smell immediately filled the room. Not like when his shoes were on. This was so much more powerful. His socks were orange and black. You could see the sweat marks in the toes. I was practically hypnotized.

    "Guess how long I've been wearing these socks..." Ethan said with a grin.

    "Ummm I don't know..." I said nervously.

    Ethan crunched his toes up and down a bit. I could tell Ethan was still very drunk.

    "Go on guess. And while we are at it, why don't we make things interesting and each time you guess wrong you have to get a bit closer to them. "

    Oh my God. Was I dreaming ? I'd been fantasizing a foot experience with Ethan for years. This was a new level of dominance for Ethan. I loved it. No way I was gonna pass this up.

    "Ummmm... 2 weeks?" I guessed. Knowing I would be wrong.

    "Come on, not even I am that gross... come on... get closer..." Ethan said.

    I moved a little closer. The smell was so strong. It was Heaven.

    "Hmmm. 10 days?" I asked.

    Ethan smiled.

    "Nope. Now inch closer but this time put one of my socks in your mouth. Don't think I haven't noticed you staring my feet before, boy. "

    He pulled a sock off and threw it at my face.

    "What... I'm not doing that ... your feet? What are you talking about. That's gross. " I said. I couldnt believe this was happening.

    "Fine. Then I'm going to just drive home drunk because you don't like my game...." Ethan said as he started to get up.

    "No! Fine I'll do it." I said.

    "Ok. But because you said no first, you gotta stuff both in your mouth. Here let me help you."

    Ethan pulled off his other sock and grabbed the one next to me that he threw. He stood above me and turned them inside out and rolled them them a bit, smelly part out. Meanwhile his huge bulge was inches from my face. I could smell his balls pretty good. He inched a bit closer and his bulge was literally rubbing against my nose. What a manly smell. He reached down and opened my mouth and stuffed his rank socks in so hard that it almost hurt. The taste was so salty and almost sweet. I could tell the converse that he wore were old. He sat in front of me. Only a few feet away. His big bare feet smiling up at me.

    "How does that taste?" He asked.

    "Mmmph gwwwd" I could barely speak.

    "OK. You have one guess left boy. Get it wrong and you are really gonna get it." Ethan said while wiggling his pudgy toes.

    I could barely breathe. My mouth was so stuffed. All I could taste was his feet.

    I held up 5 of my fingers. Ethan shook his head smiling at me. Then he waved me to come closer. I inched closer.

    "Nope. That was your last shot. Even closer." He grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me down until his feet were right in front of my face. My nose was centimeters from his toes. I almost forgot what fresh air smelled like. Ethan moved his foot so that my nose was right in between his toes. The smell was insane.

    "The answer, if you were wondering, is 4 days. Pretty strong for 4 days, huh?" He laughed.

    He kept moving his foot around, my nose taking turns between each of his toes. I could feel toe jam in the side of my nostril. I was completely under his control. The smell was so intoxicating.

    Ethan reached down and pulled his huge balls out of his shorts. My eyes widened. They were shaved. But not freshly shaved. Slightly stubbley. He looked down at me as he tugged on them.

    "Now let's think of a new game..."


    This man did! Doesn’t he look like a girl!!!! I love My vision for men! Caged and feminized.


    I try to resist but can’t. I need to wear lingerie heels makeup all girlie things .am I cursed or just lucky ?


    I don’t want to resist would willingly submit my body and soul xx


    REBLOG if ... you would date a trans girl 🌸


    Yes indeed babe ❤


    Anytime, anywhere - with pleasure


    I love women like myself I’d definitely date a transgender woman