I love the gif because there’s an incredible number of mistakes crammed into just a couple of seconds. 

    1. how the hole starts in the wall but it keeps moving forward

    2. then magically heals itself

    3. the triceratops walks right through the wall

    4. the table blinking before the dinosaurs appear

    5. both tables disappear

    6. so suddenly appear again as they are toppling over

    7. two people clipping into running without any transition 

    8. the table outline hides a man’s legs but there is no table

    9. the triceratops horns aren’t white in the second clip

    10. tables changing both color and material in the second clip

    11. a carnivorous dinosaur’s first instinct is to go and eat a whole plate with salad


    I miss traditional 2D animation… 3D CGI doesn’t get you masterworks like this