hope || bad boy! jungkook

    plot: she gave him hope and for a while, he thought he could be more than just a 17 year old drop out.

    (authors note: im super excited for this, tbh the plot is fucking lit so do yourselves a favour and read this lmao)


    “What’s a pretty high school kid doing here alone?”

    Y/n jumped at the soft voice coming from a man, she slowly turned around with a heavy gulp, feeling her heart pick up pace. “W-walking home?” she squeaked out, carefully stepping a back as the dark figure approached her.

    “All alone?”

    “Supposedly, there’s no one around,” Y/n croaked out, her mind was racing with panicked thoughts. She was starting to regret her decision to take the short cut through the bad part of the town- now, she much preferred to take extra fifteen minutes. 

    “Shame, no one’s around,” he chuckled darkly, reaching out to touch her face.

    The girl flinched and hastily stepped back, “L-leave me alone,” she tried to sound bold but her voice failed her, coming out weak and trembling. She knew what was going to happen soon, she had seen enough movies to know. 

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    Wtf why it this so damn good?


    Save Me [Part 1]


    hi! can i please request a kind of angsty vampire!au scenario with jungkook where he’s a vampire who has an interest in you and you have feelings for him, but he sleeps around with other human girls as well and when you start to get tired of it you cut off communication with him and avoid him so he tries to get you back through sweet gestures and staying with you instead of going around? sorry this is like one run on sentence omg. thank you, and i love your writing~ 

    Warnings: Graphic violence, blood mention, death mention

    You flitted through the stack of papers on your desk, fingers carding through them in a panic as the ringing of your phone blared through the silence of the office.

    ”Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You muttered in a frustrated mantra, needing to find that contract before your boss lifted her lazy ass out of her cushioned chair and came to rip your head off.

    ”What’s going on, beautiful?” A familiar voice spoke directly into your ear and you jumped with a high squeal, your hands slipping over the file you’d been flipping through. You hissed as you felt the edge of the thick paper slice the tip of your index finger, your face puckering in pain as you sucked it into your mouth, the metallic taste of blood hitting your tongue.

    “I don’t have time to talk right now, Jungkook.” You mumbled around the digit, soothing the throbbing cut by suckling fervently.

    Normally, you’d rather punch yourself in the head than pass up an opportunity to chat up your boss’ newly hired head assistant, but now was not the time. You had about five minutes before you risked losing your job. Jungkook cleared his throat, straightening up into a standing position and taking a couple of steps back from you.

    “What, uh–What are you looking for?” He asked in a voice that seemed an octave or two deeper than his normal tone.

    “Sunyoung needs the contract from the Hyatae deal.” You spoke in a rush, yanking your finger out of your mouth with a wet ‘pop’ once the frustration of sorting through papers with only one hand got the best of you.

    “Mm,” He hummed and through your peripheral vision you could see him shift. “This one?”

    Jungkook held the paper out in front of you, blocking your vision with bold black print. Your eyes moved over the underlined words on the very top of the page, and when you realized it was in fact the paper you were looking for, you snatched it out of his hand and bounced excitedly from foot to foot.

    “Thank you!” You squealed. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh my God, I could kiss you right now, Jungkook. You’re amazing!”

    He laughed at your excitement, tucking his hands into the pockets of his slacks and lifting his shoulders in a nonchalant shrug. “It’s nothing. I wouldn’t object to a kiss, though.”

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    Oh shiteu this is amazing


    i hate you, i love you. (m) | 02

    Part 1 | Part 2 | - [Drabbles]

    Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

    Genre: Angst/Smut

    Description: You hated him at seven, warmed up to him at twelve, and liked him at fifteen. Now the two of you are twenty years old and inseparable best friends… and you’re absolutely in love with him; he’s in love too—just not with you.

    Word Count: 9,013



    His body collapsed in the empty space next to yours, heavy breaths falling from his swollen lips as he waited for the harsh rise and fall of his chest to subside. His mind was wrecked with a numbness as he let the spikes of pleasure wash through his body. The room was completely soundless except for the weighted pants falling from yours and Jungkook’s mouths. But eventually his breathing, along with yours, returned to normal, leaving the two of you in deafening silence.

    Jungkook’s fucked out mind, now completely clear as the weight of the situation finally settled inside of him. He just slept with his best friend… and he honestly wasn’t sure what to do now. He turned his head to the side slowly, an anxiety forming inside of his chest at the thought of seeing your reaction.

    What he saw was you, staring straight up at the ceiling, tight-lipped, and not daring to look at him. The sight scared him, he couldn’t tell what you were thinking as you refused to turn your sights towards him. Should he say something, should he reach out to you? He wasn’t sure what the right option here really was.

    But before he can make a decision he watches as your body suddenly lifted into a sitting positon, throwing your legs over the side of the bed as you prepared to get up. Jungkook is quick though, swiftly reaching forward to grasp your wrist before you can get up. He can see the noticeable stiffening of your bare back as his hand wrapped around your skin, and it makes a sickly feeling run through his stomach at your visible lack of comfort with him.

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    idek anymore.

    Give more love

    Hi guys I just wanted to say that you should look up and give more love to A.Cian. Thier a really good band and I dont think they have many fans. And it would be amazing if I saw some A.Cian stuff everywhere.

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    Vkook fanfic

    Hi there!!! its my first actual post here but on wattpad im going to write a vkook fanfic and need a name and was wondering if you all would read it??? if you will read it follow me on wattpad @ unicornnjulia !! Thanks!!! Oh and PM me on there for the fanfic name ooorrr just tell me on here!!! -