Jamaal wasn't set up. Double the sentence!


    Yea, worded like this it feels as if we are validating the J6 imprisonments and I can’t be a party to that. Those were average common people protesting what they believed to be a grievance, a right protected in our constitution. What this SOB did was clearly an act of desperation to hinder a legal proceeding as an acting representative of electors. Not even the same thing in my mind.


    Well said my friend. J6 was a setup. Thank you for catching this.


    This is why they want Russell Brand shut down! Just listen - https://rumble.com/v3ko2cy-are-we-being-silenced-the-battle-for-free-speech-plus-jimmy-dore-stay-free-.html


    Pay attention to what he says here. Near the end Russell mentions social media and how the government, aka the giant industrial complex, has made war on the First Amendment and our ability to communicate.

    Russell mentions our need to control the currency. That is something that I have been contemplating for several years. Unfortunately I have not got an answer for this problem. Currency is the tool that they use to keep us in bondage. Currency and our addiction to it is used to keep us producing for the masters. Every time we get close to having enough they devalue it and we have to scurry more to aquire more but we never realize that the money is fake and controlled by the same complexes that wish us to be in bondage.

    these two ideas are profoundly important if we are to ever regain our freedom.

    if you think you're free you got another thing coming. What we lack right now is a leader.


    It is the reprobate mind written about in the book of Romans.

    People have turned their backs to God, and He has turned them over to the reprobate mind.

    When you can intentionally deny Truth then anything goes. That “anything” will generally go along the path of the easiest lie.

    God is Truth. It’s a mathematical equation. To understand Truth is to understand God. Deny God and you have no path to Truth. Simple as that.

    There are two great problems facing America today. The first is that the American People have turned their backs to God. The second is that the government has turned its back to The American People. This is just a rewording of what I have been saying for years. “The American People have forgotten to fear God, and the government has forgotten to fear The American People.” Again, it is a mathematical equation. I’m saying the same thing with different words.

    Without Truth there is no God. Without God there is no Truth. That’s how math works.


    Our biggest threats are mRNA, DEW's, HAARP and an EMP. Many know that the Globalists have their finger on all of these. Is that why WE'RE remaining still???


    Looking for a leader? One with a military background and well aware of who the real enemy is.

    The indoctrinated idiots on the left are not the real enemy. They may be cannon fodder but they are not the source of corruption. They are minion and dangerous to be sure, but they are not the real threat.

    We need to get the real threat in our cross hairs and pull the trigger. Without the real leader of the real threat in our sights we remain in danger from many fronts.

    Once these leaders are taken out the minion will be without direction and they can be delt with accordingly.

    Remember after the first American Revolution, those loyal to the crown didn't get to stay. They had to leave. They were not fit for freedom.

    The same thing will happen this time. The minion will have to go.

    I'm thinking Iceland? Perhaps we can make a trade with Australia?

    In any case those that desire an all powerful government must leave.

    Our immediate problem is finding that leader that I mentioned at the start of this. There are more than enough of us to handle this problem but we are going to have to be focused and quick and brutal in our response.

    I believe in Rope and Bounties do work. All we lack is a leader.


    Pence accidentally admitted he could have turned the 2020 election over to the House of Representatives but he didn't because he was worried about 'chaos'

    That means he admits he knew that he had the legal ability to do that

    In other words...... TRAITOR

    No worries. Pence is a fn pedo.


    If you can listen to this man and not know he a BS liar, there's no hope. I don't trust one word that comes out of his mouth. He sold out to the Globalists because they threatened him with all the dirt they have on him.