‘This is the portrait of the ending of a cycle: who are we, and in what conditions will we reach the end of the long trek that was the Revolution? We had faith, and we have lost it; we have been maimed by impossible forces; we have to run away, we have stood firm; we survived and we did not survive. What was this faith? Why did we lose it?’
    — The
    Tribe, Carlos Manuel Alvarez; on Cuba in the 2010s, how the revolution faded out, and how Castroism soured.

    I know the Cold War to be recent history, but I don’t live in a country that’s felt the whiplash of being pushed out of it. Partly because I read The Tribe over an extended period, its whiplash hit like the whip was uncoiling in slow-motion, little bit like how history must feel in Cuba.

    back from a weekend away with my mum to recharge ✨ it was really nice but not enough

    although I'll be changing my approach for this academic year, I still want to get (back) into a nicely paced but productive routine. first working towards my maybe-maybe not midterm project deadline and then later adapted to whatever the year brings me.

    anyway, I'll be bothering studyblr with it a lot. see you soon ~

    October Field trip part 1 🏞️🥾🌲🧊🧑‍🔬

    (very disappointed at the lack of diversity of science emoji, it's only chemists :( )

    We went to Grenoble with my master's and visited some labs, a measurements site, hiked until we saw the Mont Blanc (middle pic), presented posters, ate terrible breakfast and drank truly abysmal coffee (not even sure there was coffee in it), and generally had a very good, as well as exhausting time!

    2 years ago, I was in Grenoble, depressed, with no idea where to go after the utter failure that was my M2 astrophysics' internship. I'm still not over it, it's a work in progress. But it felt strange to be back in the exact same spot with a completely different idea of my future. I kid you not, the measurement site was the one I passed by 2 years ago when we went hiking with a friend, wondering what the hell were those weird antennas and white boxes. Life is very much not linear, but a weird, circular mess I guess :) a fucked up spring maybe. I let you meditate on these beautiful words.


    Brownies and coffee at this super wholesome indie cafe round the corner! 🤎

    (and preparing for journal club, which I'm meant to be leading, which is a liiittle bit stressful 😅). Didn't do many hours today, but, it was a Saturday, and I'm still finding I need to take a lot of care of myself.

    18/100 days of productivity