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2019-04-20 00:42:24

    so the 1st minute I stepped on JEWEL premises,

    I felt something amiss. Like the false ceiling’s gg to leak, or ..ok no F.D. imagination here, but frankly going all the way to airport without a plane to catch puts mew in a dour mood. I actually left without exploring the place, or taking those waterfall selfies.

    Want to be MEW travel buddy?

    I go wherever u like, but i don’t like congested cities. Sun, sand, beach, idyllic resort life would be a nice change. Better still, those cold temperate countries.. you have to keep mewarm. Airfare*, accommodation, expenses and even passport renewal fee will be borne by you. 

    MEW companionship: priceless :D

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    It’s time for MEW STAYCAY again!

    MEW is Chinese but I stop celebrating CNY. This year Mew is stuck in SG cos of Passport issues. Hopefully the next CNYear of the🐷 will be one with lesser time-wasting pranksters. If you too dun celebrate, let’s have a staycay and we have fun having HotPot in our red underpants in the swanky 4/5/6star room. I’ll bring my electrical pot & charcoal pills while u bring the lobster and sea cucumber. (Window-LESS H81 or Fragrance is not considered.)

    p.s. TBH I doubt any Chinese would apply la LOL. Only those with a

    FAT enough ANGBAO

    for MEw may apply. Dun get the wrong idea. Staycay does not = s**. Just R&R.