Business Trip Interlude: Control

    Author’s Note: No BT spoilers, but this takes place after the Epilogue.

    There is a small, sly smile on her soft red lips.

    She leans back to half sit on the edge of her desk. Her fingers graze the triangular block of marble atop it that announced her name and new title - Tzuyu Chou, Associate Director, JYP Europe. The smile widens slightly, and a barely noticeable glint of pride can be found in the corners of those lips.

    Without breaking eye contact, you watch as her fingers leave the marble plate and drift, slowly, towards the collar of her blouse. With long, slim fingers she begins to undo its buttons.

    In her white blouse and navy pencil skirt, Chou Tzuyu looked leagues above any other woman in the London office - with the possible exception of only two others. The blouse hugged the curves of her chest tightly, and the skirt did well to highlight the delicious flare of her waist into her full, wide hips.

    The three hundred dollar blouse quickly becomes a pile of rumpled cotton on the floor of her office, joined quickly by the lace and silk of her bra.

    It takes every effort to keep your gaze from drifting as inch after inch of delicious, creamy skin is revealed to you. But the sly, devilish look in those dark brown pools is so enrapturing, so engrossing, that you found it easy to hold her gaze even as she undressed herself.

    You watch, eyes still locked on hers, as the now topless young woman bends slightly at the waist, giving you a good glimpse of her round, dangling breasts and the stiffened nipples atop them in your peripheral vision. Her fingertips grasp the hem of her short skirt before pulling it up her full thighs, revealing the white silk panties she had on beneath it.

    Her fingers dig into the waistband of her undergarments. She teases you for a moment, letting the anticipation build, letting her sly smile widen even further - before she slowly draws the slip of fabric down her long, perfect legs.

    Once it joins the quickly growing pile of clothing on the floor, her fingers return to her skirt. She pulls it up again, over her thighs this time, until it is bunched up around her waist. The soft, inviting skin between her thighs beckons - along with the small, perfectly maintained patch of hair above her lower lips.

    “Do you like the way I look, daddy?”

    For the first time since she’d walked into the room, your eyes leave hers. You drink in the sight of her near naked body. Young, tight, perfect. It was a question with an obvious answer.

    “Yes, Tzuyu.”

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    Can you do a dating Choi Namra from All of us are dead headcanons?

    Can you do a dating Choi Namra from All of us are dead headcanons?

    sure! this is my first thing i'm posting for all of us are dead, so hopefully you all enjoy it!!


    dating choi namra headcanons

  • namra has definitely built up walls, so it's hard to even form a friendship with her. she doesn't want people to get close to her because she has a lot of anxieties and worries
  • you're persistent though and you won't give up until she takes those earbuds out of her ears and looks at you when you talk
  • eventually she starts talking to you more often, and she quickly develops a crush on you. for someone so smart, she has no idea what she's feeling. her hands are sweaty, she can barely look you in the eye, and her heart speeds up at just the thought of you
  • eventually she realizes that these feelings aren't anxiety, they're attraction. sometimes when you're in class, she can't take her eyes off of the back of your head. she won't show a smile, but her mind is filled with thoughts of you
  • she confesses first to get it out of the way, and you almost don't believe her. she hides how she feels so well, but when she looks anxiously down at her feet and her hair falls into her eyes, your heart melts
  • you're officially a couple then. she won't tell anyone that you're together, not because she's embarrassed, but because she's worried about being teased by her classmates
  • you let it slip and the two of you are teased, but you're generally supported by your friends and classmates. you'll be caught by your teachers looking at her, mouthing words to her during quizzes or assignments
  • "what's the answer to number 4?"
  • she'll just shake her hear, hiding her face in her shoulder to try to prevent anyone from seeing her smile
  • you're the only person in the world who makes her feel so warm. she doesn't know how to explain it, but the way you love her for her makes her feel so many emotions all at once
  • namra really likes being alone, but you're the only exception to that. she'll give you one of her airpods and you'll switch back and forth on what song you'll listen to. you'll exchange smiles at each other from across the room and if anyone sees it they'll tease you relentlessly
  • she'll always listen to you talk about your interests, no matter what they are. she knows how it feels to be ignored and she never wants you to feel that way. if no one's paying attention to you in any situation, she will
  • she isn't big on pda. she won't mind a side hug but that's all you'll get from her in public. in private she's more lenient with affection after she gets used to it. she loves feeling your hand in here, it grounds her and calms her down when she needs it
  • there are some moments when— in public— namra will grab ahold of your hand and just play with your fingers. she won't look up at you, and you always know what's wrong. she gets overwhelmed easily, so you pull her off to the side and let her calm down
  • she's never felt the way you make her feel before, and she can't ever imagine loving someone else the way she loves you
  • you said i love you first, though. she was too scared to say it because she worried you wouldn't feel the same
  • — your lips, my lips, apocalypse.

    cheong-san x gn!reader

    summary: as long as you and cheongsan are together, everything will be okay.

    warnings: a few curse words, this is my first time writing a fanfic so please bare with me :') also english isn't my first language so maybe grammar or spelling errors.

    a/n: the way this was supposed to be really fluffy but it came out more as a comfort fic. i hope you guys like it ????

    Zombie apocalypse.

    Weren't those only in movies? The ones that you would watch and think about how terrible yet fun it must be to be in the middle of an apocalypse? Running away from those blood covered zombies, but shit— this was way worse than you thought.

    You somehow made it to the rooftop, with others who were just tired as you are. You let out a sigh, exhaustion taking over your body— but he was there. Cheongsan.

    Your mind wanders back to where you had just finished your first date with him.


    "Hi." You replied as you both walk on the sidewalk you were now too familiar with, the ones you and him would always walk to. On your way to school, your house, or his mom's restaurant.

    "I hope you enjoyed somehow, I really had a great time with you and I hope you did too." As he managed to give you a smile. He was fidgeting with his hands, a habit he always do when he's nervous. Of course you did, you were inlove with that boy ever since you two were kids. Not that you would tell him that, well. Atleast not yet.

    "Of course I did, I love spending my time with you." You respond genuinely while looking at him, his eyes full of clear adoration even beyond the dim light. Cute. You gave him a kiss on the cheek.

    That moment was engraved in your mind and you swore it was the best day in your life. It felt surreal. Shared laughters and memories you will never forget. You were both carefree and you missed that. Not fighting for your lives that can end any minute you come face to face with a zombie.

    "Hey. Hey! Were you even listening to what I was saying?"

    You were pulled back from your thoughts to that voice you were accustomed to. You didn't even noticed he was now beside you, as he grabbed your hand and took it with his own. Gently rubbing his thumb on the palm of your hand, his way of comforting you.


    "Are you okay?" Cheongsan asked. It was a dumb question. He knew you weren't, you're in the midst of a zombie apocalypse for fucks sake. You didn't even know if you're going to make it out alive tomorrow.

    You were lying if you said you were okay. Things aren't exactly how you would like them to be. "I don't know. I just miss the times where everything was okay, not this whole thing going on you know?" you replied honestly.

    He just nodded, agreeing to what you said. You've lost a lot of people to make it this far, including his best friend. To be completely honest, you both don't know what to do next, hopelessness took over your emotions but you shook your head, an attempt you tried to somehow erase your anxiousness. He lightly squeezed your hand, as if he was reading your thoughts. He was there. He was always there for you no matter what happened, despite everything he was going through.

    He pulled you closer to his body, hands now wrapped around your waist, the other still in contact with your hand. A thing he always do to comfort you, a way to tell you that he's there. Again, he was there for you even if things were far from okay.

    "We're going to be okay, I'll make sure of it. I love you."

    Your eyes were now wide, a shocked expression was shown on your face realizing what just happened and he just grinned at you. Your thoughts were racing but it didn't matter for now, you'd ask him later.

    You smiled back at him. "I love you more Cheong-san."

    Both of you never said those words before but you knew deep down that you loved each other. You were grateful for him as he was for you.

    You knew, everything will be okay.

    Sophia Goh's Introduction to Protein

    Sophia is a die-hard vegan student at one of the universities in Singapore, taking a degree in food science. However, her life would change one day, leading to a drastic change in Sophia's lifestyle. That day, during class, Sophia looked unwell. After class, her male classmates surrounded her and was worried about her. They expressed concerns about the nutrition she was getting. Without warning, they held her down and started facefucking her. "It's for your own good, we need to make sure you get enough protein as a vegan." The others stripped her T-shirt off, leaving Sophia in just her light grey sports bra and leggings. Deepthroating Sophia, it wasn't long before the lead dude came deep down her throat. He forced Sophia's mouth shut and made her swallow.

    His place was immediately taken by another male classmate. However, another cock was shoved into her mouth by another impatient classmate. Her mouth was forced open as 2 dicks shoved in and out of her throat alternatingly. "GLUG GLUG GLUG" Sophia tries to lodge a complaint but only obscene sounds play from her wet sloppy throat fuck-hole.

    The rest of her classmates started to grope at her body, massaging her breasts and thighs. They would stick their hands down her pants and tease her pussy and ass, eliciting moans even while her throat was getting double-raped. Sophia couldn't stand the stimulation and climaxed, wetting her light grey yoga pants. Much to Sophia's astonishment, the teasing didn't stop, but only got stronger, as her classmates studied her weak spots to force her orgasms more efficiently.

    Her classmates would continue to rape her throat for the rest of the day, taking turns to recharge their protein maker. Each time one came, Sophia would beg them to stop already, only to be shut up by another dick or two. The guys would all shoots their cum down her throat, making sure she swallowed everything. She was even forced to lick up any seed spills on the floor whether it dripped from her mouth or their dicks. Simultaneously, the guys were tormenting her body, having found weak points even she didn't know she had. Sophia was forced to orgasm over and over, even when it was painful. Just like the tears that flowed from her eyes, her pussy would secrete juices endlessly. By now the entire groin section of her yoga pants were stained her dark grey, and the hands of the guys were causing squelching sounds to reverberate throughout the whole food science lab.

    As the last 2 dicks shot their seed down her throat, Sophia thought her ordeal had come to an end. She collapsed onto the floor, landing in a puddle of her own love juice. Out of nowhere, someone stuffed a funnel down her throat. That signaled the rest of the guys to begin pumping their meat rods furiously, before depositing their loads in the funnel. Sophia powerlessly sat there as loads of hot cum flowed down her throat yet again. Just as she swallowed the final load, she uncontrollably climaxes for a final time that day, before collapsing and blacking out in the puddle of her own ejaculate.

    Since that day, her classmates were thoughtful enough to make sure Sophia got enough protein by feeding her twice a day, once before class and once after. They'd even make sure her water bottle was filled with the protein she needs. The kindness and consideration of her male classmates didn't stop at her nutrition, they would overtime train her more and more, firstly training her to love the taste of cum so much that she would go on a cum-based diet instead of her vegan one. Other than nutrition, they would train her body to become more sensitive, as well as to instill in her a love for sex, so much so that her gym time would be entirely replaced by orgy time with her male classmates. But those are stories for another time.

    IG: @sophigoh

    Last Day (Fiction)

    When I was still a student in my then-open secondary school, now closed and merged with a neighbouring school, I always had the habit of looking out of "eye-candy": people that were pleasing to the eye. And amongst the fellow female schoolmates and even teachers that I've kept an eye out for, only one of them stood out among the rest. Kai Qing, who taught English and was my class' form teacher, was not only pleasing to the eye, but there was a feeling of calm that I would get from her everytime she was around. That same feeling of calm would slowly change into one of lust and wanting as during one of her lessons, as she bent forward to help me with my classwork, I inadvertently caught a glimpse of her down-blouse, and subsequently a glimpse of her tits. From that day on, everytime I saw Kai Qing in class or around school, I would simply "simp" for her, but that was as far as I would go. It was not until the Homecoming celebration (which served also as the last operating day of the school) that I would run into Kai Qing once again, this time as an alumni, and it wasn't until Homecoming that I decided to do something about the lust and wanting that I kept in me all these years.

    Arriving in school a bit past 5pm, I made my way to the school hall, where the homecoming was held. On the way up to the hall, a lady wearing a red top, which didn't do much to hide the outline of the bra underneath or even the tits beneath, and black-and-white striped pants walked past the stairs I was on, and it took me a while to notice that it was Kai Qing who walked past. Stopping at the mid-section of the stairs, I called out to her, Kai Qing stopping and turning to look at me.

    KQ: Hey, B. You just got here for the Homecoming?

    B: Hey Ms Chua. Yeap, I just got here only.

    KQ: No need to be so formal, you're an alumni now. Just address me as KQ. Anyways, you should make your way up to the hall first. The ceremony's about to start as well. I'll catch up with you later alright?

    B: Alright, that will work too. See you later, Ms Chua-- I mean, KQ.

    Smiling at me, KQ resumed walking down the corridor, perhaps towards the General Office while I stood at the stairs, watching her get further and further away before I carried on going up the stairs. As I'm going up the stairs towards the hall, the sight of KQ in the red top got me slightly excited, but I simply brushed it off as I reached the top of the stairs, arriving at the hall which was getting full of alumni.

    A few hours passes by, and before I knew it, it was close to 10pm already, and by this time the homecoming celebration has begun to die down. Standing around the main stage, I saw KQ walking away from the hall, seemingly heading towards the staff room. Curious as to why she would be heading to the staff room while it's close to the school's closing, I walked towards the staff room, catching a slight whiff of the perfume that KQ was using.

    Reaching the staff room, I grabbed hold of the door, only to find out that the locking system was turned off, presumably by the school since today was the last day of operations. Opening the door, I slowly made my way into the staff room and I began looking around for KQ's cubicle, which I knew was at the very back of the staff room. As I walked slowly towards the back, the memories I had of the school while I was still studying here flooded my mind. It was also during my Secondary 3 time that I was taught by KQ, and it was actually from there that I started fantasizing about her, albeit in a good way in the beginning.

    Soon, I finally made it to the area where her cubicle was, but KQ wasn't there. Confused as I was pretty sure she came inside, I decided to turn back, but as I was about to leave, I heard a sound coming from the pantry area. Curious, I headed towards the pantry, and saw KQ sitting on her own at the table, looking through her phone. Deciding to make conversation, I knocked on the pantry door lightly, which might had been a bad idea as KQ yelped in surprise before turning around and looked at me.

    KQ: Oh my-! You scared me, B. What are you doing here in the staff room at this time? Shouldn't you be at the school hall for the closing ceremony?

    B: Well I was at the ceremony, but then I got bored so..

    KQ: So you got bored and decided to just walk into the staff room of all places huh? Haha, you can do better then that right.

    B: Alright, you caught me. It's been a long time since i came into the staff room, so I thought of just walking around and having a look... surely that won't be much of an issue right?

    KQ: Well, as long as you don't take anything that doesn't belong to you, I guess it should be fine. Anyways.. you take your time to look around. I should probably make my way out of school as well. It was nice seeing you after so long, B.

    Saying that, KQ got up from the table and walked past me, exiting the pantry with a smile on her face as she does so. As she walked past me, I involuntarily reached my hand out, grabbing hold of her wrist. KQ stopped and looked at my hand, before looking up at me.

    KQ: Is.. something the matter, B?

    B: KQ, I uh...

    KQ: Yes...?

    Without responding and without warning, I turned to face KQ, and pulled her towards me, forcefully kissing her right on the lips, in turn causing KQ to widen her eyes in shock, staring at me. After a brief moment, I let go of KQ and stepped back, my mind trying to process what I just did. KQ, looking wide-eyed in shock, looked at me briefly and stepped back as well.

    KQ: W-What was that for..?!

    B: I-I'm sorry, I don't know what---

    KQ: I-In any case! Y-You shouldn't be here, g-get moving already..

    Completely flustered, KQ quickly ducked back towards her cubicle, sitting down with her back turned towards me, seemingly not wanting to communicate any further with me.

    As I stood there looking at the view of her back, the feeling I had when I kissed her came back up, and subconsciously a part of me wanted to take it a step further. Giving in to my own subconscious thoughts, I stepped forward into KQ's cubicle, and staying silent, spun the chair that she was sitting on around, before bending forward and forcefully kissing KQ once again, this time pressing my body weight against her. KQ's eyes widened once again as she attempted to push me off her, but because she was seated down and I was bent forward standing, she wasn't able to do so, and was hence looking at me with fear.

    After a while, I broke away from KQ, and by this point I was already planning to take things one step further. As I stood up and away from her chair, KQ quickly stood up and attempted to run for the door, but I managed to grab her in time, pushing and pinning her down on her desk, clearing it of clutter along the way. As KQ struggled and tried to scream, I instinctively slapped her hard across the face, KQ yelping in pain and looking at me with tears in her eyes.

    KQ: P-Please, don't... don't do this... y-you know that this isn't right..!

    B: I'm sorry, but at this point I'm not about to just stop here.

    Saying that, I grabbed KQ by her wrist and dragged her back to the pantry, KQ struggling to break free to no avail. Entering the pantry, I pushed and pinned her down onto the sofa inside, getting on top of her and effectively pinning her down fully. Looking down at her, I then proceeded to move my hands to her legs, touching and rubbing her thighs through her pants. Feeling my hands on her thighs, KQ squirmed around uneasily, still attempting to push me off.

    Ignoring her futile attempts, I decided to take it one step further. Moving my hands further up her legs and to the buckle area, I undid her pants, about to pull it off her. At this point, KQ's eyes widened with fear, and she began struggling even more.

    KQ: G-Get off me!! Help, somebody!! HELP!!!

    B: No one's gonna come to your help!! Shut up!!

    KQ: HELP--- A-Ack!!!

    In a desperate attempt to silence her, I instinctively swung my hand at KQ, this time alot harder then I did previously. And maybe it was a bit too hard, as upon impact, KQ screamed in pain and fell silent. Worried that I might had taken things too far, I checked to see if she was still breathing, and to my relief she was indeed still breathing but unconscious. Armed with the knowledge that KQ won't be waking up anytime soon, I resumed my actions, pulling down and tossing her pants away and hence leaving KQ in her purple panties.

    The sight of KQ naked from the waist turned me on even more, and I proceeded to rub my fingers against her panties where her pussy would be covered. As I'm doing so, I looked back at KQ, who was still unconscious. Knowing that I could now have my way with her till she wakes up, I slowly pulled her panties off, revealing her shaven pussy, the sight of it making my dick erect.

    Not wasting any time, I gently pushed two fingers into her pussy and began fingerfucking her, slowly picking up speed. As I'm fingering her, KQ let out a soft moan, which caused me to stop and look at her. Luckily, she was still unconscious, and I began fingering her faster her juices coating the fingers inside and leaking down my hand. Unable to hold it in anymore, I took my fingers out and proceeded to strip her completely naked, tossing her top and matching purple bra aside, her tits and full body completely naked now. I also did the same for myself, taking my pants and boxers off revealing a erect, 5-inch meatstick that was my dick.

    With my dick now out and ready to taste KQ, I got off the sofa and carried KQ to the glass table in the centre of the pantry. Placing her down on the cold glass, I spread apart and stood between her legs, rubbing the head of my meat against her pussy lips which was moist from the prior fingerfucking. Feeling the warmth emanating from her pussy, I took aim and pushed my dick straight into KQ's pussy, the full girth of it disappearing deep within her warm pussy. Feeling her insides wrapping around me, I began to thrust fast, pounding my dick into her pussy vigorously with each movement. Lost in the moment of fucking her pussy, I groped her tits and began sucking on them hard, unaware that KQ was slowly stirring back to consciousness.

    KQ: N-Nghnn.... wha-- What are you doing, stop!!!!

    Hearing her voice, I slowed down momentarily, holding her waist down firmly, and looked at her lustfully. By this point, I no longer cared if she was going to resist or not, for I knew that I could overpower her again.

    B: Oh you're up. Great, I was wondering how long it would take for you to wake up.

    KQ: G-Get away from me..!!!

    B: Too late for that I think... I'm already in your pussy

    KQ: Y-You're already in my-- N-No don't! S-Stop this!

    B: Like I said. Too... late!

    KQ: Aaaah!!!! STOP!!!!

    Still grabbing her waist, I pulled out of her pussy slightly, the head still inside. Without warning, I thrusted forward hard, pushing the full girth of my dick deeply into KQ's pussy, which caused her to scream out in pain as she wasn't accustomed to the size and length that was in her. The more she screamed, the harder I pounded my dick into her pussy, and it wasn't long before I could feel the pressure building up at my dick.

    B: Fuck, fuck!! I'm going to cum in you soon, Kai Qing!!

    KQ: N-NO!! NOT INSIDE!!! S-STOP!! STOP!!!!

    B: *grunts* Urgh, cumming KQ! Cumming...!!!

    Grunting loudly and now grabbing her thighs and spreading her legs as much as possible, I slammed my dick fully into Kai Qing's pussy hard, and finally unloaded a hot load of cum deep into her. Feeling the warm load of cum filling up her pussy, Kai Qing screamed as she attempted to push me off and get off the table, but I held onto her still. My dick still erect and in her pussy, I began pounding her once more, this time doing so harder and rougher and even faster, and it wasn't long before Kai Qing screamed out, and I could feel her pussy tighten around my dick as she reached her first orgasm, squirting hard in the process, my dick rapidly building pressure and once again unloading deep into her


    B: Mmmmm fuckkk!!! Cumming again!!!!

    With both of us cumming at the same time, I pulled out from Kai Qing's pussy, watching my double loads of cum leak out from her pussy slowly. Kai Qing, now completely defiled and exhausted from her first orgasm, covered her face with her hands, sobbing uncontrollably at the fact of being raped and possibly impregnated by me. Yet to be satisfied, I pulled her down from the table and pushed her down to her knees, stroking my dick back to erection when she was on the floor.

    B: Come on, let's finish up here Kai Qing. Look up.

    KQ: No... No more please...

    B: Don't be so reluctant. We just fucked each other's brains out.. surely you still want more.

    Upon hearing me say this, Kai Qing uncovered her face and looked up at me, and I took the chance to grab hold of her head, forcing my dick into her mouth and began facefucking her roughly. Choking and gagging, Kai Qing tried pushing me away, but because I was firmly grabbing onto her head, she relented and gave in to my violation.

    Sensing that she wasn't doing much, I pulled out from her mouth and slapped her across the face, warning her that if she didn't start being proactive, we'd be here for a longer time then she needs. Giving up, Kai Qing reluctantly took hold of my dick that was coated in a mix of her juices and saliva, and sucked on it hard, causing me to moan out loudly as I grabbed a fistful of her hair and facefucked her once again, forcing her to deepthroat me with each motion.

    Soon, I could feel my dick about to unload again, and this time I took over completely, grabbing and holding Kai Qing's head in place as I began facefucking her harder and harder, and it wasn't long before I grabbed the back of her head and pushed forward, my dick hitting the back of her throat as I unloaded hot cum down her, Kai Qing's eyes widening as she swallowed whatever she could before forcefully pushing herself away from me, coughing and gagging hard.

    KQ: A-Ack..!! H-How much did you...

    B: Ooo fuck... your mouth felt so fucking good, Kai Qing.. didn't know you were a deepthroater..

    KQ: A-Are we done.. I'm l-leaving..

    B: Sure, you can leave..

    As Kai Qing slowly stood up and walked to the door where her clothes were, the sight of our juices leaking from her pussy got me hard again, and as she reached the door and bent down to take her clothes, I got behind her and without warning, forced my dick into her ass raw. Feeling the intrusion in her ass, Kai Qing screamed loudly in pain as I began mercilessly fucking her ass, forcing her to lean forward against the door frame to support her screaming self. As I continued to pound her ass roughly, I grabbed her hair from behind and pulled her head back, kissing her forcefully while my dick violated her ass, instinctively moving my free hand down to her soaked pussy and also began fingerfucking her hard. Feeling both her pussy and ass getting violated was her breaking point, as Kai Qing finally screamed what I was hoping she would say eventually, as she broke away from the forced kiss and moaned loudly in pleasure and euphoria, her ass tightening around my dick as I could feel the build up.


    B: I'm going to cum in your ass, Kai Qing!!


    B: Cumming!!!! Argh fuck!!!!

    KQ: AAAAAHH!!!!!

    Unable to hold in the build-up any further, I grunted loudly and jerked forward, pushing my dick as deeply into her ass as I could and in the process pushing Kai Qing against the door frame even more, my dick unloading a huge load of hot cum into the deepest reaches of her ass, my fingers feeling her pussy tightening and wrapping around them as Kai Qing screamed out in pure pleasure, orgasming and squirting harder from feeling her ass getting filled up fully. Stopping for a brief moment, I slowly pulled my dick out from her ass, watching the cum inside leak and flow down her thighs. At this point, Kai Qing was panting hard, her body sweating profusely after just getting fucked in the one place she'd never thought she would be fucked in.

    Composing herself and not bothering to pick up her clothes, Kai Qing turned and looked at me, before walking towards me and hugging me, her hand going for my dick and stroking it back to life. Looking at her, I smirked as I knew what it was that she wanted.

    B: You... wanna go again huh...?

    KQ: Yes... this time let's.. do it... in my cubicle... how's that sound...?

    B: Heh, sure... I know a way out of the school...

    KQ: We have all night...~

    Saying that, Kai Qing led me to her cubicle, and without saying anything, sat on her table and spread her legs apart. Knowing what she wanted me to do, I stood between her legs and pushed my dick back into her pussy again. Kai Qing moaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around me, seemingly not wanting me to pull out, and whispered in my ears to fuck her brains out. I smirked lustfully and complied, thrusting roughly and violently against her pussy immediately, my hands squeezing and abusing her tits as Kai Qing couldn't help but moan louder and louder with each thrusting of my erect meatstick that was going deeper and deeper into her lustful pussy.

    It wasn't long before we both reached our climax, and as we both cummed simultaneously, we kissed each other roughly, our tongues going to work at the other's. By the time we were done fucking each other senseless, the school gates has officially closed, leaving just the two of us within the school compound. Both of us fully aware that there was no one else but us in the school, we chose to stay in the staff room office, and throughout the night Kai Qing was mercilessly fucked out of her senses as she lost her professional teacher image in a wave of lust and euphoria that was brought out of her as a result of being raped by her own student.

    As the sun rose the next day, Kai Qing and I had fucked each other in almost every area of the staff room and even went as far as doing it at the security post. Getting our stuff and washing up in the staff showers (which of course included another round of rough, lustful sex), the two of us left via a broken fence at the back of the school compound. From there, Kai Qing brought me back to her home, and we continued fucking each other for the rest of the day.

    This is a fictional story. None of it is true. Pics submitted by a fan of my works. Names were submitted by fan as well. Theme was proposed by user too! Pure coincidence if it’s real.

    Theme is about a party gangrape.

    Angel, is well known for her voluptuous body and outgoing personality. An avid party goer, she almost always parties every Wednesday night because it’s ladies night and on Fridays when she gets guys to buy her drinks.

    Her group of friends consists of 4 guys and another girl. Of the 4 guys, Angel has always had a thing for Steven but they have never tried dating before. Xavier, Ivan and Bryce were like god brothers to Angel and have always fantasized about fucking Angel. Sally on the other hand is Angel’s best friend and they’ve both had some lesbian action in the past.

    Angel, being the one that loves flaunting her figure always gets her friends to take pics of her. Especially before they go to parties. Angel loved showing off her leggy figure with her short tight skirts. If she could get away with not wearing a bra, she would do it. She loved being a temptress and loved teasing guys.

    Due to the COVID situation, the 5 of them decided to book a hotel room and party amongst themselves instead of heading out to clubs. As it was approaching Angel’s birthday, they decided to host a party for her.

    Angel being Angel, wore a tight skirt and posed for sexy pictures to post on IG and she knew that the guys would be unable to keep their eyes off her. She was okay with the occasional grinding on them with her tight skirt and perky ass during their clubbing days.

    As she was posing for her IG stories, the guys could not keep their eyes off her. Xavier brought the guys to one end of the room under the pretext of getting stuff and quietly told the guys his plan to fuck Angel tonight.

    Shortly after, their food arrived and their alcohol arrived. Being the alcoholic, Angel made everyone take shots. Out of her clique, she’s the most tanky drinker and can almost always out drink the guys.

    “Bo tah bo lampa” Angel said as she challenged the boys to drink. 5/6 shots later, Angel started getting high and she did not realize that the guys were secretly going to the toilet to spit out their shots. They did that to prevent themselves from getting drunk.

    The night went on with them drinking more and playing games like strip poker and kings cup. When Angel and Sally started making out and fingering each other in front of the guys, the guys knew that it’s their chance to get some action.

    Steven casually went up to Angel after she and Sally broke free of their embrace and started kissing her neck. To his surprise, she did not push him away. She let him touch her all over but the moment he started fingering her, she held his hand to push it away.

    “Come on, you know you want it. I promise I’ll be gentle.” Steven muttered as he out powered Angel and continued fingering her.

    Being intoxicated, she could not stay in control and let out a soft moan when Steven penetrated her with his fingers. As she started sobering up, she realized that situation she was in. Xavier started making out with Sally to distract her from what was happening to Angel and Bryce and Ivan were taking videos of what’s happening.

    She began pushing Steven away and telling him to stop but he wouldn’t budge. He forced her down on the bed and started eating her out. She tried to push him away but was struggling quite hard until she kicked him in the face. He immediately responded by turning her on her back, pressing her back downwards and with her perky ass facing upwards to him, he pulled out his dick and was teasing her pussy with it.

    “Stop steven, please. Don’t fuck me. I don’t want it.” Angel begged.

    Steven responded by forcing his dick into her wet pussy, ignoring her pleas.

    “Fuck, you’re so wet for me. I bet you like to be dominated don’t you?” Steven said as he penetrated her mercilessly and started fucking her tight, wet pussy.

    Bryce promptly took a bottle of vodka and forced Angel to drink it. Soon enough, she was back to being intoxicated and unable to control herself.

    It was at that moment when Angel started being less hostile and wasn’t struggling as much as Steven was pounding her from the back. As Bryce unzipped his pants to get his dick some action, Steven turned Angel over, started fucking her front the front and Bryce forced his dick into her mouth. Ivan, upon seeing that Sally and Xavier were full on fucking, decided to join them instead because he didn’t want Sally to try and stop Steven and Bryce from forcing themselves on Angel.

    As Steven was mercilessly slamming Angel’s pussy, Bryce was getting his dick well lubricated from Angel’s saliva. After a few more thrusts, Steven let loose in her pussy. He ejaculated his hot load into her tight pussy. At this point, Angel started sobering up again and was frustrated with herself for being unable to stop the guys. But feeling a hot load in her pussy turned her on a bit. Steven then signaled Bryce to come over and carry on. They switched places and Bryce penetrated Angel’s pussy filled with pussy juices and Steven’s hot load. Steven then shoved his dick into her mouth whilst groping her tits.

    “I bet you’re loving this. We’ve been dreaming of fucking you since a long time ago. This is what you get for teasing us all the time. You know it, we know it.” Steven said as he was face fucking Angel.

    Angel instinctively tried to match their movements faster and suck harder to let them finish faster so this ordeal can be over but little does she know, she’s going to be in for a long night.

    As Bryce was pounding her pussy, Ivan secretly came over and started videoing the whole show. Within minutes, Bryce too, ejaculated into Angel’s pussy. Now that two of the, have cummed inside Angel, it was Ivan’s turn. As Angel was laying there with her legs open and cum flowing out of her pussy, she was furiously sucking Steven off so that he would be done. But that seemed to turn Ivan on. He too had his fun fucking her harder and harder. By the time he filled her up with his cum, Angel gave up trying to fight them off and succumbed to her inner whore.

    Next up was Xavier who came over and had his turn. Whilst he was pumping Angel, the rest of the guys were resting their dicks for the next round. They turned to Sally to use her as a warm up before fucking Angel mercilessly again. As Xavier was pumping Angel, she managed to get an orgasm whilst being forcefully fucked.

    “Ugh fuck, I’m going to cum. Please don’t stop.” moaned Angel.

    As Xavier finished in her pussy, all 4 guys have filled Angel up with their cum. As they were resting or warming their dicks up, Angel lay there breathlessly unable to process what just happened, not knowing whether or not she liked the experience. Sure, she orgasmed many times. Sure, it was rough. But it was fun. Being used like a slut, she didn’t know how to comprehend it.

    Steven, still not satisfied, went over to Angel and turned her over. With her ass facing him, he started fucking her pussy. His dick went in easily because it was already filled with cum and Bryce went to her face and started face fucking her. Whilst she was being spit roasted, Ivan and Xavier also wanted their turn. They changed position so that they utilized all her holes at the same time. Steven claimed Angel’s pussy, Bryce was mouth fucking Angel and Xavier was fucking her ass. With all her holes simultaneously fucked, Ivan was the one that didn’t have her pussy. So he started fucking Sally whilst enjoying the 3 guys fuck Angel all at once.

    As if on cue, Steven came into Angel’s pussy and Bryce shot his load down her throat and Xavier emptied his balls into her tight virgin anus. As Ivan was about to ejaculate, he pulled out of Sally and left her hanging. He quickly went over to Angel and shoved his dick into her mouth and started fucking her hard. He grabbed her head and treated her mouth like a fleshlight and unleashed his load down her throat.

    This last on for the entire night till morning. The boys relentlessly fucked her and didn’t even stop when she was unconscious. She completely lost control and orgasmed many times throughout the night. Even when she was unconscious, the boys didn’t show mercy and carried on using her like a life size fuck doll. They only stopped when none of them could cum anymore and their balls were entirely empty.

    They didn’t even bother cleaning up and left her on the bed with all her holes filled with cum. Her whole body had cum stains and they just left her there naked and sleeping.

    When she woke up, she just sat there, dazed and unsure of what to feel. All she knew was that she was hungry for more. If anything, the forced fucking awoke something primal in her.

    Ever since getting fucked out of her mind during her 20th birthday, Jin Teng has never felt more confident of her body and assets, often hookng up with boys from her uni and sometimes even going as far as to hook up with men that she met online. But Jin Teng wasn't always like this. As a matter of fact, all of her sexual desires came to the surface due to an incident that happened when she was in secondary school. An incident that, till this day, only a few people knew about.

    Even during secondary school, Jin Teng was already quite well-developed. For a then-15 year old girl, her tits was at a B+, and it was because of that very reason that Jin Teng became the subject of many of her male classmates' and schoolmates' topic of interest, so much so that even most of the teaching staff was aware of who Jin Teng was, even if she wasn't in their class. One teaching staff in particular was Mr Tay, a P.E. teacher that showed particular interest in Jin Teng ever since he took her class for P.E. during Secondary 1.

    Mr Tay's interest in Jin Teng wasn't without reason too; as it would turn out, Mr Tay happened to stay in the same block as Jin Teng did, and during this time, he would often run into Jin Teng in the early morning as they're on the way to school. As such, Mr Tay took it on himself to help Jin Teng out in school with her academics wherever he can, even though given Jin Teng's grades, her academics wasn't really that much of an issue.

    But there was one other reason why Mr Tay took such an interest into Jin Teng as well. Staying in the same block as Jin Teng gave Mr Tay the opportunity to get closer to her on a personal level, and even though Jin Teng never really felt anything odd about how Mr Tay was treating her, Mr Tay was actually stalking through her Instagram when he managed to get Jin Teng to share her Instagram with him. And this stalking went to the point where Mr Tay would go through her photos on Instagram in his own home at night, and he would make it a point to masturbate to photos of Jin Teng that she took while still in her school uniform. As a result, every time Mr Tay was near Jin Teng, he would always fantasize about how Jin Teng would be his "object" one day, regardless of their teacher-student status.

    What Mr Tay didn't know, was that he wasn't the only one around Jin Teng that had the same fantasy about Jin Teng as himself. This would be something Mr Tay would come to find out for himself during one seemingly unfateful P.E. lesson.

    It was a Friday afternoon, and as the last two lessons for the day was P.E., Jin Teng's class made their way to the indoor sports hall (ISH) for their lesson with Mr Tay. As the class entered the ISH, Mr Tay was just coming out from the storeroom located just behind the male changing room, abit out of sight from the main area of the ISH. Seeing his class, and of course Jin Teng, coming towards him, Mr Tay walked over to them, and greeted the class as usual.

    Mr Tay: Good afternoon, class!

    Everyone: Good afternoon, Mr Tay.

    Mr Tay: Last double period of the day right? I'll try to make it as fun as I can alright? Now, where's the attendance list.. you guys just sit down first while I look for the attendance.

    As Mr Tay looks around for the attendance list, a student stood up from the back of the class and walked up to him, handing a clipboard over to him. Taking it over, Mr Tay looked up at the student, who turned out to be Jin Teng, and smiled at her.

    Mr Tay: Why, thank you Jin Teng. Always so helpful, as usual.

    Jin Teng: You're welcome, Mr Tay.

    Smiling back at Mr Tay, Jin Teng walked back to the class. As she turned around, Mr Tay's eyes quickly looked over Jin Teng. From her back down to her legs, Jin Teng was developed in all the right places. This got Mr Tay slightly excited, as the night prior, he was still going over Jin Teng's photos on Instagram, masturbating to her. Regardless, Mr Tay mentally composed himself, and averted his gaze before addressing the class once again, marking the class' attendance as he explained what they would be doing today.

    Returning to the back of the class and sitting down, a hand patted on Jin Teng's shoulder from behind. Turning around to see who it was, Jin Teng came face to face with two of her male classmates, a Chinese boy about her height, Nigel, and a Malay boy slightly taller then her, Izman. Both boys were of medium build, given the fact that Nigel and Izman was from basketball and football respectively. They were also known to have the best stamina in the class.

    Nigel: Wa seh, compliments from Mr Tay again. It's like every lesson with Mr Tay you confirm get some compliment. Teacher's pet isit?

    Jin Teng: No laaaa, where got. Just being helpful, that's all mah. Why you think until like that aiyoo.

    Izman: Sure or not, being helpful only. Like that you help us also laa.

    Jin Teng: Huh, how you want me help you two ah?

    Nigel: Haha, you don't know how ah? You sure not?

    Jin Teng: Veeeeeery sure.

    As the trio was talking to each other, the rest of the class stood up, and they followed suit. As Jin Teng was standing up, Nigel quickly touched and squeezed Jin Teng's buttcheek, making sure no one but themselves was able to see it. Feeling her buttcheek getting squeezed, Jin Teng yelped in surprise and turned around, looking at the boys while her face was red. Hearing the commotion, Mr Tay called out to the three of them.

    Mr Tay: Is everything alright, you three? Jin Teng, are you okay?

    Jin Teng: Y-Yeap! Everything's fine Mr Tay!

    Nigel: Yea, it's all fine cher!

    Mr Tay: Alright then... alright class, for the next two periods, we'll be playing volleyball. So get into your own teams, and remember: Each team must have a mixed ratio of boys to girls. Alright, get to it!

    With that said, the class split up into their own teams, and admist the chaos of forming teams, the trio of Jin Teng, Nigel and Izman disappeared, the three of them heading to the changing area of the ISH. Their disappearance didn't go unnoticed by Mr Tay, who looked at the three heading for the showers, perplexed as to what they were up to.

    Sneaking away from the class and entering the showers, the trio looked around, slightly surprised at how big the showers was, which consisted of at least 8 shower stalls with 4 stalls on each side, and in the middle of the shower room was a large woden bench, the kind that you would in the toilets of gyms. As Jin Teng walked a bit further from the boys to look around, Nigel closed the door of the shower room, but not fully. Hearing the door close, Jin Teng turned around and looked at the boys, aware what they wanted to do.

    Jin Teng: Right now? But the rest of the class is right outside..

    Nigel: Makes it more shiok, right? Come on la, we do it fast laa.

    Izman: Yah lor, we fast fast one.

    Jin Teng: You guys.. oh fineeeee.. but no making a mess this time okay? I don't have anything else to change to already alright?

    Nigel+Izman: Yessirr.

    Jin Teng sat down on the wooden bench, and as the boys walked towards her, she began to undress herself, taking off her P.E. shorts first before doing the same for her shirt, leaving herself only in a matching pair of sky-blue bra and panties. The boys surrounded her, pulling their shorts and underwear off and revealing two erect dicks on either side of Jin Teng, who placed her hands on each dick and began stroking the hard shafts, looking up at the boys cheekily as the duo started moaning softly to her stroking.

    Jin Teng: How long have you two being holding back your horny thoughts, huh? Your dicks' already hard as rocks.

    Nigel: Shut.. up, Jin Teng... how long has it been since you did this for us eh?

    Izman: Your hands are so fucking good as usual.. faster, Jin Teng..

    Giving the boys a bright smile, Jin Teng stroked their dicks faster, and getting bored of just giving them handjobs, Jin Teng took Nigel's dick and wrapped her mouth around it, sucking and deepthroating hard as she signalled for Izman to stand besides Nigel, wrapping both her hands on Izman's dick and pumping up and down hard. Her change of action caused both boys to moan loudly, Nigel grabbing the back of Jin Teng's head and pushing it down his dick, and Izman grabbing Jin Teng's hands and stroking his own dick with them faster.

    Nigel: Fuck, if you keep doing this Jin Teng, I'm gonna...!

    Izman: S-Slow down, I'm about to..!!

    Jin Teng: Hold it in, Izman, I don't wanna waste your load..~

    Knowing that Nigel is close to ejaculating, Jin Teng let go of Izman's dick, and focused solely on Nigel's pulsating meatrod, wrapping her hands around the base of his dick as she continued to deepthroat his dick hard, her hands playing and fondling with his balls. Unable to hold it in anymore, and coupled with Jin Teng massaging his balls, Nigel grunted loudly and grabbed hold of her head, pushing his dick all the way into Jin Teng's mouth, unloading and cumming a huge load of cum down her throat.

    Nigel: Ooooo fuuuuuuuuck!! Cumming, Jin Teng!! F-Fuuuuck!!

    Jin Teng: M-Mmmmpfhhh!!!!

    Swallowing as much as she could, Jin Teng pulled back from Nigel's dick and coughed hard, gagging and trying to catch her breath as she wrapped her hands on Izman's dick and began pumping it hard, putting his dick in her mouth once she composed herself, deepthroating it almost immediately as traces of Nigel's cum was visible from the corner of her mouth. Grabbing Jin Teng's head roughly, Izman groaned and began facefucking her, his dick hitting the back of her throat each time, the pressure building up rapidly. As Izman continued to facefuck Jin Teng, Nigel got behind her and started fondling her tits, unhooking her bra and tossing it aside in the process., his dick rubbing against her bare back.

    Feeling Nigel groping her tits and rubbing his dick against her back, and Izman's dick about to unload, Jin Teng moaned with Izman's dick in her mouth, and that was enough to send Izman over the edge. Putting both his hands on top of her head, Izman pushed Jin Teng's head fully down his dick, groaning loudly as he cummed hard, shooting a hot load of cum down Jin Teng's throat and overfilling her mouth. Unable to swallow much due to Nigel's large load previously, Jin Teng pulled back and gagged hard, vomitting abit of cum out in the process. Nigel, who was still behind Jin Teng, patted her back with one hand as his other hand squeezed her tits gently, causing Jin Teng to moan out abit louder, traces of both boys' cum on her mouth.

    Jin Teng: Fuck, you two came so much... now my stomach's full of cum thanks to you two..

    Nigel: Who asked you to be so slutty and fuckable..? Do we still have time to continue..?

    Izman: Yea, do we..?

    Jin Teng: Fast one... before the lesson ends..~

    Saying that, Jin Teng stood up and pushed Izman into one of the shower stalls, Nigel following behind. Once in the stall, Jin Teng began stroking both their dicks back to full girth once again, kissing Izman on the lips before switching and kissing Nigel by leaning her head back towards him.

    Letting go of their dicks now, Jin Teng smirked at the boys, and each of them knew what to do next. Pulling Jin Teng forward and lifting her leg up, Izman moved one hand down to her panties and pulled it down, revealing her moist pussy, and pushed his fingers inside, fingerfucking her fast. Nigel, standing behind Jin Teng, groped her tits and pinched at her nipples with one hand, before moving his free hand to and into her pussy as well, his fingers and Izman's both fingering her hard. Surprised by what was going on, Jin Teng moaned out loudly, but Izman and Nigel both kissed her in turn, their tongues licking her own vigorously.

    Feeling that her pussy was wet enough, the boys took their fingers out, and Izman pushed his erect dick into Jin Teng, the full girth of it filling her pussy insides up completely. This caused Jin Teng to widen her eyes and moan in pleasure loudly, only quieting herself down by forcefully kissing Izman. Meanwhile, Nigel took aim at Jin Teng's ass, and spitting on his own shaft, pushed his way into her ass, causing Jin Teng to scream into Izman whom she was still kissing. Both boys looked at each other, and after nodding that they were both comfortable enough, began to thrust and pound Jin Teng hard and rough, Izman now grabbing Jin Teng's other leg and wrapping both legs around his waist, his dick and Nigel's respectively violating her pussy and ass without mercy, Jin Teng moaning loudly without any care at all.

    Jin Teng: Fuck fuck fuck!! You two are going to fucking break me!!! But it's so fucking huge, your dicks...!! Harder, harder...!!! Break me harder...!!

    Izman: Fuck, your pussy is so fucking hot and soaked...!! I'm going to creampie you, Jin Teng!

    Nigel: Such a tight ass!! You deserve all this pounding, Jin Teng! Fucking whore, fucking slut...!!

    Jin Teng: D-Do it, fuck me harder!!! Fuck!!!

    Hearing Jin Teng say that was all the motivation the boys needed, as Izman and Nigel both started pounding even harder and rougher, their dicks going deeper and deeper into her holes. Jin Teng burying her head in Izman's shoulder, screaming in pleasure as she could feel her holes beginning to tighten around their dicks. The boys groaned loudly as they felt her walls tighten around their dicks.

    Nigel: I-I'm gonna cum, fuuuuuuuck!!!

    Izman: Me too!! Jin Teng, here it comes!!


    It wasn't long before both Nigel and Izman grunted and groaned loudly, pushing their dicks as deeply into her ass and pussy as possible, unloading all they have into Jin Teng, who rolled her eyes back and orgasmed hard upon feeling their hot cum fill her insides up, moaning loudly and losing herself to the pleasure, not caring if anyone overheard them. As the trio continued moaning and losing themselves in pleasure, none of them noticed the lens of a phone's camera peeking out above them, coming from the cubicle next door, the camera recording everything that happened in their cubicle.

    As the boys slowly pulled out from her holes, Jin Teng got off Izman and knelt down, deepthroating both boys as she proceeded to clean their dicks with her mouth, her hands massaging their balls hard as she does so. Still sensitive from just cumming in her holes, Nigel and Izman groaned again as each of them grabbed Jin Teng's head and facefucked her roughly as she deepthroated their dicks respectively and shot one final load of cum right into her mouth, jin Teng obediently storing as much of each boy's cum in her mouth and showing it to their respective owners before swallowing it completely, her hands stroking their dicks still.

    As the trio finished up their business in the shower room, the camera that was recording their actions disappeared back into its cubicle, and it only after the trio left the shower, did the owner of the phone walk out from the adjacent cubicle, who was actually Mr Tay this whole time.

    He had in fact followed the trio to the showers, and afer peeking through the slightly ajar door and seeing Jin teng giving the boys deepthroats, made sure that the rest of the class was occupied and hence whipped his phone out to record everything from outside. As the trio was about to move into the cubicle, Mr Tay promptly dismissed the class early, and returned to the showers, quietly making his way into the showers and into the adjacent cubicle, and resumed his recording of Jin Teng getting fucked by her own classmates. With the full recording now in hand, Mr Tay made his way out of the showers and knowing that Jin Teng had CCA in the afternoon, decided that he would not wait any longer to carry out his fantasy with her. As he made his way out of the ISH, he searched for Jin Teng's contact number, and sent her a WhatsApp message.

    Mr Tay: Jin Teng, could you swing by the old SJAB room before your CCA starts? There's something I want to talk to you about.

    It didn't take long before Mr Tay got a reply from Jin Teng.

    Jin Teng: Huh, at the old St John's CCA room? You mean the one at Level 4, besides the Music Room?

    Mr Tay: Ya, that's the one. You can come in your CCA attire if you want. It won't take long. I'll see you in 30 minutes there?

    Jin Teng: Okay, sure i guess... see you there Mr Tay :)

    Knowing that Jin Teng would be coming, Mr Tay quickly made his way to the location, but not before returning to his car to pick up a small black bag.

    Arriving at the old SJAB room, now dressed in a pink OBS shirt, Jin Teng knocked on the door. She was still feeling sore from Nigel and Izman pounding her holes so roughly, and hence had trouble walking too fast. As she was about to knock on the door again, the door opened, and Mr Tay was standing at the other side of the door looking at her.

    Mr Tay: Oh you're here. On time as well. Come on in.

    Jin Teng: Thank you, Mr Tay.

    Smiling at Mr Tay, Jin Teng slowly made her way into the room, which was pretty decent in size, the room being able to house two sofas and a rectangular wooden table, along with a couple of metal cabinets. This was Jin Teng's first time coming into this room, and the furnishings took her by surprise.

    Jin Teng: Waoh, the room still looks pretty clean even if it isn't used at all. Mr Tay, do you come here to clean often?

    Mr Tay: When I have the time, yeap. But normally I don't come up here often as well. Anyway, the reason why I asked you here was because there's something I want to talk to you about.

    Jin Teng: What's it about, Mr Tay?

    Mr Tay: Well, it's about where you went with Nigel and Izman during P.E. just now.

    Jin Teng: We were playing volleyball during P.E., Mr Tay. Where else could we-

    Mr Tay: You might want to see this first before answering my question.

    Saying that, Mr Tay took his phone out and swiped a few times, before passing his phone to Jin Teng and sitting down on the sofa. Taking over the phone, Jin Teng looked at the screen, and was horrified to find out that Mr Tay was in fact playing the video of her giving blowjobs to Nigel and Izman, recorded from outside the showers. As the blowjob video came to end and Jin Teng froze on the spot, another video started playing as well, this one of Jin Teng getting fucked in the cubicle by the boys.

    Mr Tay: I'll ask again. Where did you three run off to during P.E. just now, Jin Teng?

    Jin Teng: I... i was uh...

    Mr Tay: If you're not going to be honest with me, then you'll leave me no choice but to report this to the discipline commitee. You know what happens when I do that, don't you?

    With those words in the air, Mr Tay stood up and walked to the door, prepared to report the incident to the school discipline commitee. As he reached for the door handle, Jin Teng grabbed hold of his arm, and Mr Tay turned around to look at her, only to see Jin Teng tearing up, trembling in fear of the repurcussions if her deeds was reported.

    Jin Teng: P...Please, Mr Tay... please don't.. report this...

    Mr Tay: Don't report what? The fact that you're openly having sex in school during lessons?

    Jin Teng: ....

    Mr Tay: Is that a no? Alright then--

    Jin Teng: Y-YES!! Please don't report me!!!

    Mr Tay: Then what do you propose we do, if I can't report it? Surely there must be something that can be done.

    Jin Teng: .....

    Mr Tay: If you don't know what to do, then I guess I'll have to take the initiative myself.

    Jin Teng: W-Wait please!

    Still trembling in fear, Jin Teng placed her stuff down, and with Mr Tay still looking at her, she began to undress herself, tossing her shirt and shorts towards the sofa, standing there in a pair of biege bra and panties, covering her privates with her arms in the process. Knowing full well that he already has her under his control, Mr Tay went to the door, dead-locking it from inside, before turning to face Jin Teng, who by this point was sobbing uncontrollably, her face red.

    Mr Tay walked towards the sobbing Jin Teng, hugging her and then kissing her bare neck hard, sucking on the skin in the process. Jin Teng let out a moan in surprise, but quickly quietened herself as Mr Tay smirked and began kissing and sucking on her neck more, Jin Teng trying desperately to stifle her moans. Briefly stopping, Mr Tay let go of Jin Teng, and took her arms by the hand, uncovering her privates.

    Mr Tay: i want you to do something for me. Get down on your knees with your eyes closed. Don't ask me why, do it.

    Jin Teng: W-What do you...

    Mr Tay: Do it before I change my mind.

    Jin Teng: O-Okay!

    Gulping, Jin Teng got down on her knees as commanded, closing her eyes tight. Seeing Jin Teng having closed her eyes, Mr Tay began undoing his pants and pulled it down along with his boxers, revealing a semi-erect dick, way thicker and longer then Nigel's and Izman's. Making sure that Jin Teng still had her eyes closed, Mr Tay took one of her hands and placed it on his dick, using her hand to stroke it to a full erect 6.5 inches. Feeling the warm stick on her hand, Jin Teng opened her eyes slightly and gasped loudly, completely taken aback by how big Mr Tay's dick was.

    Jin Teng: I-It's huge..! H-How..

    Mr Tay: Suck on it deep.

    Jin Teng: I-I can't fit this in my mouth, Mr Tay..! I'd choke..

    Mr Tay: Do it. Or I will.

    Jin Teng: Cher, I can-- MMMMMMMFFFFPPH!!!! AGNN!!

    Not wanting to hear any excuses from Jin Teng, Mr Tay grabbed hold of her head, and forced his full girth into her mouth, facefucking her roughly at once, the tip of his dick constantly hitting the back of her throat. Caught completely off guard and gagging, Jin Teng tried pushing herself away from Mr Tay, but as Mr Tay was grabbing onto her head firmly, all Jin Teng could do was comply with his actions, deepthroating his dick on her own will.

    Mr Tay: Oh god, you're sucking me so hard..!

    Jin Teng: *takes his dick out from her mouth and strokes it hard* P-Promise you won't report me after this... if you do.. I'll give you more..

    Mr Tay: If you perform well, I will consider it.

    Jin Teng: Alright, I'll do my best...

    Saying that, Jin Teng resumed on deepthroating Mr Tay, her hands pumping down on his dick rapidly as she began licking the full girth as she goes deep on him. Letting out moans of pleasure, Mr Tay ran his hands through Jin Teng's hair, and grabbed a fistful of it as he too began pistoning his dick in and out of her mouth, facefucking Jin Teng at his own pace.

    It wasn't long before Mr Tay let out a loud moan of plesaure as he pushed his dick all the way into Jin Teng's mouth, forcing Jin Teng to gag hard as the tip went slightly down her throat and erupted, unloading a large load of cum straight down her throat. Unable to keep it all in her mouth, Jin Teng pulled back and began coughing uncontrollably, Mr Tay standing back and watching as his dick remained erect.

    Jin Teng: S-So thick...

    Mr Tay: We're not even done yet, Jin Teng.

    Jin Teng: W-Wait, Mr Tay..!

    Stepping up to Jin Teng, Mr Tay ignored her pleas for him to stop as he pulled her up and pushed her onto the table, turning her around and pinning her back first down onto the table. Jin Teng, still trying to catch her breath, watched in horror as Mr Tay reached for the black bag and pulled out a dildo that was a bit too big for her pussy. But Mr Tay had other ideas, as he took out a bottle of KY from the black bag and rubbed it all around the dildo. With Jin Teng now lying on the table, Mr Tay spread her legs wide apart and stood between her legs, preventing Jin Teng from closing her legs, and without warning, tore her panties off and shoved the entirety of the dildo into Jin Teng's ass. The rough invasion of the dildo in her ass almost broke Jin Teng, as she screamed loudly in pain, but there was nothing she could do to stop Mr Tay, who was beginning to thrust the dildo in and out of her ass hard. his dick still erect and coming close to touching her wet pussy, which was still leaking cum from Nigel and Izman.


    Mr Tay: Nope, you're going to get your ass fucked by this dildo.


    Mr Tay: Then how's this?

    Looking down at her leaking pussy, Mr Tay rubbed his head against her pussy lips, Jin Teng moaning and screaming, and keeping the dildo in her ass and setting it to vibrate mode, pushed his erection fully into Jin Teng's pussy, his dick barely able to go in fully due to the size and girth. Feeling Mr Tay's dick fill her pussy up even though it wasn't even fully in, and with the dildo vibrating in her ass, Jin Teng screamed in pain and pleasure, as Mr Tay began thrusting and pounding her pussy roughly, each time the head hitting her womb hard. Grabbing her legs, Mr Tay relentlessly pounded on and on, feeling Jin Teng's pussy wrapping tightly around his dick


    Mr Tay: You fucking slut!! Your pussy's sucking on my dick so tightly!! I'm going to break your womb and pussy!!!! Fuuuck!!!


    Mr Tay: Cumming too!! Cum with me, Jin Teng!!!!

    Feeling his dick building up pressure, Mr Tay pushed as far into her pussy as he could, the head now actually managing to push into Jin Teng's womb, and Mr Tay yelled loudly as he unloaded a even larger load of cum straight into her womb, Jin Teng's pussy wrapping even tighter around his dick as she screamed out in pleasure, orgasming hard and squirting all over the floor.

    Stopping to catch his breath, Mr Tay pulled his large dick out from Jin Teng's pussy, his cum leaking out. Pulling the dildo out as well, Mr Tay pushed his dick into her ass, fucking her violently as Jin Teng widened her eyes and moaned uncontrollably, her body rocking in tandem with Mr Tay's ruthless pounding of her ass.


    Mr Tay: Such a good slut!! Here I cum!!!

    Bending forward and ripping her bra off, Mr Tay and Jin Teng frenched each other as his dick erupted deep in her ass, filling her up with more hot cum, Jin Teng moaning loudly into their kiss, her body convulsing hard as she orgasmed an squirted wildly all over, her pussy juices forming a puddle on the floor. Sweating hard and trying to catch his breath, Mr Tay looked at Jin Teng lying on the table, sweating and panting hard.

    Jin Teng: F-Fuck.... I still want your large dick, cher... I want it...

    Mr Tay: Are... Are you sure you still want to keep going... you have CCA soon you know...

    Jin Teng: It's okay... I can skip a day or so... if it means having your massive cock fuck me again and again...

    Knowing that Jin Teng has completely gave in to her sexual desires, Mr Tay slowly pulled out from her pussy, and Jin Teng got off the table slowly, kneeling down as she wrapped her hands around Mr Tay's large manhood, stroking it hard and deepthroating it once again, this time rubbing her tits against the girth of his shaft. Moaning as she continued servicing his dick, Mr Tay cupped Jin Teng's tits with his hands and fondled them, pinching her nipples gently. Jin Teng, having just put his dick into her mouth, moaned as she bobbed her head up and down Mr Tay's shaft deeply while her hands continued to pump rapidly, the latter grunting and grabbing hold of Jin Teng's head as she knew he was close to blowing a load once again.

    Jin Teng: Mmmmfffphh.... cum onto my Sec 3 body, cher... cover me..

    Mr Tay: As you wish... faster, Jin Teng. I'm close...

    Jin Teng took his dick out from her mouth and began titfucking Mr Tay, squeezing her tits tightly around his meat, and it wasn't long before Mr Tay groaned loudly and took a step back, stroking his dick hard as he took aim at Jin Teng's naked body and blew a large load of cum all over her, covering her face and body with his spunk. Jin Teng yelped and closed her eyes, surpirsed by how much her teacher could still shoot out. Opening her eyes slowly, Jin Teng crawled towards Mr Tay, and used her mouth to thoroughly clean his dick, swallowing whatever leftover cum she could get.

    Following the intense sex they both had in the room, Mr Tay decided to end the day with Jin Teng by suggesting that they both take shower together at the ISH's shower room. Jin Teng meekly complied and the duo got dressed quickly before making their way to the ISH. Naturally, upon entering the cubicle, Mr Tay wasted little time as he once against resumed to fucking Jin Teng again in the cubicle, pinning her against the wall as he relished in fucking her ass and pussy all over again, Jin Teng now more than willing to let her teacher have her way with her, taking in loads and loads of cum in her holes and stomach.

    In the days following ever since, Jin Teng would always leave school very late, reason being that as school ends ecah day, she would be a tthe shower room in the ISH waiting for Mr Tay to come fuck her senseless before heading home. At times, Mr Tay would drive Jin Teng home, and they would fuck in his car at a carpark nearby, leaving Jin with loads of cum shot right into her holes and her insides full of love juices. During the weekends, Jin Teng would make an excuse to go out, only to end up at Mr Tay's house, where the two of them would fuck each other non-stop till evening.

    Green-eyed monsters || [TASM!Peter Parker]

    Summary: Your night together gets interrupted by Aunt May, but Peter walks you home so you have time to talk. He knows something's bothering you and you don't hesitate to enlighten him.

    Note: This is based on a request. Jealousy. Fluff. Feel free to leave a review. I didn't do much proofreading, sorry.

    Whenever his aunt had a night shift, Peter invited you over so the two of you could spend some time alone without adults constantly warning you to either stay in the living room or leave the bedroom door open. Peter’s lips curled into a mischievous smile as he leaned a little closer to kiss you, already pushing you on your back. But he miscalculated this move as the bed under you ended and you would have fallen to the floor if it wasn’t for his quick reflexes.

    “I got you,” he said proudly.

    You laughed while he pulled you back on the bed and gave you another kiss. To make sure this didn’t happen again, you sat on top of him and pulled him up into a sitting position by grabbing the front of his shirt, making sure your lips didn’t have to leave his even for one second. It was fortunate that you were alone because you didn’t want to hold back—not now. When he finally decided to help you out of your shirt and bra, you quickly did your part by removing his shirt then pushed him back on the bed to kiss his neck and slowly move down toward his chest.

    Peter buried his hand into your hair and pushed you further down with a hungry look in his eyes. He didn’t have to say anything, you knew exactly what he wanted. You unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans when…

    “Peter, I’m home,” came a familiar voice from the door.

    “You said she had a night shift,” you told him in a hushed tone as you quickly started to get dressed.

    He sat up and pulled on his shirt. “Because that’s what she told me this morning.”

    Crap, you didn’t want to meet her like this. She was a very, very nice woman who supported your relationship, but she—along with your mother—was very, very worried you would risk becoming teen parents if left alone despite both of you being smart enough to know how to use protection. Groaning, you ran a hand through your hair and cursed under your breath. What would you tell her, why were you there?

    “The closet,” Peter suddenly said. “Hide in the closet.”

    Did he really ask you to do that? “I won’t hide in your closet. How would I get out without her noticing?”

    “You want to meet her?”

    “It’s… inevitable. I need to go home tonight or my parents will kill me.”

    Peter bit on his lip as he looked around and put his hands on his waist. “Okay, um, we’ll say you came over to watch a movie.”

    “Then why aren’t we in the living room?” you asked, pointing out the hole in the plan that would surely be found by her in a second.

    “Damn it.”

    “You showed me your secret stamp collection?” you teased him with a laugh.

    “Not helping.”

    Suddenly there was a knock on the door before May asked, “Peter, are you in here?”

    “Yes, I’m here,” he called out then jogged over to open the door a little. “Aren’t you working tonight?”

    “I didn’t feel well so I came home,” she replied and she sure sounded a little weak.

    “Do you need anything?” Peter asked worriedly.

    “No, thank you, I’ll be fine.”

    You couldn’t help it. There was that tingling feeling in your nose, you knew it was coming, but there was nothing you could do to stop it. You sneezed loudly and it was audible even though you put your hands over your mouth in time.

    There was a door between you two, but you could still see May’s suspicious look as she looked at Peter. “I thought we agreed that you two won’t be here alone. And she most definitely can’t sleep over,” she said seriously.

    Letting out a sigh, you walked over to Peter and put a hand on his shoulder. “Hello, Mrs. Parker. I wasn’t planning to sleep here—I know the rules. I’m sorry,” you added with a guilty look on your face. This usually worked on her. Act like you regretted what you did, give her the puppy eyes, say a few nice words, and with that, you can easily avert a crisis. This wasn’t the first time she caught the two of you together.

    “I’m so sorry, I know I should have at least told you,” Peter began, following your lead. “We volunteered to do a project together and we were working on that.”

    “Which is an excellent excuse to spend time together, isn’t it?”

    She saw right through you. Damn it.

    “I think I should go home now,” you told them then turned back into the bedroom to find your bag.

    May let out a long sigh and said, “Peter, I know it’s late, but please, walk her home. The last thing I want is something happening to her.”

    He nodded. “Only if you’ll be fine until I get back.” May nodded. “Okay, there will be no detours, I promise.”

    You lived near, only a fifteen or so minutes long walk away from them. You walked side by side on the sidewalk in silence, but you could tell by the look on his face that something bothered Peter. It wasn’t that his aunt caught you, and you were also sure it wasn’t her not feeling well. Then what was it? He’d been so strange lately that you were beginning to wonder if there was a reason behind it.

    Was it a simple mood that would pass? Or did it have anything to do with her? After all, they had been spending quite a lot of time together lately.

    Peter came to an abrupt halt and took your hand to make you stop as well. “Why were you acting so strange back there?” he asked seriously.

    You raised an eyebrow in question. What the hell could he be referring to? You were as normal in his aunt’s presence as you could be in this situation. “Strange how?”

    “As if you were a hungry little kitten craving attention,” he explained, massaging your hand with his thumb as he pulled you closer. “I love it, don’t get me wrong, but you’re usually not like that.”

    Should you tell him? Maybe that would clear the air and make things a little better. Thinking so much about it only made you more and more depressed as the days passed. Just thinking about the possibility of losing him was enough to turn you into an emotional mess, and it sure as hell awakened the green-eyes monster inside you.

    After taking a deep breath, you pulled your hand away. “It’s… I noticed that you’re spending a lot of time with Gwen recently. Why? Is there something going on between you?” you demanded, risking to sound like a jealous bitch. But you couldn’t care about that anymore, you wanted answers.

    “What? You think there’s something going on between us?” he asked incredulously. “Hey, I would never cheat on you. Gwen is only helping me out with something, that’s all. There’s no need to worry, I promise.”

    “What exactly is she helping you with, Peter? Because I can tell there’s something you’re not telling me and it makes me worried about you.”

    He let out a sigh and began pacing back and forth in front of you. After what felt like an eternity, he finally stopped and turned to look at you again. “I’m… Spider-man,” he blurted out.

    Being Spider-man? That was his explanation. You couldn’t help but laugh at this. Great joke, but it didn’t work for long. So there was something he wanted to hide, something that even made him come up with such a ridiculous lie. “Sure you are,” you replied sarcastically.

    “Okay, you want proof?” You nodded without hesitation as you folded your arms over your chest. “All right, fine.”

    Peter took a quick look around to see if anyone was near, but there was no one so he went on with his plan. He walked over to a nearby tree, jumped up, then grabbed a branch to hang from it. Except… No that couldn’t be. He wasn’t gripping that branch, he was sticking to it by his fingertips. This couldn’t be, it had to be a trick. But when you walked there to take a closer look at his hand, you had to admit that it wasn’t a trick.

    “No way,” you muttered.

    He let go of the branch and shrugged. “I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to be in danger because of me,” he explained, extending his hand in hopes you would take it. When you didn’t move, he let out a sigh. “I’m sorry, I know I should have told you already. But… how do you tell someone that you’re Spider-man? Gwen only found out by accident and it was nice to have someone around who knew the truth. She was helping me with my gear, that’s all.”

    This made sense in a way, after all Gwen was smart, you were more than willing to admit that. But it still hurt that he didn’t trust you enough to tell you the truth. Him being Spider-man explained why he disappeared so suddenly sometimes, why you couldn’t reach him for hours, or why he acted stranger than usual. Maybe he was right, though. Being the girlfriend of New York’s favorite hero sure made you a target.

    “Can you promise you’ll be completely honest with me from now on?” you asked, finally breaking the silence between you.

    Peter nodded immediately as he took your hand and kissed it. “No secrets from now on, I promise. Can you forgive me?”

    You only smiled before wrapping your arms around him and burying your face into his chest. “I love you,” you muttered without looking at him.

    “I love you too,” he replied before kissing the top of your head. “We should go, I don’t want to leave Aunt May alone for too long.”

    Anna’s First Time

    All events are fictional

    One evening as Anna was laying on her bed, dressed in only her bra and panties, she began thinking about the time she had seen her sister and that man laying naked together on the bed. She recalled how the man was running his fingers smoothly through her hair and than kissing her softly upon her lips, than kissing her on the side of her face and than on her neck and than as if in slow motion the man made his way down to her breast where his mouth had covered over one of her nipples.

    Anna removed her bra and began to slowly run her hands over her breast and with her fingers, began to squeeze and pull at her nipples. She continued thinking about her sister and the man she was with and recalled watching him as he moved his tongue in a circular motion around her naval and Anna could still remember the look of pleasure on her sister's face that day as the man licked his way down between her legs.

    She then took off her panties and began to wonder just what it would be like to have a man do the same things to her as that man had done to her sister. Anna than closed her eyes and opened her legs and continued thinking about her sister and the man who was than lying on top of her, pushing in and out as they again began kissing. Anna let her hand slide down between her legs and began to touch the top part of her pussy that had now become sensitive to her touch. She began to breathe a little heavier and moaned silently as she could feel the sensation building up inside of her body. She continued to touch her self, first slowly and than faster as the feeling became more intense, until she could not take it any more and than suddenly had stopped.

    The weekend had come and Anna' sister had told her that she was having someone over that night and wanted to be alone and had ask her, after her company arrives, to go and stay in her room. Anna, who agreed, knew who that company would be.

    She knew that her sister was very sexually active and was going to spend time with that man who she had caught her sister having sex with and knew that the both of them were going to engage in sexual activity again.

    Later that night after the man had arrived, Anna' sister had turned and looked at her in such a way as to give her a message that it was time for her to go to her room. Anna took the hint and politely excused herself and went to her bedroom where she undressed into her bra and panties and had then laid down on her bed.

    She was still curious about sex and what it was like having it and wanted so badly to find out. She than removed her bra and panties and as she had done the night before, began to run her hands over her naked body, touching her self and pretending that it was a man who was making love to her.

    She began to feel her breast and than her nipples and than she let her fingers slide down between her opened legs and carefully pushed one of her fingers in and out of her pussy, which now had become wet, and had brought her self to a quick orgasm.

    After the weekend was over and Anna had returned to school, the thoughts of having sex with a man still endlessly ran through her mind.

    There was a girl she knew in her class, who was known to be a very open minded person about her sexuality and not so conservative as most Asian women were known to be.

    Anna had decided to spend some time talking with her between classes and hoped that maybe she could offer her some insight on what it was like to be having sex with a man.

    The girl agreed to sit and talk with Anna and through their conversation, the girl had figured out that Anna was still a virgin, but had promised to keep it a secret.

    She had talked about the wonderful feelings sex could bring to her, and in her own vulgar words had suggested to Anna to go out and find a man who would put his big hard cock inside that tight little pussy of hers and fuck her brains out.

    The girl than laughed as Anna only smiled with embarrassment, but had listened with interest as the girl continued on telling her more about sex and how great it had felt to have a man give oral pleasure and how the feeling was even more better than being fucked.

    They continued to talk until their next class, than afterwards, Anna thanked her and than they both parted, going their separate ways.

    After the last class had ended and the school day was over Anna had returned home.

    Her sister had called to her into the kitchen, where she had prepared an early diner and left it on the stove for her to re- heat when she was ready to eat, and than had told her that she was going out and would return home later that night, and if the man, who had come over last night, should visit, to tell him that she would contact him tomorrow.

    She than kissed Anna on the cheek and had left.

    Anna was sure that her sister was living some kind of wild sex life, always dating many men, and wanted so badly to be doing the same thing.

    Anna went to her room and sat at a desk where she had begun to work on her studies, but had found it hard to concentrate on her school work.

    She had closed her eyes and again began to think about losing her virginity and for a few short moments imagined a man walking into her bedroom while she was alone and disrobing her and laying her down upon her bed and stealing her innocence.

    She than opened her eyes and dismissed her thoughts about sex and went on to complete her school work.

    Afterwards, Anna went down to the kitchen where she re-heated the food that was left there for her and then sat down at the table and ate the food.

    She had returned to her bedroom where she grabbed a clean towel and went into the bathroom where she soaked in a tub of warm water. And while there she began to recall the conversation she had had with her classmate and couldn't help but to giggle as she remembered the vulgar words she used when she had suggested to her about going out and finding a man to fuck her brains out.

    Anna had heard all the vulgar words before and knew all their meanings. She knew all the common slang words that were used by many people when having sex. She knew that the slang word for a girl's breast was tits and a girl's vagina was pussy. She also knew that a man's penis was referred to as a cock and that the sperm that came out of a man's cock was called cum. She also knew that giving a man oral sex was considered to be a blow job.

    She was ready to use them and ready to lose her virginity too, but only one thing was missing, and that was a man. But not just any man, she wanted a man who was strong, handsome and good looking too, but most of all she wanted a man who had confidence in what he was doing and had lots of experience in providing her with sexual pleasure. She wanted a man who would change her from a girl to a woman.

    Her thoughts were than disturbed from the sound of the door bell ringing. Anna than carefully removed her self out of the tub and dried her body and dressed in only a towel that was tightly wrapped around her, quickly ran down the stairs to answer the door. When she had opened the door, there standing before her was the same man that had come over the past two days to spend time with her older sister.

    He smiled warmly and gave a sweet hello. Anna shyly smiled back and than had told him that her sister was out and would not return until later that night. He looked disappointed and had told Anna that he was from America and was going back home tomorrow morning and wanted to give her a gift that he had held in his hand.

    Anna than invited him in and together they both sat on the sofa. He explained to her that he and her sister only had a short term relationship and that he just wanted to see her one last time before leaving.

    He than looked at Anna and began to compliment her on how she was such a pretty and sexy looking woman. Anna, who never had anyone tell her that before, was thrilled to hear it, especially the part about being called a woman and not a girl.

    He continued to compliment her about her lovely black hair and her ebony eyes and how she had such a fine looking figure. Anna loved hearing him talk about her and began to warm up to him as he than placed his hand upon her legs and began to softly and gently run his fingers up and down along her thigh.

    Anna liked the feeling that she was now experiencing as he than placed his lips upon hers. At first she pushed him away but than as she began to weaken she didn't resist him any longer and allowed him to continue kissing her.

    He then asked politely if it was alright with her to go up to her bedroom. She didn't say a word and stayed silent, and had felt a little scared too, but at the same time she had felt a little excited as well.

    He carefully lifted her up from the sofa and cradled her in his arms and carried her up to her bedroom where he carefully laid her on the bed. The man than removed his clothing, leaving only his boxers on as he lay down next to her on the bed, where he again began kissing her lips and than running his fingers through her hair, just as he had done with her sister.

    And even though Anna had still felt scared and nervous, at the same time had felt submissive and allowed him to continue.

    He than loosened the towel that was tightly wrapped around her and opened it up, fully exposing her naked body. The man then began kissing her again, first on her lips than on the side of her face. Anna than closed her eyes and leaned her head back as he started to kiss and lightly nibble on her neck, while his left hand slid down to her right breast where he started to gently squeeze and lightly pull at her nipple. He than kissed his way down to her other breast and placed his mouth over her nipple and began sucking.

    He than opened her legs and began to slide his tongue slowly down along her tummy, circling around her naval and than had moved down even lower and began to gently lick her clit, sending a tingling feeling through her body.

    His mouth than covered over her clit as he began sucking harder on her clit causing her legs to quiver as she stretched and shimmied with pleasure.

    The man than stopped momentarily and stood up to remove his boxers and stood completely nude in front of her.

    Anna looked at his big cock standing so erect and looking quite hard as he than had knelt on the bed near her face and took her hand and placed it on his cock.

    Anna had felt how warm and hard it was in her hand and began to slowly stroke it back and forth.

    He then had slid his hand back down between her legs where he than put one finger inside her pussy and than seconds later used two fingers until her pussy became wetter and looser until he was able to move his fingers smoothly in and out of her.

    He then, in a playful manner, ordered her to put his cock inside of her mouth while he continued fingering her pussy.

    She loved seeing how she was able to please him and she liked when he began talking dirty to her and it turned her on even more when he referred to her as being a slut and a whore.

    He than stopped and opened her legs even more as he than lay on top of her and took his cock in his hand and began to rub the head of it on her clit.

    Anna loved everything that he was doing to her and had felt so sexually excited as he then started to push his cock inside of her. She grimaced in pain as she could feel his cock stretching and opening her tiny pussy, but after several minutes had gone by and the pain had subsided she began to enjoy it even more as she than able to take all of his cock deep inside of her.

    She could feel his hot breathe on her ear and the side of her neck as he began to push even harder and faster as their sex had become more intense.

    They stopped for a few seconds as he ordered her to turn around and get on her hands and knees where she was now bent over as he then put his cock back inside her where he was able to fully penetrate her small pussy.

    While he was fucking her from behind he placed his hands on her hips to get a better hold of her and fucked her even harder and occasionally taking one of his hands and began smacking her ass.

    Anna had moaned and squealed from the pain of his cock pushing deep inside her, but never once complained as he continued to fuck her and smack her ass even harder than before.

    A few seconds later he pulled his cock out of her pussy and had told her to turn around on her back.

    She did what he asked her to do as he then grabbed her by the head of her hair and began to masturbate until his warm cum had squirted out onto her face.

    After he was done with her they both had sat on the side of the bed and had a small conversation. He had insisted that she keep everything they did a secret from her sister. Anna had agreed as he then kissed her upon her lips and than departed