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2021-06-24 14:07:54

    Transylvanian Siesta (WIPs 20/06/2021)

    A couple of Impressionist style concepts of Lady D and the girls basking in the sun. Or perhaps it’s more likely that, as the girls can’t leave the castle, Alcina commissioned a painter to stage them as if outdoors…in Edwardian clothing?

    It’s a mash-up of Sargent’s “Group with Parasols” and “The Siesta.” While the first painting is probably closer to completion, part way through I decided I didn’t like it! It looks a bit too “staged” and there’s too much white in it - the background is also quite busy? 

    I think I prefer the perspective in the second piece, so I’ll probably keep noodling away at this one. The question is what to do with Bela, who is currently a sad-looking blob…Feedback welcome!