My favorite thing to do before executing a risky maneuver is to loudly proclaim to anyone nearby that "I'm young, I'm fantastic, and I'm never gonna die". This is firstly to pump myself up, secondly because if I succeed I'll be proven right in front of an audience, and thirdly because it is the funniest possible thing to say immediately before being horrifically mangled in a completely dumbfuck sort of way


    and patience


    and compromise. and learning.


    Giving up pride


    And communicating.


    forgiving what exactly?


    Forgiving the fact that they’re people who are working through their past, like you, and will occasionally project their past traumas on you the way you might with them. Forgiving yourself, because growth takes time, and learning to be a pair is more work than just being on your own. Having partners you trust to forgive those moments where you might fall, help you back up and move forward, in my opinion, builds up the trust and love you need for a thriving relationship.


    That last comment was beautiful.