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    In Shrek 2, the king tells his wife that he has an "old crusade wound acting up" implying the existence of both the catholic church and islam in the shrek universe


    Well that can be disproven given that a crusade can technically be any religion. There may be a religion in the Shrek universe that has the same righteous entitlement as the Catholic Church, but there is no proof that the Catholic Church actually exists.


    The word "crusade" comes from the French "croisée" which means "to be marked by the Cross", the most important symbol in Christendom. Now we could perhaps entertain the possibility that there is another, different religion in the Shrek universe that considers the cross to be a holy symbol, but the evidence for the existence of Catholicism in Shrek 2 does not stop there.

    Later in the movie, Puss states that he was once the most renowned thief in Santiago de Compostela. This is a city in Spain named after St. James (Santo Iago) and contains the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Catholicism since the early Middle Ages.


    Ah yes, because being married IN A CHURCH BY A BISHOP in no way shows Catholicism existing in the Shrek universe, and we have to rely on where Puss in Boots was stealing from.


    It might be a mystery forever if there’s Catholicism in the Shrek universe.


    Excuse me, that scene does not take place within Shrek 2, and thus arguably doesn’t count for the purposes of proving the existence of Catholicism within Shrek 2.


    Oh, I'm so terribly sorry to have cited ORIGINAL SHREK to prove the existence of Catholicism within Shrek 2, which takes place ONLY A COUPLE OF WEEKS after the first movie.


    real proud of Shrek for destroying the catholic church in just a few weeks