A Kentucky marriage in 1820 had the most unexpected consequence: a family of blue children! This genetic mutation lasted generations due to incest and interbreeding and was not fully treated until the 1960s.

    There were two religious ads on the Supper Bowl yesterday. One from Scientology and one from a christian group called “He Gets Us”. At SEVEN MILLION dollar$ an ad, you would think they could have spent the money more wisely. You know, like on homelessness, earthquake relief, kind of the things that their jesus taught about. As far as scientology, they just want your fucking money. Hail lord xenu! LOL


    The latest report of a creepy winged creature out of Chicago’s Little Village.




    The latest report of a weird, winged humanoid out of Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport.




    • The reality of climate change is sinking in
    • Climate action across the U.S. is now very real
    • The multiple economic benefits of clean energy are becoming too obvious to ignore
    • Climate action is increasingly designed to be equitable and just

    Read the whole thing for details.

    The latest report of a creepy winged creature out of Chicago’s Little Village.


    Though similar to it’s cousin in West Virginia, this ‘Mothman’ is considered to be quite a different animal… Described by many as more bat-like, perhaps even more humanoid, gargoyle-like and even demonic.

    Reports of this creature first began in 2011. Seen by a growing number of witnesses to this day, this winged phantom seems to haunt the city of Chicago by night, swooping between buildings or hanging from lamp-posts… But are there more than one…? The one thing that catapulted this cryptid’s ‘Mothman-nickname’ into circulation, was it’s large glowing red eyes!

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    On This Day in Cryptid History

    October 27th: Floyd R. Hancock claimed that in 1969, he was abducted from his trailer home by a winged monster. Floyd woke up to find the creature hunched over his baby sister’s cradle, before the thing turned its sights on him. He claims he didn’t remember what happened after he was taken, but the whole incident was seen by his grandmother.


    I read about this one online and in the book “Encounters with Flying Humanoids” it was quite the tale.

    The latest ‘Reports from the Void’ describes a winged humanoid sighting out of Muskegon, Michigan.

    Another sighting of a weird, winged humanoid reported in the area surrounding Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport.

    The latest account of high strangeness out of Rockford, Illinois.


    Reminder that if you get that "joy of satan" copypasta that's been going around lately in your inbox, that's a literal honest to G-d not joking in the slightest Nazi neo-pagan group. Here is a Wikipedia link for those curious about what I'm on about here.

    That specific copypasta makes them look progressive but I trust y'all to be the smartest cookies in the whole fuckin' pantry and not publish the ask, since it has a direct link to their fucked up website and even dunking on them or publishing with a warning might make your followers look it up to see what's up.

    Don't increase their traffic, delete it, and if you really want to warn your followers do what I'm doing right the fuck now and simply make your own post with an info link that isn't a direct conveyor belt leading straight into their own propaganda machine.

    And for the love of G-d always do your research when receiving anonymous recommendations for organizations or websites. I don't know how I'm supposed to end this post, peace and love or whatever.


    JoS is indeed a Nazi neopagan group. Not even sure how much neopagan they are, or if they were just looking for a community that's supportive of "we don't fit with the mainstream."

    When I was trying to archive YahooGroups before they dissolved, I went looking for pagan groups. Found some of the dark-edgy ones. Found the Joy of Satan cluster - they had more than a dozen groups.

    Teens for Satan. Black Power Satanism. The Satanic Goth Club. Joy of Satan Astrology. Radio Free Satan. UK Satanism. Hells Army 666. More.

    Some of them had descriptions that just sounded like "we like POWER and we take no shit from THE MAN." Which, um, okay.

    Until you got to the "files" section of the archives. Elements of Satanic rituals, check. Sacred Tree Runes, check. Alchemical Dictionary, check. Tibetan Book Of etc. etc. Meditation Trance etc. check.

    ... and most of them had a folder called "Know Your Enemy," which is where they put the hitlerism, the Nazi propaganda, the "how to identify a Jew" documents, the "holohoax" ebooks.

    They are not "kinda sorta leaning towards maybe" Nazis. They are outright, direct, not-ironic-at-all Nazis.


    if you're a witchcraft/pagan blog, you need to block the following accounts immediately:

    these blogs are known for being part of a neo-nazi, antisemetic hate group that sends spammy asks to nearly every witchcraft blog on this hellsite. these asks usually include a link to their website, which just boosts their seo and gives them more traffic. do not interact with them. do not answer their messages/asks, and do not engage. i highly encourage you block the following accounts:

  • gulbara
  • ostara-444
  • heaven-nor-hell
  • daemonsagenda
  • oracle-of-raum
  • 887266161
  • holy-oracle-of-satan
  • i also recommend turning off anonymous asks - they tend to prefer to send asks anonymously, and if you have that feature turned off on your blog, they'll be less likely to bother you.

    i'll be adding to this list as i discover more!


    aaaand it looks like we've finally got another round of accounts, folks!

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  • satanequalstruth-blog
  • The latest ‘Reports from the Void’ describes the sighting of a winged humanoid in Dexter, Missouri, similar to that seen by other witnesses in Cape Girardeau.