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    Timeless (2016) S1E012 - The Murder of Jesse James 

    Bass Reeves, protrayed by Colman Domingo. Rufus Carlin, protrayed by Malcolm Barrett.

    Watch it here , get Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth here

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    Bass Reeves was so dedicated to the law, he even arrested his own son Bennie for the murder of his wife. Bennie was sentenced to life in prison. With over 3000 arrests, 14 kills, went his entire 32 year career in law enforcement without being shot once.

    He was assigned to bring in the notorious female outlaw Belle Starr. Once she got wind who was after her she turned herself into the federal court.

    Reeves was one of a few Marshalls who would venture into Indian territory *oklahoma*. After the age of 67 he retired in 1907. He enjoyed his short lived retirement as a police officer in Muskogee Oklahoma, his assigned beat had 0 crime reported until he died at the age of 71 of Bright’s disease.

    He was one of the true gun slingers of the west.


    I would expect nothing less from a man with such a magnificent mustache


    I love the story of Bass Reeves!

    One of his famous tactics was, if he was captured or in danger by a criminal he was hunting down, he would ask them to read a letter from his wife before they killed him. He used their distraction to free himself and get the upper hand.

    He was also a freed slave. George Reeves, his owner and reason for his surname, took Bass with him to fight in the Civil War. However, George became violently angry after Bass beat him at a card game, and Bass was forced to fight him (or kill, on some accounts) in self defense.

    After running away and entering Native American territory, Bass learned how to speak the languages of the ‘Five Civilized Tribes’ (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muskogee, Seminole). This part of his life is where he mastered marksmanship. He got married and had a family after the Emancipation Proclamation was declared, and then later became a Marshal, going on the adventures listed above (and many more… Another famous criminal that Bass captured was Bob Dozier.)

    He was the very first black US Marshal. May we never forget him, as history would suffer to lose such an outstanding figure.


    Always, always, always reblog Bass Reeves.

    Gideon Mendel’s The Ward

    Memories from the heart of the Aids crisis shows true love in a time of terrible tragedy.

    These heartbreaking and incredibly moving images show the affection and love shown during the height of the Aids crisis. Photographer Gideon Mendel’s project The Ward began in 1993 when he spent a number of weeks on the Charles Bell wards in London’s Middlesex Hospital. All the patients on the ward were dying with the knowledge that there was no cure for the disease. During this time antiretroviral medications were not available and patients on the ward faced the prospect of an early death.

    William “Billy” Haines (1900-1973) was a huge American actor in the 1920’s and early 1930’s during pre-code Hollywood. Haines ran away from home at age 14 with a young man he called a “boyfriend” to Hopewell, VA where they opened a dance hall/brothel. The town of Hopewell was destroyed by fire in 1915 and eventually Billy made his way to New York City and Greenwich Village, where his good looks landed him modeling and small acting jobs. He was discovered by a talent scout and won a Goldwyn Studios contest in 1922, sending him to Hollywood at the dawn of its golden era where he starred in over 50 movies.

    In 1926 on a trip back to New York City, Billy met a 21 year old sailor named Jimmie Shields and convinced him to travel back to Los Angeles with him where they were an openly gay couple.

    By 1931 MGM wanted a change for Billy’s image. He was living openly gay and his performance in Way out West made Louis B Mayer want to “butch” him up. In A Tailor Made Man he played a “ladies man”. And his next films he was told to leave the feminine mannerisms out of his performance.

    In 1933, after Haines was arrested at a YMCA with a sailor, Louis B. Mayer, then the head of Goldwyn Studios (which merges into MGM), gave Haines an ultimatum — choose either his boyfriend Jimmie Shields or his career. Mayer suggested a “lavender marriage” in which Haines would marry a woman, to conceal his homosexuality. Billy allegedly replied, “I’m already married, I’ll give up Jimmy when you give up your wife”.

    He quit acting in 1935 when he refused to deny his sexuality and started a successful interior design business with his life partner Jimmie Shields where they designed some of the most elaborate homes for stars for decades.

    Their good friend and client Joan Crawford described the men as “the happiest married couple in Hollywood.” Billy and Jimmie remained a couple for the next 50 years until Haines’ death in 1973.