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2019-02-14 05:08:58

    i’m 60% sure that i went through the 7 stages of grief when i realised i was into omorashi

    • SHOCK & DENIAL - “Noo i can’t be turnt on by people needing to pee, im so vanilla”

    • PAIN & GUILT - “fuck what if i do, this isn’t normal”

    • ANGER & BARGAINING - “its probably just a phrase jesus christ”

    • “DEPRESSION", REFLECTION, LONELINESS - “shit, im such a freak what the fuck is wrong with my brain”

    • THE UPWARD TURN - *finds omorashi community online*

    •RECONSTRUCTION & WORKING THROUGH - *goes on omorashi.org, etc*

    •ACCEPTANCE & HOPE - *makes tumblr blog dedicated to omorashi, talks to others*