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2020-09-23 23:38:34

    Black men as a collective have been dead to me since that post about that black man came around on here who killed hundreds of black women because he knew no one would care and he would get away with it...

    When black women call yโ€™all out, like clock work yโ€™all come out with the โ€œweโ€™ve got to do better by our black queensโ€... then do nothing as usual.

    Yโ€™all really think my black ass is gonna stand up and fight for you???? For what??? For what reason??? What do I gain from that??? Yโ€™all treat black women the same way white people treat black people then when we get angry yโ€™all silence us, dismiss us then expect us to stand front and center to keep you alive... thatโ€™s free labour... what a scam.