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2023-09-30 03:36:10

    Okay. I rarely do these, but...

    1: my top 10 favorite bands.

    2: my top 10 favorite albums.

    3: my top 10 favorite songs.

    4: top 10 most attractive musicians in my opinion (dead or alive).

    5: do I listen to mp3s/cds/cassettes/vinyl.

    6: most overrated bands.

    7: most underrated bands.

    8: a guilty pleasure.

    9: the first band I really liked.

    10: the first album I bought with my own money.

    11: what bands my parents got me into.

    12: bands I have seen live.

    13: bands I want to see live.

    14: my favourite film soundtrack.

    15: what song am I listening to right now.

    16: last album I bought.

    17: a song I dislike from my favorite band.

    18: a band I used to love but now don't.

    19: least favourite bands.

    20: an unpopular opinion about music.