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    the USPS is now REMOVING MAIL SORTING MACHINES. the shit is hitting the fan. i need to reiterate that signing petitions or texting a number that sends an email isn’t going to cut it. dont send complaints to louis dejoy’s office or any bullshit like that. don’t waste your time. people who live in the US need to CALL their Senators and House reps. you need to post about this constantly. you need to make a big deal about this with friends and family. get them do it too.

    if you want to save the USPS i am BEGGING you call your representatives directly to DEMAND they co-sponsor and vote for:

    1. the Delivering for America Act (call HOUSE reps). This attempts to reverse the bullshit Trump is doing.

    2. USPS Fairness Act (call SENATORS). This is a MAJOR repeal of the bullshit the Bush admin and the Republicans did in 2006 that fucked over the USPS in the first place.

    3. HEROES Act (call SENATORS). This is the coronavirus omnibus that includes IMMEDIATE USPS relief. Make it clear you want the USPS portion to be included.


    Tips for Calling Congress For People who hate to Call Anybody, Let Alone Congress, or If You’re New to This Calling Thing https://indivisibleventura.org/calling-makes-me-nervous/

    tips on how to call

    Demand the Federal Government Support the United States Postal Service https://5calls.org/issue/usps-postal-service-covid-funding

    contact info for representatives + script for USPS fairness act, should help you figure out what to say for the others as well


    These beauties are made in London from high-quality, air flowing fabric with a comfortable fit and shape that contours to your face. Machine washable and dryer safe, they are available in a range of designs.

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    These will only be available until July 3rd, so act now! Expected delivery will be mid-July.


    Be safe, be kind, stay strong.

    CtP Omnimedia

    I came up with the ultimate Halloween party "slaylist" for DAILY GRINDHOUSE! Please like, share, and comment.


    I don't expect much to come of this but if anyone would be willing to help out I'm greatly appreciative of it and you.


    Help if you can.