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    Just a little friendly information…!


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    How to be a dirty talking slut

    Something I find slightly annoying as a dominant guy is how few (but otherwise completely good) sluts don’t really get how to do dirty talk. So here’s a guide based on my experience as a dominant man.

    Inevitably this is going to reflect some of my personal tastes but hopefully it’s also general enough to be useful to any slut who wants to please a man by being the filthy talking whore he dreams about:

    1) Beg

    Most men, unless they’re unsafe assholes, don’t want to go too far and hurt you (at least not too much). This means their natural instinct is to hold back. But even if they’ve learnt not to hold back then it’s pretty much always the case that hearing you beg for more makes it easier to forget that nagging instinct and to know that they have an eager little slut to use. So say things like “Please fuck my cunt/throat/ass” or “Please rape me/fuck me hard” or “Please make me your whore” and any variations on those themes. Whatever he’s doing, beg him to do more of it. Plead with him to use you. Not only will he love hearing you beg but he’ll also use you even harder as a result.

    Win win.

    2) You don’t “want”, you “need”

    Hearing a whore say she wants your cock is nice. Hearing that she needs it is better.

    You want him to know that you’re a mindless slut who *needs* to be used. Who doesn’t just want what he’s doing to you but who craves it. Much like 1) it helps him think that you really are a complete slut who loves what he’s doing to you.

    So whenever you’re about to say “I want X” say “I need X” instead.

    Say things like “I need your cock in my ass/cunt/pussy” or “I need to be filled with your cock” or “I need to taste your cum”. I guarantee he’ll appreciate it.

    3) Flatter him

    We all like compliments. Men especially like them about their cocks. It doesn’t matter how big he is or isn’t, or how well he fucks. If you want to make him enjoy himself then compliment him.

    Saying things like “your cock feels so big inside me”, “oh my god, I love your dick” or “I love it when you fuck me like this/do X to me” will help stroke his ego and make him enjoy using you more.

    You can also extend this to praising whatever he’s doing. If he’s making you feel good then tell him how good it feels, moan like a slutty little whore as you tell him how amazing his cock feels inside you (this also has the advantage that it encourages him to keep doing something you’re enjoying). Or if he’s hurting you then praise that as well, let him know that you’re a filthy pain slut and what he’s doing “hurts so good”.

    All of these will encourage him to double down on how he’s using you and bring him more pleasure. And since that’s the only thing that should matter to a good little whore then this is definitely something you need to do.

    4) You love being degraded

    This one’s simple. If you’re having the kind of sex where dirty talk makes sense then it’s already going to be at least a little degrading and you wouldn’t be having that kind of sex unless you enjoyed it (or hate it but are addicted to it).

    So all you need to do is make it clear how much you enjoy (and need - remember that from earlier?) being degraded and used. This will help spur him on to use you remorselessly to satisfy his urges so if you’re craving being thoroughly fucked and used then this is the kind of dirty talking for you.

    The simplest way to do this is just to ask him to do degrading things to you - or to keep doing the degrading things he’s already doing. Ask for things that humiliate and objectify you and tell him how much you love them. Say things like “I love being your worthless cum dump”, or “thank you for treating me like the pathetic fucktoy I am” or “please let me taste my ass on your cock” or “I love gagging on your thick cock”. Again, it doesn’t matter if you don’t actually like the kind of degradation you’re talking about or if he doesn’t actually do all the things you say you like when you’re dirty talking. What matters is that what you’re saying will put him in the mindset to use you the way he most enjoys and lets him know that you’re his dirty little toy for him to use. And, trust me, that’s the kind of thing that will thrill him and keep him coming back for more.

    5) Repetition

    There are some things in life where the same thing happening over and over again can be boring. This is not the case with fucking. If you love a particular position then you’re going to enjoy fucking more, not less, if that position is one you use every time you fuck.

    Similarly for guys, if there’s a bit of dirty talk they like then hearing it on a regular basis will make fucking better, not boring. If there’s a particular genres of porn he likes then odds are he’ll usually watch porn in that genre. In the same way, if he likes his girl begging to taste his cum then odds are he’ll usually want her to say that every time he’s getting ready to cum in her mouth.

    So if he gives a sign of liking something then continue on that theme. If he’s fucking your ass and you feel his cock twitch when you tell him you love being his ass slut then you’ve hit upon a topic that turns him on. So don’t just switch to something else, expand upon that theme. You’re not just his ass slut, you’re also his “filthy anal whore”, you need him to “ruin my ass with your huge cock” and you want him to “make me your anal slave” or any other variations on that theme you can think of.

    The same applies to any other topic he seems to like. Don’t just say something once, repeat yourself over and over again and embellish what you’re saying. Return to similar themes every time you fuck. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it as they say. So once you’ve worked out what gets him going then there’s nothing wrong with repeating yourself - if he enjoys you telling him that you “love your cock destroying my throat” then, guess what, he’ll enjoy that every time you say it.

    So don’t overcomplicate things. If you’ve found something he enjoys then use it on a regular basis. It requires less imagination on your part and he’ll enjoy it more, not less.

    6. Follow his lead

    You’re not a mindreader so you won’t always know what a man likes. That’s why it’s important to pick up on the cues he gives you. In fact, this is one of the simplest ways to get into dirty talk if you’re new and nervous to the topic. Just wait for, and encourage him to say something dirty, then seize on that theme and build upon it. 9 times out of 10 if he says something to you then it’s because it’s something he’d enjoy hearing you say to him.

    So if he says “you’re a dirty little slut aren’t you” then the wrong response is just to say “yes” and keep on fucking like nothing happened. The correct response is to say “mmm, yeah, I’m a dirty little slut”,” I’m a slutty whore who loves getting fucked”, “please fuck this dirty slut Sir”, “I’m your slut, I’m your dirty slut”, etc.

    You can very easily make him happy just by picking up on the hints he gives you and repeating back the things he says to you. In fact, if you do nothing else then just do this - because there’s nothing more frustrating than saying something dirty to a girl you’re fucking and her not embracing it and telling you the kind of things you’re hinting to her that you like.


    So there it is. Six instructions to follow to be a dirty talking slut who’ll drive wild any man fucking you. This guide is far from comprehensive and every man is different but if you follow what I’ve said then you shouldn’t go too far wrong no matter what. I hope you’ll find this guide useful on your way to becoming a better fucktoy and, as always, if you follow my advice in real life then I’d love to know how it works out for you.


    words to live by


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    “ Oh awake are we? Well, let me explain why you’re here. Ever since you rejected and humiliated me, I vowed to get even. Now you’re my helpless little play thing.

    I designed this little contraption just for you baby. It uses hydraulics to extract any liquid from this tank over here and slowly funnel it through the tube which is conveniently affixed to your pretty mouth. What is in there you wonder? It’s the cum I’ve stored up from months and months of masturbating thinking of this very moment.

    Let’s turn it on and see how well it works shall we?

    Mmmmmmm there we go. Want a tip? It’s better to drink it as fast as you can or else you choke and drown in my nasty cum. You won’t mind if I sit here in front of you and stroke my cock while I watch do you baby? Bon appetite!”


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